Chronological list of events in DYOS XI

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The following is essentially an undated timeline of DRAW Your Own Story 11.

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Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

  • Stylesrj begins his journey into hackspace
  • CFCMAN heads to Poland
  • Stylesrj disappears in hackspace
  • Lucifer's hat falls on one of Kan's ducks

Page 6

  • Kan' Sharuminar encounters Lucifer & the Three Wise Men in a canoe
    • Kan leaves the four occupants sleeping

Page 7

  • choxorn engages the Hacker (using a demon avatar)
  • Vault Doors open in the Republic of Coruscant
    • Major Kusanagi gives CivGeneral and Samus Aran a quest to hunt the Hacker
    • CivGeneral and Samus head into the wasteland of Coruscant
    • CivGeneral and Samus find an abandoned house
  • Software Pirates rumors start to spread
  • Admiral Zheng He heads to Civfanatica
  • Stylesrj returns from hackspace
    • Stylesrj makes lame joke about tacos
      • Minor brain damage reported from headbashing against walls

Page 8

  • Lucifer and the Three Wise Men make planetfall onto Earth (rather unpleasantly)
    • Hacker delivers a Muffy to them
    • Canoe burns up on re-entry

Page 9

  • Hacker hacks the Gogf
  • Captain2 commits to driving the Eastern Union out of Canada
  • The Gogf crash-lands in Poland
    • Kan heads to Poland via the TARDIc
  • CivGeneral and Samus encounter Ellis
    • Ellis offers to take CivGeneral and Samus to New Port City
    • Ellis almost runs over Lucifer
      • Lucifer joins the posse
  • Dr. Adolf Zimmer reveals that Mother Brain 2.0 poses a grave danger
    • Major Kusanagi debriefs the doctor

Page 10

  • Hacker wipes Sydney off the map
  • The Three Wise Guys and the muffy land somewhere on Earth

Page 11

  • taillesskangaru makes a Charles Schulz Snoopy parody
  • Kan arrives at Poland
    • Admiral Zheng He arrives at Poland
  • Mother Brain 2.0 demands more Metroid DNA
    • Hacker conducts a massive portal transfer of muffies and deathclaws
      • Three Wise Men encounter a deathclaw
      • Heavy Weapons Guy and Cammy White encounter a deathclaw
        • Republic Grand Arena closed until further notice
  • Lord Joakim makes random conversation
    • Minutes later, head explodes

Page 12

  • BLU Spy revealed to be the G-man
  • Darth Vader, not invited to a rave, gets mad
  • Lord Joakim encounters a computer demanding more money
  • Muffies cause choxorn to crash in Poland

Page 13

  • Stylesrj is re-united with his long lost wife, Rhiza Kalanin
    • Immediate confusion of her with Major Kusanagi by Stylesjl
  • Stylesjl begins writing comics horizontally, is found much less annoying
  • Stylesjl begins plans to attract more gamblers to his casino
  • CivGeneral recaps the One Hour War
  • Dr. Zimmer elaborates Mother Brain, housing facility
  • Princess Leia refuses to divulge location of alcohol
  • Stylesrj and Rhiza return to the Secret Base
  • Police raid on Manzen Temple
    • Space Pirate Jingal devulges information about the Hacker
    • Elvis and Zelda freed
  • Crew remains obstinate; Vader orders complete search of ship

Page 14

  • Enclave revealed to be one of his Space Marine Stargate Teams playing a joke on him
    • Stylesrj's base is HAAAAX!ed by the Hacker
      • Deathclaws and Enclave Remnants are sent through the Stargate
        • They immediately identify and give chase to Rhiza
  • Alex Merc and Roger Faarlander decide to ditch Mother Brain
  • Faust and Mephiles have a scrap
  • Zheng He gets an e-mail from his daughter
    • "Was a eunuch?"
  • Captain2 blows a chunk out of Danzig
  • e350tb celebrates a recent purchase[comic missing]
  • Enclave invasion thwarted by Dr. Hax

Page 15

  • Air Eastern Union crash-land scatters Captain2's beachhead
  • CivGeneral and Co. arrive at Coruscanti facility to battle deathclaws
    • Everybody ignores Lucifer
  • Quest for Project Titan begins
    • Rhiza and Stylesrj seek out captured Enclave databases being controlled by the Republic of Coruscant in order to complete a missing Stargate address.
  • Captain2 posts a comic, but I can't remember what it is. :(
  • Rocket's Christmas booze is stolen, receives a muffy instead

Page 16

  • Christmas/Festivus comics air, loved by all

Page 17

  • Lucifer steals Ellis' car and hotroads it out of New Port City.
    • Lucifer drives into a lake and begins to hunt a duck which has his hat.

Page 18

  • Stylesrj converts his base into a spaceship.
  • Captain2 posts another comic, also lost. :(
  • Themi Zermini gets married to a wagon of hotcakes by the Pope
    • Themi may be pregnant

Page 19

  • Stylesjl assembles tools of war
    • Stylesjl receives mysterious note to rendez-vous at An Abandoned Diner
  • Whomp and Rik Meleet ask Kan' to repair the Gogf's engines
  • Stylesrj messes around with alternate realities

Page 20

  • The Gogf is brought back on-line
  • Stylesjl arrives at the diner, accosted by Jessica Daibijin in a satire of Stylesrj and Rhiza
  • Dr. Zimmer warns of the dangers of Mother Brain, provides deactivation code
  • The Hacker makes world address, colourizes the moon
    • Stylesjl launches ground assault against the Hacker, thwarted
  • The Laughing Man provides Major Kusanagi with a clue to the Hacker
  • Stylesrj, Rhiza and Rodney commence attack on Chiron
  • Rudolph Krieger rescues Union hostages in Canada, leaves thread to defend Germany
  • Stylesjl readies the Monitor Storm
  • Overuse of the alternate reality viewer destabilizes Stylesrj
  • Major Kusanagi discusses the Hacker with Bernard Froggy

Page 21

  • Sentry bot hacked, kills Froggy
    • Kusanagi dives into cyberspace, confronts Hacker
      • Hacker pulls pranks, disappears
  • Monitor Storm destroyed by HAX
  • Rhiza hacks the Fallout 3 console to resize menacing deathclaw
  • Hacker reveals Pul Wat Aa to be himself all along
    • choxorn tries to wrap his head around Stylesrj's plot, calls shenanigans
      • Many people ask about the restaurant with all the goofy crap on the walls and the mozzarella sticks

Page 22

  • Stylesjl drinks himself into a stupor
  • Captain2 arrives in Moscow, proposes hand-to-hand combat to decide the fate of Canada
    • Ivan Drago performs a Falcon Punch on Captian2
      • Captain2 killed by Ivan Drago
  • Styesrj becomes convinced he is Altair ibn La-Ahad
    • People are becoming concerned of Stylesrj's sanity
  • Stylesrj, Rhiza and Rodney reach main computer terminal
    • Hacker replaces terminal with Muffy
      • Spectators start placing bets on how many muffies are seen in the course of DYOS XI
    • Rhiza shrunk and assaulted by a soldier with a chainsword
      • Soldier has several degree burns to his eyes
    • Attack Pattern Citrus is applied to Rodney
  • Kevin Rudd fails to catch a train - many times

Page 23

  • Stylesjl tries to redeem himself, joins Georgy Diplomatic Corps. Nine targets are set out, a diplomatic agreement must be signed with them all
    • First task is to seek Daibijin's help
      • After seeking help, he goes to find his brother, #2 on the list
  • Rhiza is disabled by the enemy and captured
    • Stylesrj is helpless to save her
  • Captain2's funeral is held
  • Rhiza wakes up in a pickle (jar)
  • Stylesrj's legal case finally catches up to him
    • He has two "DYOS weeks" to return to Earth, get a lawyer and prepare his case

Page 24

  • Joseph Crane established as Captain2's main character
  • Stylesrj negotiates with General Ironside. General insults him
    • Not such a good idea. Ironside now lies on the floor with his face punched in
    • Stylesjl gets captured by the Enclave
      • Townes brings up an ultimatum. Stargate, or dead wife
      • Stylesrj finds out that the Hacker wasn't responsible for the tricks in the Enclave base, but Townes all along
      • Space fleet launched
  • Jessica Daibijin arrives over Chiron to "assist" Stylesjl
  • Taniciusfox enters the story
  • Admiral Zheng contacts Coruscant

CivFanatic Strikes Back

Page 25

    • CivGeneral and Samus prepare to head to Zebes
  • Dr. Ivo Robotnik contacts the Coruscantis
    • The Hacker proposes "partnership" with Dr. Robotnik
  • Dr. Robotnik employed by the Coruscantis under heavy supervision
  • Joseph Crane has a leaky pen
  • Townes responds to fleet attacks from his enemies by altering the deal
    • Rhiza is eaten.
    • Jessica's fleet is cut in half by Townes' Laser Uplink Cannons
    • Townes now threatens to kill Stylesjl, unless a Stargate can be delivered
  • Georgie breaks in and takes Stylesjl away

Page 26

  • Silho and Tanicius the Fox land on top of Shadow
  • Zarn ambushes software pirates on the Desert System
  • Space Pirate slave Roxane Rose introduced
  • Coruscanti generals, in collaboration with Combine officials, prepare defence of Nar Kreeta
  • taillesskangaru fished out of the water by Zheng He's fleet
  • Stylesrj and Ironside inflict heavy damage on Townes' defences
  • Lucifer fails to reclaim hat from duck
    • Lucifer plans to infiltrate NASA

Page 27

  • Dave the Toothbrush has marital problems
  • Rhiza continues to taunt Townes with scientific knowledge
  • Dave the Toothbrush is fired
  • Stylesjl performs diplomacy with Montezilla
  • Generals Leang and Kwai begin narration of the "Noodle Incident"
  • Peter Gradunov demystifies bagged milk
  • Lucifer encounters unnamed familiarity, who informs him his brother is returning home
    • lord_joakim cameo

Page 28

  • Assassination attempt on Stylesjl; Jessica "rescues" him
  • The Hacker hacks narration of Stylesrj's comic
  • Haruhi Suzumiya usurps control of Sidewinder Casino
    • Stylesjl fires Suzumiya
    • Suzumiya declares intention to found rival casino
  • Narration of the Noodle Incident concludes
  • CivGeneral lampoons Mathalamus in Imperium Offtopicum

Page 29

  • Stylesrj gets serious, bursts into Townes' room
  • Mephisto senses a shift in the balance of power
  • Thorvald lampoons Mathalamus in Imperium Offtopicum
  • Stylesrj, Townes, et al. engage in Final Fantasy showdown

Page 30

  • Pirate frustrated by instigating validity check
  • Lucifer bullies his way into NASA

Page 31

  • Silho's background elaborated
  • Stylesrj slays Townes
    • Townes reveals the Enclave Remnant is a front
    • Alexis killed by unknown assassin
  • e350tb joins Imperium Offtopicum, invades Byzantium, Mathalamus ragequittum
  • Stylesrj exhausts his monthly bandwidth limit; unable to load comics

Page 32

  • Octavia Deaconescu hypothesizes deconstructing the Sydney hack
  • Suzumiya establishes rival casino
    • Laughing Man image appears everywhere
      • CivGeneral disappoint
  • Stylesrj lies on deathbed
    • APRIL FOOLS! The Hacker saves him for the lulz
  • CivGeneral contracts a hitman on Stylesjl
    • APRIL FOOLS! (?)

Page 33

  • Stylesjl makes a Downfall parody.
  • Lucifer penetrates Satellite Control
  • CivGeneral and Samus arrive on Zebes
    • Navigate the catacombs, battle Nazi zombies, giant reptiles, etc.

Page 34

Page 35

  • Rhiza infiltrates alien ship, battles crew
  • CivGeneral and Samus destroy Mother Brain

Page 36

  • Kusanagi informed of orbital defence compromise, hacks laser satellite
    • Lucifer fails to kill the duck
    • Rhiza and Rosalina debate plausibility
  • Emergency cabinet session with Stylesjl
  • Rhiza subdued by aliens

Page 37

  • Suzumiya intorturegates Taniciusfox on the Hacker's whereabouts
  • Stylesrj arrives to rescue Rhiza
    • Stylesrj toasts aliens as Rhiza sneaks out
  • CivGeneral and Samus run into Space Pirates
    • Liberal references to The Gmod Idiot Box
  • CivGeneral claims Chozo power armoured suit
  • Rhiza hacks ship's computer, uncovers a memo from Commander Laes
  • CivGeneral overloads Mothership reactor
    • Roxane Rose secures an evac, party evacs
    • Kusanagi informs CivGeneral of situation with Lucifer

Page 38

  • Leang and Kwai answer fan mail
  • Stylesjl and crew use Industrious Beam on Ryōko Asakura to fight mind-controlled Daibijin
  • Stylesrj battles Mulcarn
    • Kyon is dissatisfied with Haruhi's comic
  • Stylesrj bests alien captain
  • Ryōko frees Daibijin
  • Joseph Crane orders cleaning supplies
  • Stylesrj & Co. scuttle Stargate Command, attempt to fly to Project Titan via Comet Observatory

Battle of Nar Kreeta

Page 39

  • mythmonster2 (unofficially) rejoins the story
  • Marsha Conrad arrives in Nar Kreeta, scolds Combine officer
    • CivGeneral and Samus arrive
    • CivGeneral opens up inter-dimentional portal for Combine Advisors
      • Portal machine destabilizes and explodes
  • Start of CivGeneral's chapter of his Haaax storyline: "Broken Monitor"
  • CivGeneral and the Hacker confronts each other
  • Lucifer summons Faust, Mephiles, and other demons
    • Demons confronted by Coruscantis
    • Lucifer, Faust and Mephiles evacuate
  • Stylesrj's gang battles unknown enemies
  • Stylesjl summons all forces to Nar Kreeta
  • CivGeneral and the Hacker confront on Nar Kreeta
    • Hacker attempts to hack Samus out of existence
      • Samus "saved" by the G-man
    • Coach introduced
    • CivGeneral rescues Jill Valentine

Page 40

  • Stylesrj tributes Mother's Day and his birthday
  • The Hacker conjures up a snow storm on London.
  • Free Western Army activates Echelon 1 in response to the Hacker
  • The Hacker sets up Nar Kreeta the bomb
    • CivGeneral, Jill and Coach cover evacuating Coruscanti forces
      • CivGeneral and Co. enter space battle above the planet
  • Stylesrj joins Nar Kreeta fight
  • Stylesjl's cronies assemble near Nar Kreeta
  • Coruscantis eliminate Lucifer's minions
  • Lucifer unveils plan to reset the Universe

Page 41

  • Joseph Crane learns pink-margined lined paper is discontinued
  • Law Council of Australia issues warrants for the forcible apprehension of Stylesrj
  • CivGeneral coordinates defence with Stylesrj
  • Suzumiya pulls a Leeroy to disastrous effect
  • Laes' forces arrive
  • Yuki Nagato arrives with reinforcements for Stylesjl
  • Jill and CivGeneral sabotage reactor of one of Laes' ships
  • Marsha informs CivGeneral of the Hacker's retreat
    • Marsha exhibits anti-hacking device
  • Carlos and Francis lambast Stylesrj's narrators

Page 42

  • Stylesrj lays damaged dreadnought as bait for Laes' fleet
  • Dr. Kleiner analyzes the ethereal substance from Lucifer's minions
    • Kusanagi destroys the sample as it attempts to evolve
  • Erwin and Monty hold a contest, fined for breach of traffic bylaws
  • CivGeneral puts an alert out to space traffic for Lucifer
  • One of Stylesjl's ships is HAAAXed into cheese
  • Laes' fleet arrives in force, commanded by the Sajuuk
  • Mahmoud Ahmadinejad proposes to nuke Iran before Domination3000
  • CivGeneral lampoons choxorn's computer woes
  • Coruscanti fleet withdraws

Page 43

  • Stylesjl commences bombardment and prepares to board Laes' fleet
    • Laes invites Stylesjl to a "chat"
      • Stylesjl boards Sajuuk and has dinner.
  • Rhiza engages in a hack-off with the Hacker.
  • Laes makes Stylesjl an offer he "cannot refuse"
    • Laes sways Stylesjl to his side
  • Stylesrj lands in the Sajuuk
    • Rhiza appear suddenly, having won the hack-off somewhat...
  • Fighter Squadron 60 attempts to pull as Star Wars on the Sajuuk; eradicated
  • Stylesrj and Rhiza confronted by Laes
    • Laes reveals he is SEAL SEAL
    • Laes goes off on an existential tangent
      • Laes and Stylesrj prepare to duel
        • Laes and Stylesrj break for afternoon tea
        • Ryōko and Yuki recount their honeymoon
  • Leang and Kwai and Fate answer actual fan mail
  • Jill recovers a reality-warping "toolgun"
    • CivGeneral scuttles Laes' ship
  • Albert Wesker discusses the "appropriation" of Faye Valentine and the OS-tan
  • Stylesrj presents: Draw Your Own Creek

(Editor's Note: This is the point where this Editor, after going through almost ten pages of the thread at a single sitting, stops trying to contain his laughter and rolls on the floor cackling like a mad man).

Page 44

  • Merc and Faarlander unleash lord_joakim

Page 45

  • Stylesjl and crew flee the Sajuuk
  • Stylesrj battles Laes, wins
  • Stylesjl's crew announce plans to split up
  • Taniciusfox reveals otherworldly powershyper-evolved nature
  • Sarah Bunt is introduced
  • CivGeneral rescues Stylesrj and Rhiza
    • Sajuuk self-destructs
  • Jill and CivGeneral wedded
    • Thorvald and choxorn arrive for cameo
  • Wesker elaborates on biological weaponry

Page 46

  • Rhiza and Stylesrj bicker over who beat Laes
  • Dostya recovers Laes' severed arm and becomes Dostya SEAL
  • Stylesrj hires Princess Peach as team medic
  • Stylesjl's Crew in: Where Are They Now?
  • CFCMAN debarks his flight, only to find the Hacker has moved out of range

Page 47

  • Sexy time with Jill!
  • Stylesrj dreams of beating Laes
  • Mathalamus and Omega124's spats in Imperium Offtopicum IV are lampooned
  • Stylesjl's assembles a new team
  • Space Pirates struggle to deal with Mephiles
  • Mysterious guy talks to Hacker
  • Lucifer got his hat back (FINALLY!)
  • FWA confronts Riley on Thear 5
  • The Hacker hacks the World Cup.

Revenge of the Pirates

Page 48

  • Taniciusfox attempts to demonstrate his seduction power on Sonic the Hedgehog
    • A painful experience
      • And not in a good way
  • Hacker henchman Voltaire retrieves Dr. Eggman's database
    • Explains the history of Mobius to the Hacker
      • Hacker now wants to obtain a roboticizer.
        • OMGWTFBBQ What... WHAT IS THIS?!?!? This is a picture of me and y--- oh OH GOD *vomits*
  • Winston Kan is back
  • Darth Barnabus introduced, stuck in Forum Games
  • Zheng He returns to the story
    • Promptly breaks the Fourth Wall
  • CivGeneral and Jill Valentine have a private moment.
  • Dr. Richtofen appropriates T-Virus and Tyrant
  • Dr. Kliner present Liberty Prime to Major Kusanagi
  • The G-Man and the Hacker have a pleasant conversation.
    • G-Man explains the motives of CivGeneral's avatars during the Avatar Wars
      • G-Man lets the Hacker borrow Samus for a week.
  • Kan confronts the man who hacked the Gogf; turns out to be Till
    • Till challenges Kan to a duel. Kan chooses to duel at dawn (ie. right now)
  • Stylesrj et al. discuss the abdication of Kevin Rudd
    • Stylesrj and crew learn epic retcon backstory to Project Titan

Page 49

  • As punishment for the Rule 34 picture of the Hacker x Voltaire, Voltaire is dispatched to Mobius on observation duty, promptly beginning to wreak havoc on the Kingdom of Mercia
    • Voltaire ponders that he'll do anything in order to kill "him."
  • Zack busts Darth Barnabus out of Forum Games
  • Kan is shot and falls off the Gogf
  • Ming Navy arrives at Mobius
    • Admiral He and taillesskangaru philosophize
  • SuperBeaverInc. fails to save Kan

Page 50

  • Jill and CivGeneral confront Richtofen in the citadel
    • Richtofen releases the Tyrant
      • Tyrant lured into the core, destroyed
      • Richtofen caught by CG caught by Hacker caught by Barney
        • Hacker challenges Jill to a grudge-match v. Samus
        • Richtofen escapes, runs into and recruits Eggman
  • The Gogf honours the heroic sacrifice made by Masquerouge
  • Stylesjl and crew set course for Saskatchewan-NWT border
    • Richtofen (Mannie) crashes the jet
  • choxorn recounts his stay in Poland
    • choxorn hired as prosecutor by the Law Council of Australia
  • Till steals the TARDIc
  • Happy Canada Day!

Page 51

  • Sandy shot by Riley
    • something something DARK AND STORMY NIGHT
      • A rejuvinated Sandy and Spongebob learn Patrick was captured
  • StylesTV: Nothing Happens
  • Omega124 joins the fray
  • Stylesrj is attacked by the Department of Affirmative Action Australia
    • One of his cast will be killed.
      • Everyone votes Princess Peach
  • Omega starts a rebellion in New York
  • Till hacks the wiki

Page 52

  • Mikuru Asahina fires her laser at the Iranian base
  • Ahmadinejad retaliates with self-named punch
  • Adolf Hitler grows impatient waiting for a new comic OH MY GOD LIVE-ACTION SEQUENCE!?!?!?
  • Rodney dies
  • choxorn lampoons IOT2
  • Ashley strands a giantized Tama Shepard with Stylesrj

Page 53

  • Alex, Roger, and Mephiles, escape lord_joakim via shuttle eject
  • Wesker reflects on meeting with Dr. Breen once-upon-a-time
    • Styles himself CivGeneral's Chief Antagonist
  • Grudge-Match: Samus v. Jill
  • Iran recovers Project Titan artifact, Yuki Nagato

Page 54

  • CivGeneral lampoons Ye Olde Imperium Offtopicum
  • Shepard shrunk to manageable size
    • Awkward moments a-plenty
    • Dalia Shepard revealed to be mystery assassin
  • Ahmadinejad releases Yuki
    • Georgie mass-messages DYOS with location of Project Titan
  • TARDIc initiates anti-Till defence
  • Kevin Rudd receives e-mail from Vladimir Putin reminding him of his mission
  • Crew of the Gogf battle zombies
  • Till's hack of the Gogf allows Hacker to hack defences
    • Postcount eliminated; Perfection goes catatonic

Page 55

  • Captain2 gets better
    • Uses the Death Fuji to go back in time and rescue Kan' Sharuminar
  • Wesker and the Hacker research robotization.
  • CivGeneral avoids mugging
    • CivGeneral and Jill share a private moment at night
  • Kwai and Leang answer fan mail
  • Kan and Captain2 ambushed by Rake, a powergamer

Umbrella Awakened

Page 56

  • DYOS is moved to Arts and Entertainment [2]
  • A hit is put on Kyon
  • Captain2 and Kan eject onto Rake's camera-ship
  • Captain2 pwn3d by Rake
    • Kan sacrifices self to restore harmony
  • Umbrella Corp. prepares to land on Hyrule
  • CivGeneral and Jill meets Virgil
    • CG and Co. battle zombies
  • Kusanagi is brought up to date on everything
  • kill fire rejoins the story as The Spy

Page 57

  • Stylesrj and the gang defeat Dalia
    • Arrival at Project Titan, along with just about everyone Stylesrj has ever faced in DYOS
  • Kan' lands in a spaceship evading TIE fighters
    • Falls out during evasive manoeuvres
  • Spongebob and Sandy stumble upon "backup" roboticizer
    • Sandy (benignly) robotized
  • Stylesrj and Co. enter planetary atmosphere and joust with multiple evil counterparts
  • Leang and West prepare to duel for... something

Page 58

  • Gruekiller and Master Shake depart for Ethiopia
  • Till negotiates with Perfection for release/saving the Gogf
  • CivGeneral and Co. meet Wesker
    • Sic 'em, Sylux!
    • Ayane arrives to help fight Wesker
      • Wesker cornered by CivGeneral who is overpowered by Faye
      • CivGeneral injected with tainted serum to purge his genome
        • Wesker flees

Page 59

  • Gruekiller stalked at the airport
  • Everyone busts in on Project Titan
  • Kwai must Make A Choice
  • Rake banished to Zero Punctuation
  • Gruekiller confronts assassin

Page 60

  • CivGeneral's characters embark on rigorous re-education development
  • Major Kusanagi brought up to speed
  • CivGeneral and Co. overpower Sylux
    • Faye liberated from Omega-tan
      • Roxane revealed to be an unwitting sleeper agent
    • Rebecca underscores urgency of medical treatment for CivGeneral
  • Amanda Lockheart "replaces" Coach

Page 61

  • 'Spreading Worldwide Communism, Proletariat Revolution and Overloading it with Marxist Leninsm with Itsuki Koizumi and Haruhi Suzymiya Shining a Path Brigade' [sic] vandalizes Nar Kreeta lemon plantation
    • "Get off my lawn!" cries Walter, tank in gear
  • The fight for Project Titan begins (this time for sure!)
  • Kwai fakes death, reveals Fate to be a poser, crushes her with tank
  • TARDIc teleports Gogf back to Off-Topic
    • Contact lost with Whomp
  • Election Day Australia
    • About two weeks later, it's still ongoing.

Page 62

  • Zheng He recounts success of Mobius mission
    • First there was Alexander...

Page 63

  • Fate West is Fate Shepard
  • mythmonster2 prank-called by Bart Simpson
  • Wesker meets with Doctors Richtofen and Eggman to recap
  • Dr. Jonas tends to CivGeneral
  • Shadow, Taniciusfox and Silho receive a distress message from Mercia (off-screen)
    • Attacked on arrival by Rob O' the Hedge, sender of the message
  • Captain2 hits it off with hospital nurse

Page 64

  • Project Titan: Nothing but fight, fight, fight
  • Hitler unamused to learn Himmler anything but condemned Taniciusfox
  • Valerie joins Gruekiller
    • Passenger jet intercepted by fighter

Page 65

  • Captain2 receives a night visitor
  • Merc, Faarlander and Mephiles awake in Hyrule

Page 66

  • Captain2 engages in awkward conversation
  • CivGeneral and Co. confront Wesker, who promptly flees
  • choxorn and the zombies bust into Project Titan, but politely told to get out
    • choxorn and all the other characters leave for pizza
  • Flashback to Zheng He's fight with Alexander of Macedon
  • Captain2 dumps his true love
  • Tama recounts her family adventures
    • And the battle continues

Page 67

  • Umbrella Corp. brass discuss Hacker's "fall-back plan"
  • Abaddon rejoins the story
  • The Composer elucidates Lucifer to the Hacker and declares himself
  • Abaddon encounters Mirc
  • Rosalina extorts CivGeneral
  • Abaddon and Mirc chat
  • taillesskangaru presents the most horrifying yarn of terror you will EVER READ

Page 68

  • Stylesrj commences the Epic Retcon, featuring the C&C Generals
  • Interlude with Galava characters
  • Mail Bag with Stylesjl
  • Glenn Beck rationalizes (ZOMG!) Lucifer = Satan

Page 69

  • More Mail Bag with Stylesjl
  • Umbrella underlings act like kids
  • September 21: The Day They Clogged The Servers
  • Stylesjl loses his ability to create 50ft monsters, thanks to Tama Shepard's intervention.
  • Dostya SEAL nabs Project Titan and runs off in a dropship.
    • Marth and Martha Shepard pledge truce to stop this from happening.
      • Dropship is shot down by Tama Shepard.
  • Reynaud's software pirates set course for Space Pirates
  • Spongebob and Sandy stalked in New Port
  • Kusanagi brings CivGeneral up to speed on the situation
  • Roxane enters chemically-induced fury
    • P30 device cannot be safely removed; Roxane killed
  • CivGeneral suggests S.T.A.R.S. mission to Hyrule

Page 70

  • Even More Mail Bag with Stylesjl
  • Things get wonky in Galava
  • Stylesrj's credbility is put into question with his final mission with X-COM
    • This doesn't work, and in fact strengthens Martha Shepard's resolve to support Stylesrj over the Iranians
  • Gruekiller dons Samurai Battle Armour and accosts the jet
  • CivGeneral and Co. and Songebob and Co. come under fire while leaving for space
  • Wesker and the Hacker arrive at Umbrella HQ on Hyrule

Page 71

  • Dostya et al. and Stylesrj et al. confront at crash site
    • Dostya gathered hostages from just about everyone involved
    • The Dies Israel begins bombarding the area
  • Joseph Crane discovers he can purchase items in Team Fortress 2
  • Meanwhile, on the Gogf...

Page 72

  • Coruscanti funeral for Bill and Kan'
  • Rob O' the Hedge recaps Voltaire's terror
  • Mjcommie's fleet engages Dies Israel
  • Dostya reveals her/himself as Dostya SEAL to Stylesrj
  • Marth and Martha Shepard recount their history

Page 73

  • CivGeneral sets up Dommy the nuke
  • Voltaire and Silho revealed to be brothers; they prepare to face off
  • Stylesrj begins his low-budget action scenes for his Second Final Showdown
    • Ship self destruct in 5 Namek minutes
  • Mjcommie has trouble trying to stop the Dies Israel due to Iranian decoy tactics and numerous identical-looking ships
  • Ahmadinejad calls for aid
  • Voltaire and his brother face off
  • Stylesjl finds some artifacts
    • Haruhi fanmail, salute!
  • Kwai and Gnowel has a date
    • Stylesrj has an ongoing fight with DostyaSEAL
  • Gruekiller gets a flashback
  • Manfred Von Richtofen returns
    • More fanmail

Page 74

  • Gruekiller "explains" how he got his samurai-armor
    • He might have stolen it
  • Card games on motorcycles!
  • Lucy avoids getting in the middle of a dispute with two WWII-generals in a non-canon appearance
    • It was all just a dream
  • Alex, Roger, and Mephiles, head to a temple in the sky hoping to get the Triforce
  • Kwai and Gnowel's date ends
    • DostyaSEAL explains how the DYOS universe actually works
      • DostyaSEAL = pwn'd

Page 75

  • Lucy foreshadowed as a canonical character
  • CivGeneral and Co. land in Hyrule
    • Ambushed, captured, "invited" to dinner
  • Project Titan self destructs
    • Stylesrj's team rushes to grab a fleeing VTOL
      • The Mako has been destroyed...
        • And Mass Effect players rejoiced!
    • Tama Shepard is killed while helping the others escape

Page 76

  • Stylesrj and Mjcommie part ways
  • Gruekiller reveals he has no plan
  • CivGeneral fights Lucy with the power of love
  • Ayane discovers... SAMUS CLONES!
  • CivGeneral gets HAAAXED

Page 77

  • CFCMAN arrives on Illos, routed
  • taillesskangaru announces break from canon

Page 78

  • ReichsGeneral attempts to sway CivGeneral to the Dark Side
  • Stylesjl joins the SCP Foundation
  • Sandy de-robotized, interrogated, breaks out
  • Bennett revealed killed
  • Coup in London, Montgomery killed
    • Grimsby declares Hacker-friendly "New British Empire"
  • SCP-076 goes rogue
  • Marsha lays down the law on the Hacker
  • ReichsGeneral deleted

Page 79

  • Transit Advisor Jim negotiates renewal of Firefly
  • Stylesrj evades the Law Council
  • CivGeneral and Co. kill Colonel Maxium
    • Nemesis released
  • Wesker's Hammer operational
  • Leang, Kwai and Gnowel answer the mail bag

Pages 80-81

  • Christmas comics air, pwn

Project Titan Operational

Page 82

  • Tama LIVES!
    • Tama integrated with Project Titan
  • Rhiza receives call from Miranda Rights
    • Stylesrj and Co. arrive at Talon Company space station
      • Exposition and old grudges abound
  • Umbrella Hyrule facility destroyed
  • Tama casts doubt on whose side she's on, if any
    • Tama "pacified" and contained
  • Kayli's a GLaDOS wannabe
  • Scalise and the Clone Guild clones defect
    • Patrick reunited with the team

Page 83

  • SCP Foundation plans to sabotage Wesker's operation
  • CivGeneral and Co. leave Hyrule, only to run into the Talon station
    • CivGeneral gets the guided tour
  • SCP Foundation launches assault
    • Mikuru captured by Hacker
  • Conservative Libertarians attack the Gogf
  • Leang and Kwai enter F-Zero to beat the Hacker to the prize money
  • The Hacker sets Talon up the frame
  • Ryoko saves Mikuru from King Kong
  • CivGeneral negotiates pardons for/from Talon
  • The whole gang confronts Tama

Page 84

  • Leang disqualified from the race; Hacker wins the cash
  • Fight between Tama and Lucy ends in draw
  • SCP Foundation begins character history recount
  • Hacker celebrates birthday, realizes he needs better friends
  • Hacker messes with CFC autocensor, foreign letters, dupe accounts...

Page 85

  • Gruekiller and team ambushed by Nazis
    • But they're not very good Nazis
  • Gruekiller and the Hacker meet at last
  • Rosalina confesses her love for Stylesrj
  • The Hacker hacks carp onboard Stylesrj's ships
  • The Hacker splits from Wesker

Page 86

  • NedimNapoleon joins the fray
  • CivGeneral and Co. leave aboard the Nana
  • Wesker orders hit on the Hacker
  • Spongebob and Co. descend upon besieged London
    • And by 'descend', read "VTOL down"
    • Sandy fights Grimsby
      • Spongebob killed
  • Project Titan activated; codeword: "mudkip"
  • Leang revealed captured by the Hacker
  • Faust intrudes on Merc, Faarlander and Co.
    • lord_joakim transforms, battles Faust

Page 87

  • CivGeneral holds impromptu funeral, battles ghouls
  • Narratorspace team prepares to rescue Leang
  • Gruekiller & team steal a space shuttle

Page 88

  • CivGeneral encounters Umbrella assassin
    • Duel ends in tentative truce

Page 89

  • Gruekiller's flight intercepted by Bowie
  • Narratorspace crew encounters Dalia Shepard
  • Hacker proxy ambushes CivGeneral and Co., foreshadows
    • CivGeneral and Co. acquire pre-release chronicle of DYOS 10

A Timely Emergency

Page 90

  • Dr. Richtofen proposes time travel to 2003 to prevent CivGeneral's involvement in DYOS
  • Richtofen steals pre-release DYOS 10, time-shifts
  • 2011 alternate timeline initiates; see * for 2011A events, * for 2003
    • * Haruhi enlists Stylesjl to undo the time warp
  • Jazz Fenton awakes in secret Mojave base
  • * Ayane and CivGeneral travel to 2003
  • * Dubinater arrives in 2003
  • * Marth and Martha sent to the brig
    • * Marth and Martha encounter Rhiza
  • * Ayane arrested, placed in [[[Spamingrad]]] prison
    • * Father Greg recounts Alternate History
  • Gruekiller bluffs Bowie, evacuates to hyperspace
    • The Hacker approaches Bowie

Page 91

  • * Perfection pulls a bait-and-switch on CivGeneral's emotions, kills Frank Conrad
  • * Rhiza helps Marth and Martha escape
    • * Trio intercepted by Rosalina
  • * Tama revealed onboard the ship
  • * Rhiza leads Marth and Martha to time machine
    • * Tama and Rosalina arrive in science wing
  • * Spamingrad Prison Break
    • * Ayane sends message backvards in time
  • * CurtSibling invades Taillenia

Page 92

  • * Thorvald executes Wesker
  • * Stylesjl hired by the Brotherhood of Assassins
  • * Dubinater ambush fail
    • * CivGeneral steals the pre-release DYOS 10 from himself
  • * Tama and Rosalina battle
  • * Qara Avethokastar arrives and delivers a message from Narratorspace
    • * Qara and Martha journey into the past
      • * Qara inadvertently sows the seeds of Wesker's vendetta against CivGeneral

Page 93

  • * CivGeneral slays Francis Durga
  • * Martha meets with Ayane and CivGeneral
    • * Dr. Richtofen intrudes
      • * Dubinater arrives
      • * Richtofen steals pre-release DYOS 10
      • * Trio out-"wit"s Dubinater

Page 93

  • * Martha hails the nerd taxi
    • * O hai Qara
  • * Alexis evades Marth
  • * Rosalina "borrows" the Monkey Statue of Spamuzel
  • * Martha has a heart-to-heart with Qara
  • * Alternate Timeline Rosalina ambushes the taxi
  • * Perfection travels to Alternate 2011 to "obtain" Alternate Perfection's body to cure his herpes
  • choxorn ponders why the zombies are immune to the time ripple

Page 94

  • * Haruhi sends the Brotherhood of Assassins back into 2003
  • Gruekiller and Co. arrive over Avalon (the planet)
  • * Evil Perfection suggests Perfection travel into the future to find a cure for herpes
  • * EA Los Angeles and M. Night Shyamalan present: Command & Conquer 5: Tiberian Happening
  • * CivGeneral crafts lightsabers for self and Ayane
  • * Ayane and CivGeneral pass by traffic accident
    • * Ayane tosses katana to Martha
      • * Ayane and CivGeneral arrive at New Port International Airport
  • * Rosalina aborts the fight
    • * Martha makes rendez-vous at the airport
  • * Tama psychically dominates guard, manages escape

Page 95

  • * CivGeneral and Co. rendez-vous at Vault 44
    • * Marsha Conrad the overseer
  • * Stylesrj makes rendez-vous with Comet Observatory under attack by Chuck the Freaking Alien
  • * Tama begins mind-controlling C+P soldiers
  • * Montezilla arrives with usual demand, engages Stylesrj's fleet
  • choxorn's zombies hypothesize their very existence is destabilizing the continuum
    • Propose reclaiming the DYOS 1-9 tome to undo the deletion of the DYOS 1 Zombies and restore equilibrium
  • * CivGeneral leads uprising in New London
  • Gruekiller's shuttle intercepted attempting to make planetfall
  • * Gruekiller executes rebels
  • * Valerie flees Transatlasian forces

Page 96

  • * Haruhi crushes General Zod
  • Alex blows his wish on the Triforce
    • Faust calls off execution, will "escort" the three to Lucifer
  • Umbrella troops recover Mara Jade's body from the Gem chamber
  • * CivGeneral and Co. steal back the pre-release DYOS 10
    • * Richtofen skirmishes on airport tarmac
    • * Ayane booby-traps hacking gun
      • Richtofen time-shifts into present; hack gun self-destructs
  • * Alexis fights with the Shepards
  • * Ayane and CivGeneral battle the Dubinater
    • * Martha invokes Kelemvor's wrath to destroy the pres-release DYOS 10
  • Zheng He returns Taillesskangaru to Earth
  • Gruekiller and Co. crash outside city ruins

Page 97

  • * CivGeneral, Ayane, Martha, Qara, Haruhi and Stylesjl go to prom
    • * Ayane and CivGeneral confess their love
    • * Ayane and CivGeneral's daughter Nozomi Valentine arrives in 2003 FROM DA FUTURE
      • * Nozomi introduces herself; CivGeneral faints
  • Gruekiller and associates met by human refugee
    • Gruekiller learns Avalon is rich in Ununpentium
    • Gruekiller and pals are led to Camp Hope
    • Avalon's situation elaborated
  • * Martha dives deep into self-reflection
  • * Tama and crew storm the bridge, disable robo-Rosalina
    • * Kipp Empire transmission triggers Project Titan; continuity restored
  • Commander Laes assassinates Miranda Rights

Page 98

  • * Nozomi foreshadows CivGeneral's divorce from Jill
  • Grimsby is losing
  • Gruekiller is the Sacred Warrior!
  • * Nozomi's car fixed; see * for 2025 events
    • * Dr. Richtofen accosts Nozomi in the garage
      • * Nozomi flees via car

Page 99

  • * Alternate Timeline Rosalina arrives at prom
    • * "...And because the timeline had been corrected, she faded away..."
  • * Richtofen catches up to Nozomi, forces time shift
    • * Nozomi sabotages time travel mechanism
      • * Richtofen hijacks car, sets off to find Marsha Conrad
  • Stylesrj and Co. return to Adonis IV
    • Stylesrj summoned to council meeting
    • Council revokes Stylesrj's contract, which according to Rosalina has happened before.
  • SuperBeaverInc. joins the fray
  • Master Shake treated, Gruekiller and Valerie bicker
  • Valerie goes above surface, encounters Crinoor

Page 100

  • Stylesjl and crew return to the present
  • Perfection scuttles the Gogf
  • Space Mercenary Council takes Rhiza hostage
  • Intergalactic Space Penguins disembark
  • Wesker's Hammer arrives over Mars, ambushes Nana

Page 101

  • Captain2's apartment is broken into and an ominous message is left
  • TARDIc teleports to secret base
  • Captain2 gets a discount on long distance calling and annoys CivGeneral
  • Samus clones storm Nana
  • * Nozomi intercepts Richtofen at Marsha's school
    • * Richtofen slain
      • *Back to the Future!

Page 102

  • Narratorspace team find the Hacker
    • The Hacker calls in the Grox
  • * Martha and Qara visit Doc Brown, who flees
    • * The G-man teleports Martha and Qara to Alathkastar Castle
  • Valerie pwns the Crinoor
  • Stylesrj gets GMod

Page 103

  • Grox abduct Stylesjl's kids
  • Cara answers fanmail
  • Gruekiller speaks softly and carries big stick - attacks aliens.
  • Ayane and CivGeneral return to present
  • Mara joins the party on the Nana

The Gnoman Empire

Page 104

  • FWA ups the ante in London as Grimsby retreats into the Underground
  • Rhiza escapes from the Council Chamber
    • Rhiza and Tama ambushed by ninja
  • Narratorspace team holds off Grox assault
  • Captain2 heads out to stop the Gnoman Empire
  • CivGeneral and Co. storm New British Empire command centre, capture Umbrella personnel
  • Sandy and Scalise corner Grimsby in the Underground
    • Grimsby killed, but BY WHOM?!
      • London is secure

Page 105

  • Stylesjl and Mikuru captured by Grox
    • Haruhi and Pul Wat Aa get into a hax-off
      • Stylesjl and Mikuru escape
  • Jill reveals she filed for divorce
  • Mara storms the bridge of the Nana, takes everyone prisoner
  • Narratorspace team pursues the Grox into space
  • Ruthkat Alathkastar reveals Martha is Qara's half-sister
  • Martha forewarns Stylesrj about the carp
  • Peter Gradunov rouses the rabble against the Harper Majority
  • "Ask That Ninja" with Ayane
  • Stylesjl returns to SCP Foundation, now renting the Berlaymont
    • SCP Foundation tasked with SCPing escaped General Zod
  • Zombies set course for Wetickra
  • CivGeneral and Co. arrive at the Nana
    • Mara fails to seduce CivGeneral
      • Bridge erupts into fighting
        • Ayane and CivGeneral fight Mara to the hangar
          • Mara's ship sucked into space

Page 106

  • Happy Mother's Day!
  • Stylesrj's Birthday!
  • Gnomes
    • ...sabotage USS VRWCAgent
    • ...desecrate Spamingrad
    • ...blow up Coruscant Town Hall
    • Scots election
  • Captain2 confronts Gnomes over Parliament
    • Death Fuji destroyed
  • CivGeneral and Co. storm Wesker's Hammer
    • Marsha and Tina work to disrupt power to robotification beam
    • Ayane and CivGeneral confront Wesker
      • Wesker coerces CivGeneral into firing the robotizer @ Oslo

Page 107

  • Power override successful; robotification beam fails
    • Tina sabotages power control
    • CivGeneral fights Wesker
      • Ayane overdoses Wesker
  • Captain2 awakens, captured by Gnomes
    • Gnome crushes monocle
      • Captain2's lament is heard by all
  • GK's Mail Sack
  • Dr. Lynchstein destroys Samus cloning ward
  • Tina sabotages reactor
  • CivGeneral engages in extended character assassination of Thorvald
  • Mara Jade takes control
    • Wesker's Hammer destroyed
    • Mara, Wesker, Richtofen and Excella Gionne evacuate to Triton
  • Kan' Sharuminar rescues Captain2 with Tyrannosaurus-Rex-With-A-Jetpack

Page 108

  • 'nif' bashes birth of children in front of a strange couple
  • Martha engages in cross-time correspondence
  • "Miranda Rights" attempts to hack the Comet Observatory
  • Barack Obama surrenders to General Zod
    • Haruhi Kneels Before Zod
      • General Zod Mikuru-Beamed
  • Kan' takes Captain2 to his secret base
  • Ruthkat informs Martha she is Qara's half-sister
  • Rhiza explains how she and Tama escaped the ninja
    • Comet Observatory set off for Earth
    • "Miranda" introduces the Council to Delia Dragonhelper
  • Ayane and CivGeneral bask in the afterglow
    • CivGeneral meets with senator in New Port
    • Ayane shops for engagement ring
      • Ayane has her future read
        • Ayane proposes
        • Bar attacked by Gnome
  • Council appoints Delia leader of Stylesrj's Space Mercenaries

Page 109

  • Gnome demonstrates threat against CivGeneral to his mother
  • Free boat ride for three!
    • Martha, Qara and Ladatha Ocade ambushed by pirates
  • A character resembling 'nif' declares that pain is celebratable

Page 110

  • Kan' and Captain2 prepare to set out
  • Silho treats Voltaire to acupuncture with large needles
  • The Hacker gets his hands on Liomati equipment
  • Narratorspace team neutralizes Grox air superiority
  • Wesker undergoing chemotherapy for using psychological angles of attack
  • Gnomes attack Brotherhood headquarters
  • Uncle Saddam observes Intergalactic Space Penguins with concern
  • Captain2 orders custom monocle

Page 111

  • Software pirates lay waste to Space Pirate dockyard operations
  • Blood Gulch Team heads to Earth
  • Taillesskangaru encounters the Three Wise Guys, informed he is the Chosen One
    • ...with danger pay!

Page 112

  • Ruthkat Alavkastar answers petitions (i.e. fanmail)
  • Taniciusfox saves Voltaire from otherwise certain death
  • Stylesjl & Ryōko DeLorean to 1999, kill Dr. Von Gnomish
    • RA3 parody ensues
      • "aww screw it. Let's revert this time line"
  • Samus, Alyx, Gordon, Kasumi and CG's mother help break out CivGeneral and Co. from Gnoman siege
  • Stylesrj recounts capture by the Ethereal Empire
    • Rhiza revealed mind-controlled
  • Voltaire hallucinates dead "brother" Florence

Page 113

  • CivGeneral is briefed on Liberty Prime
  • Florence explains to Voltaire that vengeance is not the answer
  • Marsha demonstrates the P4000 anti-hacking shield
  • The Hacker makes a brief interruption
  • CivGeneral is depressed
    • Hanna cheers him up
  • Ayane and CivGeneral practice Force powers!
  • Stylesrj recounts escape from his capture by the Ethereals
    • Stylesrj finds vintage Psi-Amp, mind-controls Ethereal
  • Samus Aran (the scientist) informs Rosalina of the Council coup, announces herself a double agent
  • Mara's crew lands on Earth

Page 114

  • Gruekiller clears out the Crinoor flagship, tricks fleet into self-destruction
  • SCP Foundation contracts USMC into fight with the Hacker
  • Stylesrj and Tama confront Ethereal Supreme Brain
    • "You know the Great Ice Cream Debacle? We started it!"
    • Tama confesses she brought the crew to the Ethereals in response to a distress beacon from her deceased brother
      • Rhiza actually under Tama's control
      • Stylesrj doesn't kill Supreme Brain, but sets city up the bomb
        • Stylesrj and Tama picked up by Rhiza in a stolen cruiser
  • Marth is concerned over Rosalina's passing-out, suspects intruder
    • Marth shrinks DeLorean, enters Rosalina's body to combat infection
  • CivGeneral begins hand-drawn cartoons
    • Mara, Wesker and Richtofen enter Vault 55
      • Mara activates Mariko Antilles
        • Mariko outlines her plans for galactic domination (Earth not included)
  • FWA consolidates national armies into a single command hierarchy

Page 115

  • Voltaire has a change of heart
  • Mariko forms conditional pact with the Hacker
  • SCP fleet resupplies on Planet Duke (Nukem)
    • Afterward, planet nuked
  • Stylesrj et al. goes soap opera
  • Umbrella launches surprise attack on New Port

Page 116

  • The Hacker discusses his plan for the 'ultimate hax'
  • SCP Fleet intercepted by Itsuki Koizumi
  • Stylesrj's existential moment turns into a Doctor Who argument
  • Mariko arrives at Senate offices, kills representatives of Kuat, Kessel and Coruscant
  • CivGeneral delivers Falcon Pu- er, "Panzerfaust" to Wesker
    • That night, Mariko makes public declaration of secession
      • The following morning, Mariko kills Wesker
        • Liberty Prime dispatched to Senate offices, pwn3d in about a minute
          • The Hacker turns the tide
  • choxorn et al. arrive at Wetickra
    • choxorn reflects on uncanny survivability of Ichigo Murasaki
    • Expedition begins planetary insertion
      • "We're being attacked by flaming hamburgers!"
  • Insurgents breach Citadel, steal spaceships
    • Later on the roof, Mariko impales Mara
    • Ayane and CivGeneral arrive, insurgents exeunt to Wetickra
      • CivGeneral spares Mara

Page 117

  • Gnowel awakes alone on Wetickra
    • Gnowel encounters old enemy King Pig at a gas station, gives chase
  • CivGeneral's characters recap story, Fallout Epilogue style
    • Republic of Coruscant tries to shuffle off imperial image
  • Coruscanti fleet enters orbit over Wetickra
    • Advance force makes planetfall
      • Advance-er air recon attacked by Ridley, downed
        • Ridley crushed by tank
  • Meanwhile on some other planet, wayward colonists went native
  • FWA expedition ambushed; Sandy, Scalise, Fifteen and some other soldier go for a river cruise

Page 118

  • The Hacker holds another Evil Council
    • Kyon sitting in for Itsuki?
  • CivGeneral's squad ambushes Imperial patrol, captures officer
  • Stylesrj alludes to recent surgery
    • Tama suspicious of finding Martha and Qara in cryostasis
  • Off-Topic fights Gnome incursion
  • Samus kills Ridley (again)
    • FWA squad arrives at landing zone
    • Zombies arrive at landing zone
      • Joint repulsion of Imperial attack

Page 119

  • Kan' Sharuminar busts into Till's prison cell
  • Itsuki takes Stylesjl and Co. to People's Court, sentenced to 50 years in the gulag
  • "Ask a Sorceress" with Qara Alathkastar
    • Special Guest: Samatha Maxis-int-the-body-of-Richtofen
      • The Hacker interrupts, declares mailbag sessions canon
  • Joseph Crane learns his milkshake is really a Mudslide, leaves for rehab
  • Medics ambushed by Imperial troops
    • No Geneva for you!

Page 120

  • "Come on Till, we may need to save the planet."
    • "What? Both of us? How positively vulgar"
  • Captain2 tries to call Kan', gets CivGeneral instead
  • Mariko catches up on her Hitler Rants
  • Gnowel meets two Republic artillerymen, Donald McDonald and Richard Dickson, detouring to the Hacker's fortress
    • Gnowel commandeers Basilisk, shells King Pig
  • Marth theorizes Rosalina's nanites have been hacked
    • Marth defeats manhacks, but car crashes
  • Qara and Martha brought up to speed
    • Stylesrj and Co. arrive over Wetickra, transmit location to everyone
  • Gnowel conscripts artillerymen into rescuing the Narratorspace crew
  • "Ask That Ninja" with special guest Lara Croft
  • Gnowel et al. breach Hacker's rear entrance
  • Commander Hall and the Heracles' Strength join Marth's Fantastic Voyage
  • Gnowel brings the crew up the hill... in her mouth
  • Mara slapped with explosive head collar, drafted into "penal legion"
  • Allies begin assault on Hacker's fortress
    • Stylesrj and Co. rendez-vous with CivGeneral
      • Stereotypes ahoy!
      • Imperial fleet enters orbit

Page 121

  • FWA finds relics of ancient war from the Clone Guild's early days
  • Sandy's squad ambushed; Sandy's down
    • Sandy suffers moral blowback
      • Sandy and Spongebob fall out of the sky over CivGeneral
  • Gnowel and Co. engage backdoor garrison
  • Stylesrj's party bickers with each other
    • Space Core arrives with a SCUD as Stylesrj debates how to penetrate the fortress
  • Gnowel and Co. clear out a control room, stumble upon "The Hacker Asks You"
    • Wait... live feed on the Narratorspace prisoners!
  • Bowie embarks on the Dauntless to SPAAAACE!
  • Republic drops paratroopers at base of fortress
  • Dr. Aran is informed development of the Nova 7 nerve agent has been vetoed by Delia
    • Dr. Aran catches up on her Hitler Rants
    • Dr. Aran quits, floods facility with secret Nebula 8 strain, flees to Wetickra
  • Stylesrj and Co. ride the SCUD
  • Gnowel and Co. encounter Baghdad Bob, eats him

Page 122

  • Mariko slaughters paratroopers while showing off Force powers
  • Cacodemon informs Itsuki that Ryōko has escaped
    • Itsuki catches up on his Hitler Rants
  • Bowie orders the TSC Fearless to Wetickra while the Dauntless embarks for Gruekiller
  • SCUD ambushed by Harbringer Gunships
    • Half intercepted, the other half banned due to HAAAAX!
  • Dr. Aran's escape pod lands before CivGeneral and Co.
  • Lara Croft leads boarding party to Imperial Star Destroyer

Page 123

  • Stylesrj, Tama and Qara bail; Rhiza and Martha ride the SCUD to impact
  • Dr. Aran demonstrates potency of Beowulf Gamma toxin
  • Stylesrj and Co. use noisy energy spheres to avoid guards
  • Gnowel and Co. meet Ryōko and The Heavy on an elevator
  • The Hacker has been stealing Dr. Hastings' paycheques!
    • Ross Ray bursts in with a mech, told to wait in line
  • Ryōko departs to rescue Yuki
  • "Ask a Sorceress" bombarded by hatemail from Twilight fans
  • Marsha (Conrad) attacks Imperial troopers looking for a droid containing... plans for a space station that can destroy a planet...

Page 124

  • Stylesrj and Co. slaughter conscripts
    • Qara talks about upcoming marriage
  • Rhiza and Martha may be suffering from prolonged exposure to Weeping Angels
  • choxorn smashes into fortress
    • Stylesrj and Co. & choxorn and Co. rally with CivGeneral and Co.
  • Commander Hall scrambles the fighters
    • Nanites have reconfigured into F-117s; dogfight ensues
  • Donald recalls how he got demoted from the BoS due to an incident with Rebecca
    • Elevator opens up in front of enemy troops
  • Alexander Ward joins the Law Council's fight against Stylesrj
  • Martha and Rhiza fight hordes of Deathclaws before escaping to "express" elevator to the Final Showdown room
  • Dr. Aran tells Stylesrj of the chairman's double-cross
    • Dr. Aran reveals she was mentored by Dr. Thrax
  • Hacker Hitler Rant Double-Feature!
  • Ryōko busts out Richtofen (Manfred von), Jessica, Georgie, and Jim
  • Kusanagi briefed on the Testarossa-class battlecruiser
    • Kusanagi announces she will take personal command of the Wetickra mission
  • Boarding party confronts Piett, who promptly surrenders
  • Gnowel and Co. face Kamek, who is instantly pwn3d
    • Manfred meets up with the trio

Page 125

  • The Heroes confront the Hacker, take turns beating him up
    • Mariko interrupts
      • CivGeneral splits the party
  • Marth, Hall et al. encounter fortifications
    • Heckuva time for Bring-Your-Child-To-Work Day
    • Rosalina's motor controls are succumbing to subversion
  • Stylesjl reconvenes with team
  • Harihu eats Wetickra
    • Completely ignored by everyone
      • Except Tama
        • ...Who kisses Haruhi, steals, then swallows the planet
          • ...But Kusanagi notices
            • Delia arrives in pirate getup, phases through Tama

Page 126

  • "Away Team" captured, interrogated; Fifteen taken away, Scalise et al. killed
  • Mr. House calculates that Mariko's empire will best advance his interests
  • Can YOU find Geoff?
  • Stylesjl and Co. burst into final showdown room, only to find Wheatley
  • Ayane and CivGeneral engage Mariko in lightsaber duel
  • Marsha and Rhiza arrive @ the Hacker
  • Rosalina narrowly avoids shooting Commander Perkins
  • Marth, Hall et al. return from a mission accomplished
    • Hall stabbed by Hall(?)
  • Tama and Haruhi engage in fisticuffs
    • Haruhi engages emergency reality-warp!
  • Gnowel et al. can't beat the Harrier! It's from the Scrolls of Cohesiveness wars!
    • Narratorspace Crew arrives, applies tank
  • CFCMAN arrives in New Port, only to learn the fight's moved on
  • lord_joakim presents: "Trains"

Page 127

  • Flashback reveals Leang broke free... somehow
  • Stylesrj's gang arrives into final showdown room
  • Tama tricks Haruhi into the sun
  • Hall reveals Other Hall to be an agent provocateur
  • Hacker clones self
    • Stylesrj et al. teleported elsewhere
  • Gruekiller makes a comic that has since vanished NEVER HAPPENED, NOPE, NEVER, WHY DO YOU ASK
  • Oh right, Taniciusfox was in this thread, wasn't he?
  • Max-Hat Hacker joins Mariko
    • Ayane duels with Hacker
      • Mariko bests CivGeneral
  • Narratorspace crew rips off Silent Cartographer intro
  • Stylesrj realizes they're on Galava in Hellspace

Page 128

  • Stylesjl's team catches up with the Hacker
  • Piett's ship destroyed
    • Enerjak absconds
  • Rebecca's SpideyMedic-Senses tingle!
    • Rebecca & Tina flee to CivGeneral's aid
  • Narratorspace Team hit roadblocks, do a mailbag
  • choxorn recovers the Collected DYOS
    • Kasumi rockets away
      • Gmod crashes
  • Ave and Juline confront Pimp Hacker
  • Haruhi eats Tama
  • Delia arrives on the scene, is attacked by Coruscant
  • Narratorspace Team reconvenes
  • Hacker routed
  • Narratorspace Team confronts Itsuki
  • Rhiza mauled
  • Martha reveals Weeping-Angel-in-the-eye a ruse
  • Tama blasts out of Haruhi, who falls into the sun
    • Wetickra returned to orbit
  • Kasumi joins Ayane
    • Max-Hat Hacker slain
      • Ayane, Kasumi, Rebeca & Tina join in against Mariko
        • Mariko routed

Pages 129-131

  • A DYOS Christmas

Page 132

  • Shades Hacker fatally shoots Rhiza
    • Stylesrj goes Inigo Montoya
  • Itsuki accidentally offs own troops
  • Captain2 finds Geoff
  • Stylesrj's secondary characters unionize
  • Tama brought onboard the Testarossa
  • Martha guides Rhiza through the afterlife

Page 133

  • Mikuru and Hastings depart to rescue Yuki from the Gulag
  • Mariko teams up with House
  • <Kan's comic>
  • MythMonster 2 - Back in Black
  • Fight with the Hacker resumes
  • Zombies defeat Santa-Hat Hacker
  • Introducing DYOStuck

Hacker Prime

Page 134

  • Itsuki evacuates via missile, presumed to crash into satellite
  • Gnowel promoted to Third Narrator
  • Stylesrj's shoulder-angel/devil sequence spirals out of hand
  • Dr. Aran deduces Rhiza's death was a setup
  • Narratorspace Team accosted by The Shepards
  • Yuki rescued; Stylesjl's team withdraws
  • A conflicted Stylesrj hands off execution duty to Qara
    • Qara kills Shades Hacker
      • Delia arrives
  • Leang lands in Shepards' ship
  • Martha summons Dr. Hax
  • CivGeneral kicks Hacker into random 2-D prison thingy

Page 135

  • House assaults FWA space colonies
  • Tina and Amanda exeunt with the Hacker
    • Enter "Hacker Prime"
      • Toolgun destroyed, Project Titan disabled
        • Hacker teleports to Xen, pursued by CivGeneral
          • On Xen, CivGeneral meets Zheng He

Page 136

  • Stylesrj's team escapes Hellspace into Hacker's office
  • Kelemvor passes out before granting Rhiza's resurrection
  • CivGeneral lampoons Mobius: Total Chaos
  • Ayane proposes reconstituting the Nar Kreeta portal device
    • CivGeneral's group leaves Wetickra
  • CivGeneral and He confront the Hacker
  • Debriefing onboard the Comet Observatory
  • Ayane et al. commandeer the portal chamber
  • Stylesrj skips the Shepard Family arc
    • Narrators fail to sell the Shepards' ship, steal the dealer's
  • Stylesrj and Co. accosted by Thor Strindberg
  • CivGeneral hates on Thorvald

Page 137

  • Strindberg's ship disabled
    • Rhiza returns
      • Revealed to have had a fling with Commander Hall
  • CFC server failure teleports choxorn, zombies to Nar Kreeta
    • Portal device may trigger further server errors
      • Zombies head to Citadel
  • Stylesjl accosted by Xenu
  • Narratorspace Team accosted by Keto
  • Stylesrj and Co. assault Strindberg's ship
  • "Ask That Ninja"

Page 138

  • While CG remains MIA, Kasumi preps his wedding
  • Marth & "Team Harem" fight a dragon
  • Strindberg's ship captured
  • Narratorspace Team infiltrates Keto's ship
  • Stylesjl elaborates on Xenu's vendetta and the "Strindberg" Hunger Games
  • Kan' short-circuits thread's conclusion
  • Kasumi accosted by Imperial scout
    • Scout killed

Page 139

  • Kasumi mows down some would-be wedding assassins
  • Stylesrj and Co. find diclonus facility
  • The Hacker shows He & CG his hacks
    • He creates a diversion while CivGeneral pursues the Hacker
      • CivGeneral receives a royal beat-down
        • The Hacker reveals his contingency plan against Marsha

Page 140

  • Narratorspace Team confronts Keto
  • Stylesrj & Co. pwn Space Elves
    • Stylesrj & Co accosted by Tori Bartok
      • Tama intimidates Bartok to flee
  • Kwai fatally shoots Keto
    • Keto leaves cryptic warning before being vaporised remotely
  • Hastings ambushes Haruhi ambushes Ryōko ambushes Hacker
    • Haruhi crushes Hastings with a rock
      • Haruhi succumbs to truth serum delirium
        • Stylesjl et al. arrive
          • Yuki evacuates Hastings
  • Mariko learns she's pregnant, kills the father
  • Marth abandons the party
  • A wild temporal anomaly appears!
    • Narratorspace Team sucked into paradox
  • Haruhi kills Ryōko
    • Richtofen arrives to rescue Stylesjl
      • Haruhi passes out
  • Shin Fai and Malcolm Granger arrive to usurp Kwai and Leang
  • Gruekiller suffers a crisis of faith
    • Bowie arrives

Page 141

  • Haruhi interrogated, interned in reality-warping isolation chamber
  • Stylesrj and Co. arrive at Adonis IV
    • Delia confronts the Board
      • Miranda Laes tricked into Delia's stomach
        • Dr Thrax deploys toxin troopers
          • Stylesrj deploys his team
            • Kate electrocuted for desertion; other members quit in protest
  • Narratorspace Team arrives in New Port
  • Bowie sows doubt

Page 142

  • Stylesrj's Birthanniversarday
  • Ayane & CG review christos200's Star Wars fanfics

Page 143

  • Delia calls upon the "Special Elements"
    • Stylesrj and Co. release the Power of Friendship
      • Thrax and the Chairman defeated
  • CivGeneral starts DYOS 12 early

Page 144

  • Kwai and Leang confirmed to exist, released from quarantine
    • Mailbag
  • Canada Day 2012

Page 145

  • Kan' and Co. enter Gnomes' lair
    • Discover plans for Gnoman space station
      • Witness said space station bite the moon
        • Crew ventures into space

Page 146

  • Kan' and Friends deduce the moon to be a resource extractor, and thus, a threat to the universe
  • Alen Risvold exposits on the Civil War, retcons
  • Kan' finds TARDIc cannibalized to power the station
  • New Novaya Nova Vegas
  • Hanna orders Jill to colonize Nova Terra

Page 147

  • Jill arrives on Nova Terra, meets Galney and Tifa Lockheart
    • Jill "discovers" Hanna's old hideaway
  • Mercenaries' gambling antics continue
  • Deaconescu and Co. hack the galaxy, restore Sydney, sabotage the Hacker
  • Stylesrj and Co. flee the cops
    • Martha reveals she divorced Marth, abandoned Kelemvor
      • Strindberg returns, bombards NNNVegas
        • Stylesrj absconds

Page 148

  • Jill expounds on Nova Terra's history, summoned back to New Port
  • Strindberg does a mailbag
  • Gruekiller and Bowie duel
    • Gruekiller slain; Bowie leaves with armour
      • Valerie finds Gruekiller as he dies
        • REGENERATION???

Page 149

  • Stylesrj recounts X-COM days
  • Gruekiller Presents: "The Raven"

Page 150

  • Till, Geoff & Captain2 storm control room, set off alarm
    • Kan' introduces painted comics
  • Mikuru retires from Stylesjl's team

Page 151

  • Stylesrj concludes X-COM days
  • Rhiza and Ave plot Qara's wedding crash
    • segue into Rhiza's X-COM days
  • Stylesjl et al. accosted by American Presidential Election
  • DYOS: Scrooged: Part I
  • Till sabotages station, "neglects" to tell team

Page 152

  • Scrooged: Part II
  • e350's Night Before Christmas
  • December 21, some time in the future: End of the World Party
    • Stylesrj self-spoils future thread
  • Scrooged: Part III

Page 153

  • Scrooged: Part IV
  • Scrooged: Part V

Page 154

  • Mikuru and Dr. Hastings get engaged
  • Oppa DYOS Stylesrj
  • Uncle Thorvald Presents: Last Minute Holiday Special

Page 155

  • Future!Stylesrj & Co. in: Pizza Quest

Page 156

  • Ave and Qara join Blood Gulch Mercenaries
    • Extended epilogue
  • Perfection holds press conference for snackraising
  • The B Team storms a remote jungle island.

Page 157

  • The B Team defeats Super Saiyan Hitler
    • Kayli revealed working for House
  • DRAW Your Own Story: ForeverQuest
  • The Hacker continues toying with CivGeneral as he expounds his technocratic philosophy
    • The Hacker's powers begin to falter

Page 158

  • ForeverQuesters wait to see Mr. Murphy

Page 159

  • Epic Rap Battles of DYOStory!
  • CG kills the Hack—JK LOLOLOL APIRL FOOLS!!!
  • ERBoDYOS: Qara v. Ave
  • ERBoDYOS: CivGeneral v. Mariko

Page 160

  • ForeverQuesters escape a car chase
  • ERBoDYOS: Styles v. Styles
  • ForeverQuesters battle mercs, get stuck in an elevator with a drunk pony

Page 161

  • ERBoDYOS: Haruhi v. Tama
    • Suddenly Thorvald v. PSY
      • Suddenly Ed Ward v. Jim
  • CivGeneral captured by Murphy's mercs
    • ForeverQuesters break in
      • CivGeneral kills Murphy

Page 162

  • Montezilla invades Equestria, gazillion axemen nuked

Page 163

  • Hastings and Mikuru discover Haruhi still in isolation, wonder who's been impersonating her in all these filler comics
  • CivGeneral and the Hacker fight
    • Hacker's power fails; bested
    • Zheng He arrives
      • The Hacker challenges CivGeneral's moral code
        • CivGeneral kills Pul Wat Aa

Onward and Upward

Page 164

  • Eastern Union emergency leaders' meeting to respond to Lucifer
  • Perfection's coffee maker breaks
  • CivGeneral returns to Nar Kreeta
    • Portal generator destroyed
  • Filler!CG revealed Rufus Thorne from Global Trust
    • Haruhi revealed Vermin Supreme
  • Kevin Rudd leaves Labour to burn

Page 165

  • In wake of beRuddal, Putin maintains that they've only begun
  • Hanna berates CivGeneral's long list of broken hearts
    • CivGeneral promises to stay true to Ayane
  • CivGeneral & Ayane made honourary Republic Rangers
    • Wedding Day!

Page 166

  • HUNK laments post-Umbrella career slump, foreshadows POPA–SIPPA
    • Doesn't look both ways before crossing the street; hit by a bus
  • Nozomi is born
  • CivGeneral & Ayane raid Imperial planet for Death Star plans
  • Kusanagi implements "Great Firewall of the Republic"

Page 167

  • CFCMAN arrives on Xen, sees Zheng He's troops carrying off Hacker's body
    • CFCMAN suffers emotional breakdown
      • Pilot proposes going to Port Hadley to investigate "Hackerella"
  • choxorn and the zombies try to make sense of the DYOS Collection
    • Continuity Cascade ensues
  • Octavia Deaconescu inferred to have latent powers similar to Pul Wat Aa's
  • Stylesjl & Co. arrive late to CivGeneral's wedding
    • Stylesjl's party disbands


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