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A car is on my head!

—Captain2 in Left 4 Dead 2 after a Tank pushed a car on top of him[1]
Captain2's current avatar.

Nobody knows who the first captain was, and neither do they know what Captain2 is captain of. The sophisticated skeleton who enjoys Hearts of Iron II and other WWII-ish paraphernalia, he is dedicated to protecting his beloved country from the invading hordes that seemed to have taken a page from the games he plays.

After a long fight with the Eastern Union for the future of Canada and the destruction of a large portion of Gdansk, Captain landed in Red Square in an attempt to force the removal of foreign forces from Canadian soil, where he was promptly killed by Ivan Drago who responded to his challenge to a fight.

Actually, he was only mostly dead, meaning he was still slightly alive, and something could be done. He wasn't all dead, in which case the only course of action would have been to search his clothes for loose change. He woke up several months later, and took off in the Death Fuji.

Following his return from the dead he found a newspaper announcing the death of Kan' Sharuminar and Captain went back in time to save him. Sadly his attempt failed when he broke two of the rules of DYOS, creating a tear in the universe that allowed Rake, a powergamer from an alternate dimension, to come to DYOS 11. Unable to defeat this threat as he would simply claim he was immune to any damage being done to him, Kan sacrificed himself in order to fix the original broken rule and render Rake powerless.

Captain2 took advantage of the time that Rake spent distracted by Kan's death and rewired Rake's ship to transport him to the universe of Zero Punctuation.

Appearance in DYOS

Captain2 has a wide variety of appearances ranging from a fully drawn skeleton wearing a robe, to a simple character made of various ellipses. Some contributers with access to Garry's Mod represent Captain2 as a actual human with skin using a baldheaded citizen (male 04) and wearing Jbarnes's City 8 clothing along with his trademark monocle[2].

Problem England? - Captain2

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  2. Previously hand drawn, though recently a gentleman's pack with a monocle makes hand drawing it obsolete