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choxorn has discovered an awesome drink for natural zombie enhancement.
First appearance DRAW Your Own Story 9
Last appearance N/A
No. appearances >=9
Nickname(s) chox
Aliases None
Species Zombie (non-Feral type), previously Human, previously Sangheili, previously unknown, previously Human
Gender Male
Date of birth February 14, 1994
Age unknown
Address Unknown
Occupation Brain Eater
Family kill fire, Unknown
Spouse(s) None
Children None
Relatives kill fire, Unknown
Starsign Nobodycaresius
Religion None (Atheist)
Nationality American, 22px Zombie

choxorn has been a zombie since being zombified by the DYOS 1 Zombies in DYOS 10. He is currently the leader of the zombie army. Prior to being zombified, he was a general of a random army with a question mark over his head and a hatred of being constantly forgotten, which he was for about 2 months and a couple comics. For about a year prior to his avatar switch to the general, for the first 30 pages of DYOS 10 and all of DYOS 9 but his first comic, he was the Arbiter from Halo.


Little is known about his background, as the poster cannot be bothered to make one. What can be said is that at some point, he appeared in the world stage of DYOS, at the time having the Arbiter from Halo as his avatar. Well, technically he had the crappily drawn alien in Members Comic Quest, but switched to the Arbiter shortly before the thread started and the alien was killed by Voldemort, a Mad Scientist, and Montgomery Burns, much like how Stylesrj liked killing previous avatars so much.


Currently, he is a zombie, and like all zombies is Chaotic Neutral (and enjoying it a lot). Despite his appearance as a zombie, he is generally classified as a non-feral zombie in contrast to the stereotypical zombies found in films and video games which are generally of the feral type. Most of the zombies in his army also seem to be non-feral. How they managed to do this is unknown.


Little is remembered from DYOS 9 because of its deletion. At some point, choxorn, as the Arbiter, entered the thread, then shortly thereafter a war broke out with everyone fighting Stylesrj due to his annoying usage of the United Nations SEAL. choxorn joined this war, sent a bunch of tanks to go destroy the UN which had been headquartered in Kegon Falls, Japan, only to find out that the story had advanced while he was making the comic and didn't make sense anymore. He later had a Phantom shot down by F-16's, fought for a while in the Battle of Babylon, then headed off to the North Pole to find the Scrolls of Cohesiveness, where everything incohesively fell apart.

The Avatar Wars

In The Beginning

The Avatar Wars started at some point around September 2007, and like all other posters, choxorn was attacked by his old avatars. At the time, he was using the Arbiter from Halo as his Avatar, and his only previous ones were a Civ 3 Infantry and a badly-drawn alien that was killed by Voldemort at the beginning of DYOS 9 and somehow returned as a cyborg in the Avatar Wars. At the start, an army of Civ 3 Infantry attacked choxorn at a base in Tanzania, but he escaped after Stylesrj and his Avatars showed up, and was rescued by Rtas 'Vadum's phantom. But, IT WAS A TRAP! and he ended up frozen in a prison in Antarctica. Later, Wanda, Stylesrj, and Ta Hun Kwai showed up, were rescued by a Deus ex machina, and then choxorn went in a spaceship to look for stuff. He got ambushed and crashed into a Carrier that Prophet SEAL had a superweapon on, then got captured again where he found Rtas and Wanda again, also captured. Luckily, kill fire rescued him, then vanished into the depths of inactivity from whence he came. After fighting his avatars and Prophet SEAL for a while, he killed the Infantry and the SEAL, Wanda got teleported somewhere, and the Superweapon was blow'd up. With a minute to go, choxorn and Rtas escaped in a Phantom and later got picked up by the CCS-Battlecruiser, Shadow of Intent.

Battle of Earth

Main article: Battle of Earth (DYOS 10)

Meanwhile, stuff was happening on Earth, and a big battle happened between the SAA and the Avatars still loyal to kulade. The usual protagonists joined in soon, and choxorn showed up too while cloaked. A gravity well prevented more reinforcements from arriving through slipspace, but he destroyed it. The SAA started attempting to pwn the Shadow of Intent somewhere between Earth and Mars where the gravity well was, but the Coruscantis rescued them, and then the reinforcements showed up, along with the Cosmonarmada Vostok, and the Eastern Union's missiles scattered everywhere, and... yeah, the Avatars were just screwed at this point. They retreated from Earth to Nar Kreeta, but would return for the final battle, for all the marbles and the lulz. In the meantime, choxorn managed to get dragged off on a pointless side-plot with Stylesrj that involved him being hypnotized by his avatars and... a Cube? Seriously?

It's a Trap!

choxorn and crew later took the Shadow of Intent to an unknown planet, which still has not been given a name. They met a shady guy in a bar somewhere who said he'd give them useful information in return for a sundae with ingredients that were nearly impossible to get. So, the Elites split up to get them, with Rtas going for chocolate syrup and choxorn going for ice cream, and they eventually got them, and returned to the shady guy with a sundae. After he ate it, though, he revealed the trap he had set, imprisoned them in some kind of shield... thing... and revealed him self as choxorn's alien avatar. They remained here in limbo for a while while choxorn was on a hiatus of a few weeks, then choxorn switched avatars to a smiley face with a general's uniform. The Arbiter ranted about this for a minute, and after alien set him and Rtas free, choxorn called them, revealed the bomb he had placed, and then blew all of them up.


Tank Rush, Capture, and Zombification

At some point, choxorn ended up on Earth again, and decided to send a tank rush to Moscow like a few other people were doing, and join the battle there. When he got to the palace, he ran into taillesskangaru and Stylesjl there, with tailless and Rocket arguing with each other... er... themselves... sort of. Then some AAT's arrived and blew all his tanks up, Stylesjl vanished, and then CivGeneral, Thorvald and their characters defeated kulade and Thorvald's former avatars in the Citadel. Then, some mass chaos ensued, and choxorn and what was left of his army was captured by tailless/Rocket's soldiers while tailless went under the ruins of the citadel to find something. They stayed there for a while, and then the DYOS 1 Zombies that had entered the story a while ago showed up and zombified them all. choxorn then led the zombies into the citadel and zombified the remainder of the Taillenian army, but was blocked by the DYOS rules for a while while waiting for tailless to follow up on his comic. And then, some comics were made, and the usual protagonists showed up again to capture Rocket in the cave, and were then led to a room full of treasure, with the zombies following them the whole way.

Meanwhile, Stylesrj and mjwhear were making comics in which... okay, really? WTF is going on here? choxorn, mad at them for filling the thread with crap, took some zombies in a hijacked LAAT/I gunship to Japan to find him, and zombify some people while they were at it.

Japan gets Zombified, and some stuff happens in Hokkaido

Main article: Hokkaidō Uprising

A while after he went to Japan, it was reported that choxorn and his zombies had zombified the majority of the population of Honshu, Kyushu, and Shikoku, still not finding Stylesrj, with a (likely exaggerated) estimated zombification toll of about 100 million. As this was happening, anyone not zombified went to Hokkaido. During this time, most of the cast went there, either to look for Mr. Toyoda or for some other reason. The zombies surrounded the island with gunships (well, put a few gunships around it, at least), and when their demand of Stylesrj was not met, started zombifying people and looking for him. They were initially fooled by his Avatar change to a Wizard, and then mass defeated by his D&D shenanigans, but this was only a temporary setback. As they went throughout the island continuing to do this, they eventually came upon Stylesrj with CivGeneral and company. Teh zombies saw as they were in Tojo's base, killing his dudz, then followed, and attempted to make themselves look stronger by putting an LAAT/I outside the building, in the hopes that the people within would surrender without a fight to avoid pain. This didn't work, when Stylesrj escaped, the gunship was blown up, and all of the zombies who weren't main characters were killed by Ryouichi Sasaki. So, choxorn told the other main protagonist group that he'd work with them if they helped him get Stylesrj, which they quickly agreed to.[1]

Stuff happens in Germany

Upon arrival, the good guys[2] ran into Toyoda, and talked to him for about a minute until General Grievous kidnapped him. choxorn and Rocket/tailless spent the next few comics being in random places around Germany, sometimes with the main plot and sometmes not, and sometimes battling the Combine and running away from the Combine. After a while, they ended up trapped in a mysterious blank white room with a mysterious voice until the voice let them out, demanding 300 million dollars in compensation.

While all this had been happening, the DYOS 1 Zombies had been expanding out from Moscow, and eventually conquered most of Western Russia and almost all of Eastern Europe, finally reaching Germany at the same time as everyone else, and joining the fight. Then choxorn killed them all with a space laser so he could get their 500 million dollars and control of the zombie army, which probably somehow makes sense, but not really.

!@#$%$& Hiatus and the Parade of Interruptions

Not long after, all the plots going on at the time about Toyoda were resolved, and then the forum overloaded and most of Forum Games was deleted, to the dismay of all Forum Gamers. Around the same time, The Hacker somehow managed to erase the zombies from existence, conveniently at a time when choxorn was too busy to make actual comics and decided to go on hiatus. They'd remain there for months until encountering a Convenient Plot Device, which was capable of freeing them from unexistence-hiatus-land.

The Device, when activated, teleported all the zombies to Arrakis and gave them some Warthogs to get to the plot. They reached the Gem Chamber like everyone else, and did basically nothing else there while CivGeneral defeated Mara Jade and saved the universe, you know, average day in the life of a main protagonist and all. The Plot Device then gave them a bunch of Halo Space Ships and explained the plot of the entire thread to choxorn on the ride back to Earth.

The Troubles

(Section to be built when I have time for it)

Space Pirates and the HAAAAAX

(Section to be built when I have time for it)

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  1. And was quickly rendered moot, as Stylesrj died and Toyoda was quickly found, then lost again.
  2. As you know, the definition of "good" is up for debate, as is how "good" most of the protagonists are at any given time.