Captain Locke

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Captain Locke
First appearance DRAW Your Own Story 6
Created by D.C. Simpson
Portrayed by Captain Locke
Species Red fox
Gender Male
Date of birth unknown
Age 10-ish
Occupation Pirate
Nationality unknown

The Dread Pirate Locke, a character from D.C. Simpson’s Ozy and Millie, is probably the youngest pirate captain known. He is from a parallel universe where people age backwards, meaning contrary to his physique he is a very experienced buccaneer, and mention of his name is known to cause great anxiety in Thorvald of Lym (Mr. Toyoda precipitates the only other instance of this reaction). Previous military co-operation between Locke and Temujin has led to a cordial friendship. It can almost be guaranteed that wherever Locke goes, interesting times will follow.

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