Thomas Bennett

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Thomas Bennett
The Mysterious Captain Bennett
Nickname(s) Tom
Born 1978
United Kingdom
Died 2010
Allegiance  Free Western Army
Service/branch Special Operations
Rank Captain
Commands held Special Operations SE-2


Captain Thomas 'Tom' Bennett was the commander of Special Operations SE-2, a spec-ops unit gathered from across Western Europe. He appeared in DRAW Your Own Story 11 as the officer in charge of the Thear expedition. He was usually seen with his superior officer, MI5 agent Phillip Grimsby.[1] Even more than Grimsby, Bennett was an enigma. His entire service record is classified at the highest level, and his helmet usually covered his eyes when he was encountered.

Captain Bennett was eventually betrayed by Grimsby and handed over to Pul Wat Aa and the Umbrella Corporation. Despite heavy torture, he refused to give up any secrets concerning his allies or country, and was ultimately killed. The torturer is not known.[2]

Behind the Scenes

Captain Bennett and SE-2 are both concepts taken from the sadly obscure TBS/RPG Silent Storm. (Bennett was my player character.)

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