Church of Scientology v. Stylesrj

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"Brackman, I've got giant robots with fricken heavy microwave laser beams on their fricken heads! I've got nukes, I've got destroyers that can walk on land. The last thing that concerns me is being sued by a wacko cult for destroying their building."
— Stylesrj, shortly before receiving a court summons

Church of Scientology v. Stylesrj [2008] was a controversial tort case filed with the Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory, presided by Justice Ussmak. The Church of Scientology sued for damages after Stylesrj destroyed a Scientology building in Hollywood in retaliation for repeated Cruise missile attacks. Representing the Church of Scientology was Styesrj's brother Stylesjl and Georgie Kalanin. Styesrj was represented by Dr. Gustaf Brackman after Dostya was a no-show. Hearings began July 22 and concluded July 25, with the charges against Stylesrj dismissed.

Procedural errors, including the glaring omission by the judge to provide a rationale for the final ruling, prompted Ross Ray, then president of the Law Council of Australia, to organize a retrial. This led to a lot of talk and little action, until the Battle of Arrakis in which Georgie was kidnapped in an attempt to divine Stylesrj's location.

Several months later, Stylesrj's location had finally been tracked down to Alpha Centauri and the retrial will commence soon.

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