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Chuck Testa is a taxidermist from Ojai, California, specializing in "the most lifelike dead animals anywhere. Period." He was catapulted to Internet fame through a TV commercial produced by Rhett and Link of Commercial Kings; originally uploaded to YouTube August 14, 2011, it was reposted on Reddit September 15, and went viral in a matter of minutes, spawning the eponymous meme. It wasn't long before DYOS picked up on it.

Which reminds me:

In addition to the commercial, Chuck does videos of taxidermy tips and tricks.


The commercial generated some speculation over the death's head badge seen on Chuck's cap. In a comment on his channel/the video, he responded thus:

Hi everyone! Thanks for buzz regarding the commercial, just wanted to address the pin on my hat. I’m part of the California historical group who does WW2 reenactments. I’m part of the US 2nd infantry division and I retrieved the pin in a battle against the 12th SS. I apologize if this offended anyone, hope you can enjoy the video for what it is.

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