Chuck the Freaking Alien

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You're a sad, strange little critter.

Chuck the Freaking Alien (not to be confused with CFA and their splinter faction, CtFA) was a Halo Grunt who was introduced by Stylesrj many times throughout DYOS V and also in DYOS X.

First Encounter

Manfred Von Richtofen was looking for someone to assist in his recovery of Stylesrj and Prince Kassad who had been captured by CivGeneral while searching for the Monkey Statue of Spamuzel. He found Chuck the Freaking Alien sleeping on an Elite ship and had him go for help. However, Stylesrj had already been rescued by his brother, Stylesjl and their efforts were in vain.

Mixed loyalties

Somehow in DYOS V, Chuck the Freaking Alien became another antagonist to the story. He made an attempt to secure the Monkey Statue after its recovery, but failed.

So far, few are willing to trust him as his loyalties change at a whim.


CivGeneral sent a Secret Taco Nazi after Chuck the Freaking Alien in order to get rid of him. However, instead of the taco doing the task, Chuck the Freaking Alien ate it in one gulp, to which then it started reacting with his body, causing him to grow several times his normal size and lose his facemask, making him the menace known as Chuckzilla.

Chuckzilla & the Space Bunyan

Chuckzilla joined Stylesrj's forces at one point as they were heading off to the planet Panzer when a DYOSer decided to have the Space Bunyan blocking the path. Using the Iraqi Minister of Information, Stylesrj removed the Bunyan.

Chuckzilla met up with him later on in another part of space; sharing a common goal, they joined forces.

Paradoxical Problem

A Time Paradox occurred at one point when Stylesrj accidentally removed Hitler, causing the Secret Taco Nazi to vanish, and as of such, not cause Chuck to eat it, so he never became Chuckzilla.

This also caused him to never meet the Space Bunyan, making him lose a valuable ally.

Not one to be upset too much, Chuck the Freaking Alien resorted to mostly guerrilla raids on facilities, stealing relics and Great Moderators in his UFO.

Despite the paradox, Chuck the Freaking Alien had found a way to turn into Chuckzilla whenever he willed it.

Demons of Hell

At another point, Richtofen had been captured and sent to the re-opened prison on Alcatraz Island.

Owing some loyalty to Richtofen, Chuck the Freaking Alien allied with the Demons of Hell (mostly the Revenants, Cacodemons and Arachnotrons) to mount a rescue operation. It was a success and Alcatraz was destroyed quite severely in the conflict.

Avatar Wars

Caribbean Conflict

Seizing control of an island in the Caribbean, Chuck the Freaking Alien threatened to destroy the Earth with a superweapon he was developing. His plants though were foiled by Richtofen, who had seized control of an abandoned base staffed by Revenants on strike.


After an extended and unexplained absence from the plot, Chuck re-emerged to claim Project Titan (along with everyone else in the chamber) so nobody could powergame his evil plans away.


He is to always be referred as Chuck the Freaking Alien. Even if saying Chuck is quicker or using an acronym.

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