Chukchi Husky

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And the meek shall usurp the UNIVERSE!!
"So basically you're saying you can create great visual art while half-blind ie. you're basically the Beethoven of drawing."

Chukchi Husky is a CFC forumer who hates himself but is loved by everybody else; in one memorable moment, his birthday thread reached 33 pages.[1] He is a renowned contributor to OT/A&E drawing threads, yet for some reason doesn't think he's a good artist. Chukchi Husky's forum avatars usually depict a grey wolf (Canis lupus).


Chukchi Husky derives from the combination of Chukchi (referring to or coming from Chukotka, a peninsula in the northeastern extremity of Asia), and Husky (a breed of domestic dog, Canis lupus familiaris). This may be a specific reference to the Siberian Husky, which is also known as "Chukcha".


Although Chukchi Husky has voiced tentative interest in joining DRAW Your Own Story, he has yet to contribute; despite this, he was featured in cartoons by taillesskangaru, in one case being besieged in a castle. He also submitted über l33t sketches of contributor-characters to the Consulate.[2]

Chukchi Husky recently resurfaced as a contributor to Tolni's Write Your Own Story reboot.