Church of Scientology

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The Church of Scientology is a church founded by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard in the 1950's, which believes that an evil galactic overlord named Xenu killed a bunch of aliens in a volcano on Earth around 75 million years ago, brainwashed their souls, and those souls now possess humans, and cause everything bad in the world. Also, he had ships that looked like DC-88's.

No, really. This is what scientologists actually believe, go watch the South Park episode.

The Church of Scientology also sues anyone that does anything against them at all, no matter how tiny, so I'm probably getting sued for writing this page. Ah well, it's worth it.

Naturally, they are the laughing stock of the internet, and the sworn enemy of Anonymous.


They made an appearance in a few of Stylesrj's comics in DRAW Your Own Story 10, in which he blew up a building of theirs, and they sued him.[1] The trial that ensued made for many quick jokes,[2][3][4] and caused the Australian Law Council's vendetta on Stylesrj.[5]

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