Chronological list of events in DYOS X.ii

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The following is essentially an undated timeline of DYOS X Part II: Plans Within Plans. Part One of the saga can be found here.

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Cold War

Page 1

Page 2

  • CG and Co. travel to Newark Airport to get a working radio transmitter
    • Group learns not to let Patrick drive
      • Spongebob thinks about Sandy
  • Clone Guild activates a clone
    • Which clone? Wait, I'll get to that.
  • Space Nazis capture the planet Zebes
  • CG and Co. arrive at Newark Airport
  • Thorvald posts a filler comic featuring the Sniper
  • "Chemistry" between CivGeneral and Samus

Page 3

  • choxorn the Zombie lands somewhere in Africa
  • Girl-With-Same-Eyes-As-Lord-Joakim disappears
    • Lord Joakim meets Hatted Girl
      • Wait.
        • Did I just hear "hentai"?
  • Clone Guild invades Earth
    • They brought their clone with them.
      • Yes, I promise I'll explain that later.
        • Let me keep going, yeah?
  • Ahem...
  • Space Nazis break into underground Chozo temple on Zebes
  • CG finally gets a radio transmitter
    • Contact made with Toyoda's forces
  • Kwai brings out the Baneblade
  • Clone Guild's Clone revealed to be a Spongebob clone
    • Happy now?
      • No?
        • Too bad =P
  • CG and Co. arrive in Syracuse
    • Meet commander of the outpost, Col. Sadao
      • Sadao explains situation

Page 4

  • Ginormica delivers a package to Kwai
    • Turns out to be the Monolith from the Flower Power Necrons
      • . . .
        • Whatever.
  • Kwai plans to use Necron to get the Gem
  • Ginormica breaks all the toxin trucks
  • Kwai daydreams
  • Cruise Missile found out that Ginormica is not Katie Holmes
    • Hits Thrax's Toxin Depot
  • General Kwai gets into a suit of armor
    • Leang responds with something of her own
  • L_J gets hugs from Hatted Girl
  • Taillesskangaru treasure-hunts on Wetickra
    • Hides from Nazi patrols
      • Falls through hidden trapdoor
  • The Post Office gets bombed

Page 5

Chess Gets Real

Page 6

  • Top secret plan for the Death Bar lost, lands on Earth
  • lord joakim posts a comic, in which he dreams
    • "There's a lot of story potential in that psychological meandering" - CivCube
    • "It's not so much a comic as a piece of psychologically dystopic art." - Thorvald of Lym
  • CG and Co. prepare to set out in search of Mr. Toyoda... again.
    • The Enclave is formally introduced
  • The Third Nazi War begins

Page 7

  • Rhiza Kalanin is brought into the story
  • Rhiza stays low in a tavern
    • A sniper puts Rhiza in his crosshairs
      • Rhiza implied shot
  • Sandy falls in love with Spongebob
    • Thorvald states that "One day..." he'd find his main squeeze
      • Tailless & choxorn pop in to let Thorvald know he is not alone
        • Random joke group of people appears out of nowhere, choxorn tells them to GTFO
  • CivGeneral starts using GIMP to do speech balloons
  • CivGeneral and Co. stop at the outskirts of Las Vegas, Nevada to refuel CivGeneral's halftrack
    • Gas station owner tells the crew he's out of gas due to a bad economy and the raging monster
      • Group ambushed by the Enclave, hit upside the heads with police batons, and dragged away
  • CivGeneral wakes up in Enclave headquarters along with the rest of his friends under Dr. Breen's custody
  • Taillesskangaru falls into a pool. His last appearance in the thread for a long, long while.

Page 8

  • Rhiza wakes up in an Enclave base and is interrogated
    • Turns out the bullet was a tranquilliser
    • Cheesy newsreel plays, citing Rhiza as a menace
      • Plans for Rhiza to be shipped to the Las Vegas base for the X Parasite project, instead of you know... being shot on sight.
        • Evil villains are strange like that.
  • CivGeneral busts out of holding cell
    • CivGeneral and Samus commandeer Tesla power suits
    • Fight with Arch Dornan
    • Encounter Breen, CG-X and SA-X
      • Breen claims to know Toyoda's interest in the Gem
  • Battle of the Bulge begins
    • Breen attempts to convert CivGeneral
      • CivGeneral refuses, attacked by CG-X
      • SA-X infects CivGeneral with X-parasite
        • Storm Commandos arrive, chase off CG-X, SA-X
        • CivGeneral proposes to Samus
        • CivGeneral hospitalized
        • Samus's blood transfused to combat X-parasite
          • CivGeneral informed he is a Defender of the Universe
  • Marshal Brusilov holds conference with Free Western troops
    • Identity of the "Gargantua" allegedly established
  • Space Nazis commence invasion of Earth in Poland
  • CivCube busts out of the Gem temple on Arrakis

Page 9

  • Free Western Army launches Operation High Noon
  • Eastern Union and Free Western Army fortify Germany against impending Space Nazi attack
  • lord_joakim is locked up by a group of people.
  • Marsha Conrad joins the Coruscanti Army and participates in the Battle of D.C.
    • Marsha promoted to corporal following defence of blockhouse
      • Marsha ordered to assassinate Enclave brigadier general Joe Jackson
  • choxorn ponders a storyline to pursue
    • Convenient Plot Device suggests searching for Mr. Toyoda
  • Situation in Germany updated

Page 10

  • DYOS learns it has a newspaper
  • Marsha heads out on mission
    • Marsha encounters Civilization avatars moping over the Avatar Wars
    • Marsha infiltrates Raven Rock, assassinates Jackson
  • choxorn and Co. land in Mongolia, encounter lone guard of Toyoda's military base
  • Rocket buys a copy of the DYOS Times while on Arrakis
  • Marsha signals mission complete, evacuates Raven Rock
    • Enclave officers discuss possible relocation to Pacific islands
      • Bombing run destroys Raven Rock
  • General Otto Horington arrives in Washington D.C.
    • Battle of Washington D.C. ends in Coruscanti victory
    • Marsha promoted to sergeant, assigned to St. Louis Task Force
  • Rudolph Krieger crosses over from DRAW Your Own Story 11 to fight the Space Nazis
  • Otto von Bismarck arrives at Space Nazi command to offer the Clone Guild's assistance

Page 11

  • Sandy accepts Spongebob's proposal of marriage
  • The Death Fuji appears over Caen
    • Captain2 reveals himself to be working for the Space Nazis
  • Battle of the Bulge ends with purge of Enclave forces from mainland United States
  • CivGeneral & Samus and Spongebob & Sandy are wedded
    • Kanye West interrupts
  • Captain2 sends a wedding present
  • Eastern Union and Free Western Army withdraw from Germany
    • Brusilov informed that Space Nazis are committing atrocities
    • Brusilov also informed that Krieger has not evacuated Germany
  • Captain2 plans airborne invasion of England

Page 12

  • Rocket meets with Hannibal
  • General Anatoliy Koldanev made acting commander of Union armed forces while Brusilov pursues private contacts
  • CivGeneral, Samus, Thorvald, Bjørn, and Spongebob arrive in England
  • Patrick leads a charge against Space Nazi forces at Penzance, wins
  • Captain2 hijacks Spongebob's jet fighter
  • Rhiza recounts escape from Raven Rock
    • She also rescues her father, voiced by Liam Neeson
      • Father turns out to be an Assassin and summarily runs off
  • Captain2 launches a second wave of planes
    • Allied anti-air defences eliminate enemy aircraft
      • Captain2 shot down, paddles back to Zeppelin
  • Space Nazi forces in Belarus capture deactivated Mjolnir complex

Page 13

Page 14

  • taillesskangaru is swamped by engineering mathematics
  • Coruscanti commander in Austria agitated over lack of action
    • Stolen Space Nazi weapons determined to be of Combine origin
  • Republic of Coruscant under Motoko Kusanagi captures Hawaii
    • Shipment of FEV, Parasite X destined for Space Nazis intercepted in the Pacific
    • Enclave routed from remaining American territories
      • Enclave retreats to Pacific Islands
      • Enclave plans invasion of Japan
  • Marsha uncovers Enclave memo regarding Toyoda Papers
  • Innsbruck Offensive ends with surrender of Space Nazi/Clone Guild forces
  • General Veers commences Liberation of Zebes
  • SA-X attempts assassination of CivGeneral, foiled
  • Germany protests DYOS
  • Kusanagi leads forces onto the Marshall Islands
    • Marsha finds one Toyoda Paper and related Enclave memos
      • Invasion of Japan foreshadowed
  • Chancellor Roster killed by CG-X
    • CivGeneral appoints Kusanagi acting chancellor
  • Aleksei Vasilii Guba critiques the Anglo-Coruscant-Union Treaty

Page 15

  • Francis Durga leads invasion of Austria, crushed
    • Durga brings back power armor suit to London
      • Samus' power suit found dismantled inside
    • Operation Torch ends in Space Nazi defeat
  • choxorn: "Hmm... No Background... Must be a filler comic."
  • Spongebob drafts Free Western conditions for Anglo-Coruscant-Union Treaty
  • taillesskangaru continues to be swamped by engineering mathematics
  • Anglo-Coruscant-Union Treaty ratified
  • Schäffer's birthday

Page 16

    • Ekkehard returns to headquarters
    • Krieger revealed captured
      • "He didn't recognize me."
  • choxorn leaves Mongolia in search of Kuraki
    • Tanaka accosted by cloaked figure and soldiers in Combine uniform
  • Coruscantis drive Enclave from Guam
    • Marsha uncovers more Toyoda-related memos
    • Marsha promoted to Second Lieutenant
  • Coruscantis nuke Enclave offshore headquarters

Page 17

  • General Koldanev informed of nuke strike
  • General Czciborycz and Colonel General Gedeonin co-ordinate Union forces in impending invasion of Japan
  • Toyoda's forces deliver Death Bar plans to Free Western port authority in Liverpool
  • Kusanagi informs CivGeneral of invasion of Japan
    • Kusanagi encounters choxorn
  • Early birthday party for CivGeneral
  • CivGeneral and Co. prepare for Normandy landing
  • Schäffer confides in Krieger
  • Hannibal re-routes the Taillenian Starfleet to Arrakis after receiving intelligence on Toyoda

Page 18

  • Invasion of Normandy
  • Coruscant routs Space Nazis from Zebes
    • Horrigan reveals secret bio-bombs
  • Bill found dead in France
  • D-Day montage, TB style
  • StylesrjRhiza critiques Torchwood: Children of Earth
  • Schäffer expounds upon the FEV to Krieger
  • The Sniper and Nick chat in a restaurant

Page 19

  • CivGeneral has a nightmare sequence
  • Nick Parker pulls a Leeroy
  • Taillesskangaru wakes up a prisoner of Colonel Sykes
    • Rocket revealed a double agent
    • Sykes attempts to rip Tailless' personality and characteristics out of him
      • Vostok forces arrive as machine activates; evacuate with Tailless

Page 20

  • Hannibal, Rocket et al. arrive at Arrakis
  • choxorn and some zombies fight the Enclave; Enclave brains eaten
    • One soldier revealed to be Combine
      • Zombies get Warthogs to go find Kuraki with
  • Two soldiers talk about the Clone Guild
  • [T/t]aillesskangaru argues with himself

Page 21

  • CivCube crashes into Avatar Strike Central
  • The Cosmonarmada escapes with Tailesskangaru, minus some of his brain
  • choxorn's Zombie senses tingle, finds Kuraki Tojikawa
    • choxorn offers Kuraki cookies in exchange for useful information
      • choxorn and Kuraki talk about Mr. Toyoda
  • Hannibal and Frederick Corrino IV talk about the Gem

Page 22

  • choxorn and Kuraki talk about The Gem
  • DYOS moved to Arts and Entertainment [1]
  • lord_joakim broods
  • Valorum disappointed in Sykes; orders capture of choxorn
  • Kan' Sharuminar recounts colliding with Captain2 during Battle of Britain
  • Emperor Frederick elaborates Toyoda's longstanding "quest" for the Gem
  • Kuraki and Frederick further discuss the Gem, the Gargantua and Toyoda with choxorn and Hannibal, respectively
    • Frederick suggests Rocket's treachery
    • Kuraki forewarns Clone Guild manhunt

Page 23

  • CivGeneral and Co. skirmish with Space Nazis
    • Samus rendered unconscious
    • Jill Valentine and CivGeneral captured in separate incidents
      • Free Western Army and the Republic to the rescue!
  • Urban combat between Eastern Union and Axis forces
  • Allied forces break through to Paris
    • Clone Guild retreats to Germany
  • Samus airlifted to New Port City
  • Marsha encounters R.W. Smeyna
    • 'Although I think you took the "shoots Marsha a rueful smile" a little too literally. :p'
  • Wesker wants to be in Plans Within Plans

Page 24

  • Hannibal reconvenes with Rocket
  • Tanaka revealed not to be dead, but might be soon
  • The Evil League of Evil fights amongst itself
  • Ekkehard forces FEV down Krieger's throat

Page 25

Page 26

  • Johnson places a hit on Toyoda
  • Stylesjl begins his plans for World Domination
  • Hannibal uncovers THE TRUTH.
    • Blue Fleet sets course for New Port

Page 27

  • Dr. Breen captured; Enclave defeated
  • Marsha tasked with rescuing Krieger
  • Brotherhood of Steel founded
  • Stylesrj and Co. and Rhiza set courses for the Coruscanti National History Museum

Page 28

  • Jill confides in Thorvald her love for CivGeneral
  • Ayane abducted by CIA, escapes
  • CivGeneral leads commando raid on Hamburg
    • Durga revealed turncoat
    • Marsha departs for mission
  • Cloaked bad guy Void contacts Evil League of Evil
    • Council discovers choxorn ate a tracking device
  • choxorn departs to follow the Gargantua's trail of destruction

Page 29

  • CIA agent assassinated by Masakari operatives
    • Ayane overhears CIA mission plan
  • Ayane reports to FBI; put in contact with National Guard
    • Ayane and Sgt. Mags dispatched to New Port General Hospital to intercept a hit on Samus
    • Ayane battles CIA agent; obtains verbal confession
      • Ayane and CivGeneral from DYOS 11 briefly visits before heading back to there present
  • Johnson informed of dead agent
  • Samus awakes!
    • Trio leaves hospital and evades incoming CIA agents
  • Samus and Ayane find CIA Director Herbert Otis' corpse in Nar Shaddaa hotel
    • CIA ambush, skirmish, escape
  • CivGeneral and Co. raid Space Nazi depot
    • Durga confronts CivGeneral
      • Durga escapes
      • CivGeneral and Co. exfiltrate with stolen equipment
  • Hanna Antilles accosted by CIA agents somewhere out of this world
    • Agents killed. "Sorry about the mess."
  • Ekkehard informed Krieger has purged FEV
    • Ekkehard orders subordinate to "check his blood"
      • Schäffer belays order, asks Hickten to deny Ekkehard supplies
  • Cosmonarmada mutiny against Hannibal
  • Tailless navigates the dreamscape, encounters imprisoned lord_joakim
    • Tailless awakes as ship comes under attack

Page 30

  • Cosmonarmada battles Clone Guild over Earth
    • Sykes demands utter destruction of Miocene Arrow
      • Crew evacuates to Crobuzon
        • Sykes arrested for insubordination
        • Coruscanti fleet enters engagement
          • Crobuzon falls to Earth
          • Clone Guild EMP backfires; flagship falls to Earth
  • Marshal Chuikov expresses impatience with plot progress OH MY GOD LIVE-ACTION SEQUENCE!?!?!?
  • choxorn and Co. discover launching base of Quiet October was one of Toyoda's bases
  • Gem transferred to Big Mountain facility
    • Ayane appointed CivGeneral's "mysterious bodyguard"
  • CivGeneral rallies the troops, leaves with stolen panzers
  • Admiral Brown orders follow-up on the Crobuzon

Page 31

  • Marsha recaps the situation as she arrives at Armeehauptquartier
    • "Krieger is not going to rescue himself"
    • Armeehauptquartier scrambles against infiltrator
      • Ekkehard remembers who Krieger is, beats him up
        • Krieger 0wns Ekkehard, steals gun, leaves cell
      • Elsewhere, choxorn finds himself cornered by soldiers
        • choxorn and Co. rescued by TOYODA?!
  • Kusanagi wins election, inaugurated as new Chancellor
    • Kusanagi calls for level-headedness in dealing with Toyoda, lambastes CIA
      • Johnson ups his ante
  • FBI agents Sahara and Kline unknowingly converse with Masakari operative
  • Space Nazis land in Korea
  • CivGeneral discusses his doubts in the administration
  • Marsha meets Krieger
    • "I'm sorry we couldn't have acquainted ourselves in more pleasant circumstances."
    • Marsha and Krieger run into Schäffer
      • Marsha presses on as Krieger and Schäffer ready their farewell
  • Horrigan gives Hickten a status report
    • Kim's on their side
    • Hickten catches up on his Hitler memes, orders Western assault
  • Hannibal's force evades Coruscanti detection via submarine
    • Rocket plays the tempter
    • Lt. Mitchell vents his anger into Taillesskangaru's face
      • Taillesskangaru summoned by Hannibal
  • Space Nazis begin westward salient
  • Samus hijacks a helicopter, heads to the front
  • Colonel Lim expounds on Tailless' history to Mitchell
    • Lim finds Jazari has committed suicide
  • Marsha and Krieger leave a fiery Armeehauptquartier
  • Hannibal and Tailless have a tête-á-tête regarding the Gem
    • Tailless suggested to be working for a third party
    • Hannibal permits Tailless to seek the Gem himself

Page 33

  • Sykes revealed to be a super-soldier, fully-recovered, and now rogue
  • Taillesskangaru sets off for the Gem
  • Coruscantis begin assault on Space Nazi Korean front
  • Brezhnev revealed to be an old Imperial Inquisitor
  • CivGeneral and Co. board Samus' helicopter
    • Samus elucidates Johnson's treachery
  • Warrant issued for Johnson's arrest

Page 34

  • choxorn and Toyoda withdraw to Sweden
    • choxorn still can't get straight answers
      • Toyoda advises choxorn to meet Taillesskangaru in Mexico
  • Chuck Testa sneaks Marsha and Krieger past Space Nazi checkpoints
    • Marsha persuades Krieger to exfiltrate through Italy rather than Sweden
  • choxorn meets Taillesskangaru
    • Tailless recounts how the Gem saved his life a century ago
    • choxorn recounts his journey and escape from Combine/Clone Guild ambush
  • Null and Void debrief
    • Void reveals choxorn is carrying a tracker

Page 35

  • FBI can't find Johnson
  • Allied forces storm Space Nazi headquarters in Korea
    • CG-X challenges Kirill Gedeonin to a duel
      • Gedeonin opts for pistols, kills CG-X with one shot

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