Chronological list of events in DYOS X

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The following is essentially an undated timeline of DRAW Your Own Story 10.

Link to DRAW Your Own Story 10: The Avatar Wars

Avatar Wars

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

  • Stylesrj begins pacifying avatars
  • Thorvald and Bjørn wander through Basra
    • Muse defeating the avatars by re-absorbing them into Thorvald's persona
    • Fail to recognize Osama bin Laden
    • Dodge arrest by Russian special forces by giving them a month's vacation
  • Judge_Deadd ambushed by avatar, killed
  • Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda escape orbit in rocket-propelled RMS Olympic
  • Swedishguy declares himself Great Spammer
  • mythmonster2 escapes, avatars believed killed
  • Stylesrj et al. nearly sucked into black hole
    • Escape because time dilation and wormhole theory violate the DYOS Rules
  • gandhi_rules calls a friend
  • Judge_Deadd's avatars discuss the Luxury Diamond
  • Stylesrj begins quest for the Heck Outta Here
  • choxorn imprisoned at ASC lair in Antarctica

Page 4

  • kulade joins the story
    • Curdle reveals kulade to be the Avatar Supreme Commander
  • Stylesrj, taillesskangaru, Timmy and Cosmo reach Apolyton
    • Stylesrj accosted by Mysterious Figure
    • Rest of the gang splits up to investigate Apolyton base
    • Mysterious Figure revealed to be Grassland SEAL, provides location of Avatar Command, about to reveal ASC's weakness, killed
      • Stylesrj defeats Snakes on a SEAL, rallies gang to rescue choxorn
  • Wanda revealed imprisoned by ASC
  • ASC raids Stylesrj's ship

Page 5

  • Stylesrj retcons himself out of capture with story of Half SEAL
  • Stylesrj returns to Sol, finds Avatars blockading the Sun
    • Returns to Earth, breaks into ASC Headquarters
  • Timmy and Cosmo leave Apolyton in new spaceship
    • taillesskangaru continues exploring secret base, assumed killed
  • Swedishguy frustrated he only has four avatar minions
  • Thorvald of Lym sparks riot in Basra
    • Protesters steal his tank
  • Stylesrj impersonates Torchwood for pizza, kills delivery guy to avoid tipping
    • Stylesrj and choxorn escape into space

Page 6

  • Perfection joins the story
  • Stylesrj ambushed by Carrier SEAL
    • choxorn issues recall code for Jal
      • Jal revealed held hostage
  • SEALs prepare to steal Heck Outta Here
  • Timmy and Co. stranded at sea
    • Cosmo mind-controlled, attempts to kill Timmy
      • Cosmo ejected
    • Napoleon invades New York City
  • SEALs can't understand why human wave tactics aren't working
  • Deus ex Machina rescues choxorn, Wanda, Stylesrj, and Kwai
    • SEAL SEAL captures the Heck Outta Here
      • Stylesrj Avatar Army schisms from Supreme Command
  • <choxorn's comic>

Page 7

  • <kulade's comic>
  • Stylesrj & Co. stranded on Braxis
  • Napoleon invades Japan
  • Jewish League of the Eastern Union files complaint with Stylesrj Avatar Army
  • <choxorn's comic>

Page 8

  • Stylesrj meets Curdle at a pub
  • Swedishguy powergames with Babales
  • <love's comic>
  • <choxorn's comic>
  • Stylesrj & Co. head for Braxis Spaceport
  • Thorvald and Bjørn exeunt Basra
  • SAA interrogates Jal
  • choxorn captured
  • mythmonster2 captured, placed in cryostasis

Page 9

Page 10

  • <choxorn's comic>
  • Kwai lampoons Doctor Who
  • Angry German Kid deletes the thread
  • lord_joakim joins the story
  • CivGeneral revived from cryostasis, renews vendetta against former avatars
  • Apex of Napoleonic campaign
    • British invasion of France fails
  • <kill fire's comic>
  • Thunderfall bursts out of the thread
  • CivGeneral adopts alias as bounty hunter, seeks out Coruscanti loyalists
    • CivGeneral ambushed by Angry Kid at Katari Spaceport
      • Avatar escapes, CivGeneral stranded

Page 11

  • Stylesrj crashes into Katari Spaceport
  • mythmonster2 released from cryostasis, teleported away from kulade
  • choxorn kills Mindless Drone
  • CivGeneral, Stylesrj, Wanda and mythmonster2 escape in requisitioned corvette
  • Stylesrj lands in Piñata Island, sent to Napoleon's Christmas party
  • Thorvald and Bjørn land in Bavaria
  • CivGeneral intercepts conversation between Mara Jade and Thorvald's doppelgängers; invasion of Earth suggested
  • Stylesrj escapes Napoleon

Page 12

  • taillesskangaru re-enters alive and well
  • lord_joakim shoots Thunderfall
  • CivGeneral begins rebuilding loyalist starfleet
  • taillesskangaru lands at abandoned Coruscanti outpost
  • <choxorn's comic>
  • Stylesrj does something with Richtofen at the South Pole
  • CivGeneral makes rendez-vous with loyalists on Ganymede
    • taillesskangaru joins CivGeneral
  • Thunderfall is still alive!

Page 13

  • Perfection joins the story
  • Stylesjl nukes avatars
  • Stylesrj introduces Fudgehog
  • <Perfection's comic>
  • <Love's comic>
  • azzaman333 joins the story
  • <CivGeneral's comic>
  • choxorn kills Prophet SEAL, triggers Windows self-destruct sequence
  • Richtofen shot down over ASC base, captured by Mara Jade
  • <Love's comic>

Page 14

  • Stylesrj Avatar Army plans invasion of Earth
  • CivGeneral arrests Angry Kid
  • SEAL SEAL tries to extort sushi from CivGeneral
  • <kill fire's comic>
  • CivGeneral plans to finish off avatars before confronting ASC
  • Stylesrj breaks Richtofen out

Page 15

  • <choxorn's comic>
  • Stylesrj learns SEAL SEAL placed a bounty on him
  • <taillesskangaru's Christmas comic>
  • mythmonster2 changes avatars
  • Christmas comics created, loved by all

Page 16

  • CivGeneral intercepted by kulade at the Death Star II
    • CivGeneral and Mara Jade skirmish, CG & Co. imprisoned
    • Chuck the Freaking Alien decides to attack the Death Star, shot down over Antarctica
  • lord_joakim & Thorvald re-enter the thread
  • Pacal II and Montezilla have a demand-tribute-off
  • choxorn and Rtas 'Vadum evacuate in Phantom ship
    • Prophet SEAL's ship destroyed
  • taillesskangaru escapes by changing avatar
    • Ambushed by Fiftychat Mafia
  • <CivGeneral's comic>
  • SAA launches attack on the Death Star
  • Sir Winston Churchill and Bernard Montgomery rally Britain

The Battle of Earth

Page 17

Page 18

  • Thorvald discusses solution to avatars with German MP officer
    • Thorvald and MP leave for undisclosed location
  • Napoleonic invasion of Britain fails
  • Cosmo charges Avatar Supreme Commander near Mars
  • Happy New Year!

Page 19

  • Thorvald ambushed by Captain2
  • kulade's invasion plan cancelled
    • Thorvald's doppelgängers do not demobilize Union army
  • CivGeneral rescues Thorvald from Captain2
    • lord_joakim wounded
      • lord_joakim pledges allegiance to kulade in the hope of saving Thunderfall
  • <e350tb's comic>
  • CivGeneral and Co. plan next move
    • Thorvald hints at secret trump card
    • Raisin Bran, Curdle found in ship's fridge
    • Red Dwarf collides with Poker Alice
    • Bjørn realized to be marooned at the bar
  • <CivGeneral's comic>
  • <choxorn's comic>
  • Franco–German forces suffer Russian Winter

Page 20

  • choxorn, Rtas en route to Earth
  • CivGeneral discovers Berlin devastated by Avatar Supreme Commander
    • kulade searching for loyalist Major Kusanagi
    • CivGeneral and Co. intercepted by Mara Jade
  • Stylesrj nukes people

Page 21

  • Major Kusanagi leads mutiny onboard Mara Jade's command ship
    • Mara Jade flees to South Pole base
  • CivGeneral lands at South Pole
    • CivGeneral apprehends Stylesrj, claims bounty with SEAL SEAL
      • Stylesrj powergames
      • CivGeneral and Co. help Stylesrj escape
  • <choxorn's comic>
  • Stylesrj diverges
    • Stylesrj changes avatars
    • Sparrowmint SEAL killed
  • Timmy Turner trapped in Age of Empires III

Page 22

  • Chuckzilla summons cacodemons to hunt Stylesrj
  • <CivGeneral's comic>
  • <choxorn's comic>
  • Symphony D. joins the story

Page 23

  • Thorvald dismisses Eastern Union forces deployed at South Pole base
    • Thorvald gains intelligence on secret entrance
  • <kulade's comic>
  • CivGeneral and Co. penetrate South Pole base
    • lord_joakim encountered
      • Robot spiders attack; lord_joakim vanishes
    • CivGeneral and Co. dragged into space battle
  • Wanda locates Timmy
  • CFC Moderators head to Fort Denison, Australia

Page 24

  • <CivGeneral's comic>
  • <choxorn's comic>
  • Stylesrj blows up Aperture Science
    • Captured by Chuck
      • Richtofen leaves CG & Co. to rescue him
  • Moderators attacked at Fort Denison
  • Rocket contacts taillesskangaru, offers conditional aid

Page 25

  • <e350tb's comic>
  • CivGeneral and Co. agree to Rocket's terms, exploit loopholes

Page 26

  • Rocket ambushes Avatar Supreme Commander's fleet
    • Mara Jade captured by CivGeneral
  • GuitarHero joins the story
    • GuitarHero battles Satan for the Earth's core
  • choxorn and Rtas encounter gravity well

Page 27

  • <CivGeneral's comic>
  • Gravity well neutralized; choxorn ambushed by SAA fleet
  • Stylesrj's characters nuke themselves
  • Bjørn takes taxi, encounters MP
    • MP takes Bjørn to destination
    • Bjørn encounters Mysterious Figure
      • Bjørn receives a Purple Box
  • Napoleonic forces engage Eastern Union in the Middle East
    • Timmy returns to Earth
  • Kan' Sharuminar joins the story

Page 28

  • <CivGeneral's comic>
  • Kan' learns about the DYOS Consul
  • The Arbiter (choxorn) complains to Bungie studios about lack of name
  • Stylesrj joins the Space Fight
  • <CivGeneral's comic>
  • <choxorn's comic>

Page 29

  • GuitarHero delivers Earth's core
  • Bjørn surfaces at Mjolnir complex
  • Stylesrj references Mortal Kombat repeatedly
  • Moderators recover Artifact from Sydney
  • CFC Uploads/Downloads haxed
  • <e350tb's comic>
  • Monkey Statue delivered to Rocket
    • Rocket assumed killed

Page 30

  • <choxorn's comic>
  • Stylesrj detours to Africa
    • choxorn refuses to get dragged along
  • ASC spacefleet attacked by Mjolnir
    • kulade retreats
    • Mara Jade captured (again)
  • Possessed Rocket surfaces in secret base

Page 31

  • lord_joakim appears on Arrakis
  • Stylesrj foils Ghost SEAL's evil scheme or something
  • <choxorn's comic>

Page 32

  • <kill fire's comic>
  • Stylesrj Mind Controlled
    • choxorn hits Stylesrj with frying pan, mind control broken
  • <Perfection's comic>

Page 33

  • Today, kulade contributed a comic.
  • <choxorn's comic>
  • Stylesrj gets involved in something about Timeless Space
  • "!@%$ HIATUS!!!" running gag introduced
  • CivGeneral and Co. infiltrate kulade's secret base on Nar Kreeta

Page 34

Page 35

  • Counterattack against Napoleon begins
  • lord_joakim encounters mythmonster2
  • DYOS Consul attacked by zombies
  • mythmonster2 changes avatars
  • <e350tb's comic>

Page 36

Page 37

Page 38

  • <Love's comic>
  • CivGeneral begins Garry's Mod machinima
    • Alyx Vance intercepts kulade and CivGeneral
      • kulade escapes
      • Thunderfall rescued
  • Stylesrj converts to SupCom
  • An elephant makes a CFC avatar; sells itself to a permabanned forumer
  • Love formally leaves the story
  • Mercenary Combine discuss joining Avatar Supreme Commander
  • choxorn changes avatar, drops da bomb
    • The Arbiter, Rtas, Alien Lifeform killed

The Battle of Moscow

Page 39

  • Finnish guerrillas attack Free Western base
    • Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda and random soldier escape
  • Abaddon temporarily leaves CFC
  • CivGeneral and Co. set course for Earth
    • CivGeneral suggests defeating Thorvald's doppelgängers
    • Stylesrj Avatar Army ambushes Poker Alice
  • Bjørn informs Thorvald his doppelgängers are plotting war with Canada
    • Thorvald brings CivGeneral up to speed on the situation on Earth
  • Stylesrj warps past ASC forces back to Earth
  • Kan' Sharuminar and Co. escape zombies in the TARDIc
  • CivGeneral and Co. make planetfall outside Moscow
  • Stylesjl re-enters story

Page 40

Page 41

  • Stylesjl establishes headquarters in North Korea
  • Stylesrj traces Cruise missiles to Church of Scientology, bombs it
    • Scientologists sue for damages
  • Bjørn performs introspective
  • lord_joakim makes final report to kulade
    • Transmissions intercepted by Coruscantis
  • Church of Scientology hires Stylesjl for the prosecution
  • Dostya presumed killed
    • Stylesrj goes to North Korea in search of a defence lawyer
  • Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda land in the Kremlin
    • Crocker mind-controls fairies
    • Timmy escapes into sewer
  • CivGeneral and Co. navigate sewers, join street battle in Moscow
  • Rocket reneges on treaty, declares open war on everyone
  • choxorn arrives in Moscow with armoured regiment
  • <e350tb's comic>

Page 42

  • Church of Scientology v. Stylesrj begins
  • CivGeneral and Co. storm the Citadel
  • Dostya revealed alive, crash-lands in Moscow
  • Stylesjl and taillesskangaru team up
    • choxorn joins the posse, tailless lets slip rumours of a treasure trove beneath the Citadel
  • CivGeneral and Co. confront kulade
    • Thunderfall revealed re-captured
    • kulade reveals one of CivGeneral's avatars freed
  • Dostya bursts into citadel
  • lord_joakim suffers internal crisis
    • lord_joakim rockets off Arrakis
  • Stylesrj fights North Korean music with pig-Japanese music

Page 43

  • Thorvald attacks Combine Advisor with insecticide
  • <choxorn's comic>
  • CivGeneral and kulade engage in lightsaber duel
  • Bjørn gives sonic screwdriver to Thorvald
    • Thorvald's doppelgängers assimilated
  • Church of Scientology v. Stylesrj concluded; Stylesrj acquitted
  • Thorvald announces release of Cold War Crisis for Command & Conquer: Generals
  • kulade activates Force Storm
  • CivGeneral defeats kulade, banishing him to the Land of Hiatus

Page 44

  • Stylesjl and Co. plot invasion of Eastern Union
  • <choxorn's comic>
  • Force Storm shatters CFC network security
    • Bjørn opens box, restoring Thunderfall's soul
      • Thunderfall mitigates damage


Page 45

  • CivGeneral and Co. rendez-vous at Black Mesa East
  • tailless/Rocket prepares to enter Citadel cave
    • Rocket places choxorn under arrest, has soldiers subdued
  • Bjørn tells Thorvald he received Thunderfall's soul from Mr. Toyoda
    • Thorvald has an episode
  • Stylesjl storms into Siberia
  • choxorn's wardens attacked by DYOS 1 Zombies
    • choxorn flees
  • Black Mesa East attacked by Taillenians
    • CivGeneral and Co. exfiltrate to Ravenholm
  • Battle of Parliament Hill

Page 46

  • General Grievous hired by the Combine to find "Thunderfall's cure"
  • Bjørn completes his book
  • Stylesjl foreshadows President Barack Obama, August 2008
    • Gunboats engage in musical diplomacy
  • choxorn zombified, takes charge
  • Krieger defeats John Baird
  • CivGeneral and Co. reach Poker Alice II
    • CivGeneral ambushed by Grievous
    • Bounty hunters duel; CivGeneral injured
      • Protagonists escape
  • taillesskangaru/Rocket enter tunnel beneath citadel ruins
    • Troops eaten by zombies
  • Stylesrj suffers bout of angst

Page 47

  • Law Council of Australia organizes retrial of Church of Scientology v. Stylesrj
  • mythmonster2 changes avatars, declares vendetta against Civilization Fanatics' Center
  • Thorvald contracts CivGeneral to apprehend Mr. Toyoda for €200 000 000 000
  • Thorvald satirizes 2008 South Ossetia war
  • CivGeneral and Co. return to Moscow for medical treatment
    • CivGeneral and Co. exeunt via Stryker IFV
    • General Grievous begins tracking CivGeneral

Page 48

  • Thorvald broadcasts a call to arms
  • Stylesjl cancels invasion, heads for Japan
  • <choxorn's comic>
  • Stylesrj and crew land in Japan
  • CivGeneral and Co. arrive at Coruscanti checkpoint
    • CivGeneral receives 5¼" floppy disk
    • Checkpoint ambushed by zombies
      • CivGeneral and Co. grenaded by Grievous while escaping
  • taillesskangaru hits a dead-end chasm
    • orite, Rocket is a rocket
  • A misinterpreted order delivers 50 vixens to Stylesrj
  • CivGeneral and Co. resupplied by special forces squad
    • CivGeneral and Co. proceed to mineshaft
    • Alyx salvages 5¼" disk reader from derelict computer
      • In the tunnels, CivGeneral and Co. encounter taillesskangaru/Rocket

Page 49

  • taillesskangaru/Rocket & CivGeneral & Co. discover weapons cache belonging to Toyoda's forces
    • Rocket tempts CivGeneral
  • Stylesrj rips off "Half-Life: Full Life Consequences"
  • Mjwhear joins the story
  • Grievous sends Combine troops in pursuit of CivGeneral
    • CivGeneral and Co. fend off zombies, discover Toyoda's secret cache
  • <lord_joakim's comic>
  • choxorn, infuriated by Stylesrj and Mjwhear, leads zombies to Tokyo

Page 50

  • <CivGeneral's comic>
  • "Turner's Private Army" sallies forth
  • CivGeneral and Co. reach the surface
    • taillesskangaru/Rocket arrested
    • CivGeneral and Co. rendez-vous at Coruscanti dropzone
  • mythmonster2 changes avatars, usurps leadership of Apolyton
  • <choxorn's comic>

Page 51

  • CivGeneral analyzes floppy disk, learns Toyoda's base of operations
  • <e350tb's comic>
  • Zombies overrun Honshū
  • CivGeneral and Co. arrive in Kitami
    • Questioning leads to local fear
    • CivGeneral is informed of mythmonster2's coup
  • taillesskangaru/Rocket blast out of prison, escape to Kashkand
  • <e350tb's comic>
  • CivGeneral and Co. encounter heavy presence of Toyoda's Civil Protection
    • At apartment, a local police officer describes the police state
    • CivGeneral finds Coruscanti diplomats murdered
      • Door-to-door questioning locates Toyoda's house
      • The Old Man informs CivGeneral and Co. Toyoda is overseas, and of Captain Ryuu Tōjō's responsibility for the police-state atmosphere
  • In response to Sarah Palin, Aleksei Vasilii Guba commences Operation Save The Wolves And Mooses And Bears And Crap
  • Stylesrj rips off Dungeons and Dragons
  • Mr. Toyoda announces in televised broadcast that local agencies and his forces have been integrated
    • CivGeneral and Co. arrested
    • Stylesrj arrested in separate incident
      • Sergeant Ishikawa releases CivGeneral and Co. from custody
      • Stylesrj powergames his way out

Page 52

  • choxorn delivers ultimatum to Hokkaidō, calling for surrender of Stylesrj
  • Sergeant Ishikawa informs CivGeneral of the overall situation
    • Ishikawa later arrested for dissent
    • CivGeneral and Co. rendez-vous with Mejiko, acquire Civil Protection uniforms
      • Stylesrj attempts to integrate with the story
  • Mr. Toyoda is informed of the situation in Hokkaidō; suggests everything is going to plan
  • lord_joakim announces (temporary) departure from CFC

Page 53

  • Hokkaidō Uprising gains momentum
    • CivGeneral and Co. infiltrate inner sphere, storm Tōjō's office
    • Tōjō relinquishes command, recalls Major Ryouichi Sasaki, informs CivGeneral that Toyoda is in Germany
      • choxorn storms office but Stylesrj flees
  • Krieger and Peter Gradunov solve the mystery of RedStranger's stolen camera and pants
  • choxorn offers to work with CivGeneral in exchange for the capture of Stylesrj

Page 54

  • Stylesrj killed by Dostya, sent to Hell
  • Major Sasaki arrives, takes charge of the situation
    • CivGeneral meets Coruscanti aid team, Ishikawa
    • CivGeneral accepts choxorn's proposal
    • CivGeneral and Co. depart for Berlin
    • General Grievous departs for Berlin
  • <e350tb's comic>
  • DYOS 1 Zombies invade the rest of Europe
  • Thorvald parodies Kennedy's "Ich bin ein Berliner" speech
  • General Guba delivers ultimatum to zombies in Eastern Union
  • Timmy responds amicably to Thorvald's address

Page 55

  • taillesskangaru rebegins hand-drawn cartoons
    • taillesskangaru/Rocket subdue Toyoda's personnel hacking into the Taillenian starfleet
  • Captain2 joins the story
  • Stylesjl fires his supporting cast
  • choxorn revises the Jesusland map
  • CivGeneral and Co. ambushed by Combine in restaurant
    • Food fight ensues
      • Food fight unexpected, choxorn parodies Monty Python's Spanish Inquisition sketch
  • CivGeneral and Co. encounter General Grievous
    • Grievous reveals he delivered Thunderfall to kulade
    • Grievous escapes
  • CivGeneral and Co. encounter Mr. Toyoda
    • Grievous reappears
  • Free Western Army and Combine engage each other
  • taillesskangaru/Rocket joined by third personality
  • Captain2 plots Canadian resistance

Page 56

  • <choxorn's comics>
  • Grievous kidnaps Toyoda
    • Toyoda's personnel place themselves at CivGeneral's disposal
  • taillesskangaru/Rocket/conscience captured by Coruscantis
  • taillesskangaru/Rocket/conscience wishes to redeem himself before CivGeneral
  • Grievous begins interrogating Toyoda in Fort Schmerzen
  • Captain2 bombs the Eastern Union-Canadian Friendship Centre
  • Warhead joins the story
  • "The Marshal" convenes the Canadian Junta in reaction to Captain2
  • The Combine Empire invades Coruscant
  • Mr. Toyoda resists waterboarding
  • taillesskangaru/Rocket/conscience goes to a pub, escorted by choxorn
    • Secret shortcut to Fort Schmerzen discovered

Page 57

  • CivCube joins the story
    • CivCube ambushed by avatar, killed
      • CivCube's Evil Avatar established as lead character
  • CivGeneral and Co. rendez-vous at Corucanti-requisitioned house under siege
    • CivGeneral informed of Combine–Coruscant War, provided estimated location of Fort Schmerzen
  • <CivCube's comic>
  • Spongebob Squarepants commissioned commanding colonel of Free Western Army rescue team for Timmy
  • CivGeneral captures Combine officer
  • Krieger and Gradunov explore the Fourth Wall
  • GuitarHero's usurper joins the story
  • Rodney Kroon suggests trying Stylesrj post-humously
  • kill fire joins the story
  • The zombies reach Greece, scared off by riots and fire

Page 58

  • <choxorn's comic>
  • GuitarHero's usurper's double-login joins the story
  • Stylesjl resurrects Sidewinder Casino
  • mythmonster2 determines he must become the new Avatar Supreme Commander
  • Stylesrj rips off Red Alert 3, resurrects Blood Gulch Casino
  • CivGeneral and Co. encounter Ishikawa, coordinate attack
  • lord_joakim returns to Earth
  • <azzaman333's comic>

Page 59

  • Stephen Harper hypothesizes Michael Ignatieff had ties to the Invasion of Canada
  • <e350tb's comic>
  • Stylesrj and Stylesjl fight each other
  • Spongebob, Patrick Star and Bill encounter Sandy Cheeks at a Free Western forward base
  • Leeroy Jenkins charges into Fort Schmerzen
  • Coruscanti Chancellor delivers a public address very similar to Franklin Roosevelt's fireside chats
  • Mr. Toyoda continues resisting Grievous
  • CivGeneral and Co. penetrate the bunker
  • Mr. Toyoda expounds upon the Avatar Wars story
    • Grievous fails to learn "Thunderfall's cure"
  • taillesskangaru/Rocket/conscience split
    • Conscience revealed Combine mole, traps them in white room
  • General Guba explains his Guide to Killing Zombies
  • The Narrator releases Rocket and choxorn for his nefarious purposes, demands $300 million each in recompense
  • <Charles_Li's comic>
  • choxorn leads the zombies to Germany
  • <Perfection's comic>
  • Thorvald begins Garry's Mod machinima

Page 60

  • Dr. Wallace Breen established as leader of the Combine
    • CivGeneral and Co. ambush General Grievous
  • <Perfection's comic>
  • Stylesrj invades Combine-controlled Coruscant
  • <e350tb's comic>
  • taillesskangaru apprehends Rocket

Page 61

  • Thorvald Presents: Command & Canada: Generals
  • choxorn fires his laser, kills DYOS 1 Zombies
  • Ross Ray calls CivFanatics for support in apprehending Stylesrj
  • Coruscanti Chancellor agrees to military alliance with Stylesrj
  • General Grievous lets loose a witch
    • CivGeneral and Co. battle the witch
    • Grievous and Mr. Toyoda engage in lightsaber duel
      • Grievous defeated; Toyoda offers "second chance"
        • Grievous commits suicide
  • Captain2's resistance officially begins
  • Spongebob, Patrick, Sandy and Co. encounter Landkreuzer P. 1000 Ratte
  • Captain2 seizes Parliament
  • Deuskane pesters e350tb for a Ratte
  • Coruscantis commence Operation Poker Face
  • The Hacker emerges, Forum Games threads mass deleted
  • Stylesrj launches amphibious assault on City 17

Page 62

  • kulade & Co. bust into the Wolfsschanze Hell
  • <e350tb's comic>
  • <Captain2's comic>
  • CivGeneral and Co. encounter Combineized Mara Jade, escape
    • CivGeneral and Co. exfiltrate Fort Schmerzen
  • taillesskangaru and Rocket abducted by the Narrator

The Gem

Page 63

  • CivGeneral and Co. return to Berlin
  • Captain2 reveals abducted Eastern Union personnel
  • Spongebob, Patrick, Sandy and Co. encounter Oberst von Cruisenburg
  • Canadian Junta proposes planting Krieger to rescue hostages

Page 64

  • choxorn's comic gets Methos'd
  • Stylesrj gets nuked
  • Republic of Coruscant defeats Combine invaders
    • Benign witch provides CivGeneral with coordinates of Arrakis
    • CivGeneral and Co. ambushed by Mara Jade, escape
  • taillesskangaru and Narrator meet

Page 65

  • Spongebob, Patrick, Sandy and Co. board Red Dwarf bound for Arrakis
  • choxorn demands refund from the Narrator, spoofs Methos's censorship
  • CivGeneral informed Mara Jade tracking him
    • Major Kusanagi revealed to be double agent favouring Coruscantis
  • e350tb begins hand-drawn cartoons
  • Napoleon revealed to be alive at secret Arrakeen base
    • FDR revealed to be in league with Napoleon

Page 66

  • Red Dwarf contacts Venator
    • FDR makes open address to Coruscantis, Free Western Army
  • Giant Death Robot goes berserk, bound for Arrakis
    • taillesskangaru, Narrator set course for Arrakis
  • Krieger captured by resistance
  • CivGeneral visits space station
    • Briggs Lightstar expounds upon the Gem
    • CivGeneral and Co. ambushed by Combine
      • Major Kusanagi facilitates escape
      • Lightstar captured by Combine
  • <e350tb's comic>

Page 67

  • mythmonster2 rebuilds General Grievous
    • mythmonster2 sets course for Arrakis
    • Grievous rebels, recruits 1/3 of Apolyton army
    • Grievous sets course for Arrakis
  • CivGeneral and Co. arrive at space station orbiting Arrakis
    • Clyde expounds upon the Gem
    • taillesskangaru and Narrator arrive at station
  • cool face running gag introduced
  • <e350tb's comic>
  • Coruscanti Chancellor assigns battle group to Arrakis
    • CivGeneral and Co. make planetfall
  • Giant Death Robot ravages Arrakis
    • Narrator's task force scattered
  • CivGeneral and Co. encounter Corporal J.C. Reitan
    • Initial Coruscanti expedition revealed destroyed; Reitan sole survivor
  • e350tb announces Race for the Gem

Page 68

  • CivCube swims across oceans to Arrakis
  • Combine commence full-scale assault on Arrakis
    • CivGeneral and Co. engage in firefight
    • Reitan abducted by Combine
  • Free Western Army, Combine fight
  • FDR interrogates/tortures Wanda
  • Imperial soldiers discuss the Gem
  • <Perfection's comics>

Page 69

  • Captain2, Krieger meet
  • Perfection finds the Gem; sets bait for other forumers
  • Macha joins the story
  • Vyacheslav Molotov recaps the plot
  • choxorn finds Convenient Plot Devices
  • Perfection loses Conventient Plot Devices; uses Inconvenient Plot Devices
  • Georgy Kalanin ambushes Molotov
    • Molotov assumed killed
  • Perfection takes Draw Your Own Styles literally

Page 70

  • CurtSibling and Thunderfall's ex-avatar plot recovery of the Gem
  • Georgy begins hunting for the Gem
  • Mikhail Kalinin presents "DYOS: A Satire"
  • <choxorn's comic>
  • <Perfection's comic>
  • Stylesrj begins ripping off meme songs
  • Kan' Sharuminar posts a comic
    • "This bites."
  • Ahem Musaff assists CivGeneral in escaping Combine-ravaged Arrakeen
  • Coruscanti/Free Western convoy attacked by sandworm

Page 71

Page 72

  • Free Western Army lampoons Transformers/Michael Bay
  • CivGeneral and Co. reach entrance to the Gem chamber
  • Kan' Sharuminar arrives on Arrakis
    • "Y'know, maybe not."
  • choxorn escapes the Unexisted Dimension with a Convenient Plot Device
  • Further interrogation of Reitan
  • <e350tb's comic>
  • CivCube reaches the Gem, captured by guards
  • Perfection arrives on Arrakis with choxorn
    • Zombies morphed into Perfection's former avatars
  • Coruscantis and Imperium form military alliance
    • Sardaukar arrive in force, begin counterattack against Combine
    • CivGeneral and Co. sneak into Gem chamber
  • Samus Aran breaks out of Combine detention centre at Nar Kreeta
  • Dr. Breen interrogates Reitan personally
    • Breen prepares private guard for planetfall

Page 73

  • choxorn uses Convenient Plot Device to replace Perfection's avatars with Warthog ATVs
  • Happy Canada Day!
  • <Perfection's comic>
  • Timmy invades Australia
  • Whither DYOS?
  • Dr. Breen, Mara Jade and Co. arrive in the Gem chamber
  • Samus hijacks portal device, arrives in the Gem chamber
  • Bratmon joins the story

Page 74

Page 75

  • Sergei Molotov revealed to be Ross Ray in disguise
  • Stylesrj arrives in the Gem chamber
  • The Hacker hacks ImageShack, DYOS briefly replaced with haxed images and red x's
  • Kevin Rudd attempts to rectify crisis in Australia
  • <choxorn's comic>
  • Combine capture CivGeneral and Co., minus CivGeneral
    • Samus escapes, joins CivGeneral in combat with Mara Jade
      • Mara Jade killed
  • CivGeneral and Samus return to Gem chamber
    • Combine officer touches the Gem
      • Officer, Breen's guard killed
      • Coruscantis defeat Combine on Arrakis; Breen captured
  • mythmonster2 changes avatars, kills imposter

Page 76

  • kill fire begins Garry's Mod machinima
  • choxorn begins Garry's Mod machinima
  • CivGeneral and Co. return to the surface
    • FDR found killed
    • The Hacker makes public address
    • The Gem recovered by Coruscantis
    • CivCube joins the party
  • Treaty of Arrakis signed
  • Stylesrj drinks himself into a stupor
  • choxorn uses Convenient Plot Device to provide starships
    • choxorn and zombies exeunt Arrakis
    • Convenient Plot Device expounds upon the Gem arc, Chosen Ones
  • Emperor Frederick Corrino IV and Lady Elara discuss the Gem

Page 77

  • Convenient Plot Device concludes plot exposition
    • choxorn returns to Earth


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