choxorn's Zombies

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choxorn's Zombies
Flag of choxorn's Zombies.svg
Active 2008 – present
Ideology Cutting through the crap
Leaders choxorn
Headquarters Secret Underground Base
Strength In flux
Originated as DYOS 1 Zombies
Battles and wars

choxorn's Zombies are the group of zombies loyal to choxorn. Emerging out of the zombie menace in DRAW Your Own Story 10,[1] they were a splinter cell of the original DYOS 1 Zombie Command, choxorn forming them into his own army after lasering his superiors out of the picture.[2]

While initially consisting of uncouth hordes of expendable conscripts, in later comics they were shown to be much more sophisticated and quite communicative, either having wisened up or because their great trek across the world had pruned out the morons.

The zombies have access to a considerable stock of Halo vehicles, both from the Covenant and the UNSC through choxorn's connections and past avatars. By contrast, their firearms, if they have any, are rudimentary, and combat tactics still consist of swarming the opponent.