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Civ Valentine
CivGeneral depicted in Fallout 3 & Half-Life 2/Garry's Mod (Insert)
First appearance DRAW Your Own Story 1
Last appearance N/A
No. appearances Too many to count
Nickname(s) CivG, CG
Aliases None
Species Human
Gender Male
Date of birth April 28th, 1983
Age 35
Address New Port City, Coruscant Republic (technically nomadic)


Family Hanna Antilles (Mother), Unknown American (Father)
Spouse(s) Samus Aran
Children None
Relatives Marsha Conrad (Cousin), Frank Conrad (Uncle)
Starsign Taurus
Religion Roman Catholic
Nationality Coruscanti, American
CGBoS.png Brotherhood of Steel

CivGeneral, Half-Life, Fallout 3, Steam, Japan, and Star Wars are practically synonymous. Whatever the quest, he is guaranteed to start on a technologically superior footing thanks in no small part to the backing of a galactic empire. CivGeneral assumes the role of moral authority, and anyone who crosses his path will end up in conflict. He wields inescapable influence over the world’s events, and the DYOS tradition overall.


CivGeneral is a veteran of various wars in the Republic of Coruscant's history, starting with the First Nazi War in 1996 (commonly called "The War of '96"). He rose through the ranks to become one of Coruscant's Surface Marshals.

First Nazi War, aka War of '96

Fresh out of the Imperial Military Academy of Coruscant, CivGeneral's first mission (which Samus calls CivGeneral's Zero Mission) was to infiltrate a heavily defended Nazi base in Central Groton to destroy a radar post and anti-aircraft battery to allow Coruscanti bombers to strike Nazi-occupied territories. He earned himself a field promotion to First Lieutenant for his actions.

CivGeneral during the First Nazi War with his "Old Blue" B.A.R.

A year later, he and his platoon were tasked with destroying a Nazi artillery battery pinning down an invasion force during the Battle of Bluff Point. The commanding captain resisted demands for a frontal assault, worried the platoon would be out-flanked and the invasion force compromised. CivGeneral proposed a diversionary tactic that would allow a small squadron to infiltrate the defences and sabotage the battery. The captain approved, and CivGeneral took command of the squad, destroying the batteries and allowing the Coruscanti forces to capture Bluff Point, and subsequently push on to Little Fitchburg.[1]

Weeks later, the unstoppable Coruscanti forces marched triumphantly into the Nazi capital of Little Fitchburg. There they encountered Colonel Manfred Hickten, disguised in civilian clothing. Hickten pulled his disguise off well, and CivGeneral, thinking he was a non-combatant, left him on his way. Years later, Hickten would reveal his treachery.

Second Nazi War, aka Nazi Insurgency

In the years between 1999 and 2001, remnant Nazi forces were still at large. After stockpiling weapons and mustering a droid army to compensate for their losses, they launched a surprise offensive against the Coruscantis, successfully capturing all of Coruscant's colonies in southeastern Connecticut. CivGeneral, now promoted to Lieutenant General, led the counter-offensive to great success, defeating the Nazi insurgents and recapturing the colonies.

CivGeneral coordinating the process of Nazi POWs

Inter-war period

In the time between the Second Nazi War and the Avatar Wars, space-based technological advancement had significantly improved within the Republic of Coruscant. Despite many minor conflicts (Wustman-Post War and the Second Barbanian War), CivGeneral led the Republic's armies to great success and rose to the rank of Surface Marshal. CivGeneral led colonization efforts in space, colonizing the moons of Saturn and beyond while his peers at the top of the chain of command lounged behind their 100% imported mahogany office desks.


Avatar Wars

The Coruscanti space colonization came to an abrupt halt when a threat of unknown origin came to light. CivGeneral faced his former avatars in a bloody coup under the command of Mara Jade (herself a former avatar), who placed him in a cryogenic freezer and usurped control of the Republic of Coruscant.

Luckily for CivGeneral, he was rescued by Coruscanti Loyalists who sought to deliver the Republic from Mara's rule. With the majority of the Coruscanti starfleet under Mara's control, CivGeneral assumed a mercenary/bounty hunter alias, scavenging spaceships and other equipment to supply the loyalists with their tools of war.

During the early phase of the rebellion, CivGeneral met up with other forumers who were fighting against their former avatars. Eventually CivGeneral captured all but one of his former avatars. Mara Jade became the Supreme Avatar Commander's second in command, and after learning of CivGeneral's escape, plotted nothing less than to put an end to his life. Some time later, CivGeneral met face-to-face with the Supreme Avatar Commander and Mara Jade aboard the Avatar Death Star in orbit above Earth.

The meeting was cut short when an outside force interrupted by assaulting the Avatar Death Star, ultimately destroying it. Fortunately, CivGeneral and his friends commandeered a Venator Star Destroyer and escaped. While the Supreme Avatar Commander and his New Avatar Order licked their wounds, CivGeneral went to find anyone willing to help defeat the New Avatar Order, eventually meeting up with Thorvald of Lym in Germany.

CivGeneral's expedition to find the Supreme Avatar Commander's HQ led him to a derelict scientific outpost in Antarctica. There he encountered Lord Joakim, who revealed that he had attempted to kill Thunderfall and soon afterward sided with kulade, which made CivGeneral feel betrayed. The meeting was short as the SAC released his Cybernetic Arachnid units on CivGeneral and his group. Lord Joakim fled and was never seen by the party again during the thread. CivGeneral fought the Arachnids in a Z-95 Headhunter. Soon the Battle of Earth began, dragging the protagonists along, the major showdown between the CFC forumers, the Coruscanti Loyalists, and the New Avatar Order. Eventually, CivGeneral's last avatar was captured and sent to the brig, liberating the Republic of Coruscant from the New Avatar Order.

With the arrival of Rocket and Thorvald's secret weapon, the New Avatar Order was caught with their pants down and their starfleet was all but destroyed. Kulade, left with no other choice, fled to his lair in Nar Kreeta. After learning of the whereabouts of Thunderfall, CivGeneral and Thorvald went to Nar Kreeta to infiltrate kulade's base and free Thunderfall from his clutches. Faced with little resistance, CivGeneral and Thorvald quickly penetrated the cell block, but were confronted by the Supreme Avatar Commander before reaching Thunderfall's cell. However, the SAC's plans to slay both Thorvald and CivGeneral were thwarted by Alyx Vance's timely intervention when she tossed a grenade at the walking pitcher of Kool-Aid.

Includes the first half of the Combine Insurgency event

As CivGeneral and his friends were freeing Thunderfall, they soon learned that the New Avatar Order was growing increasingly weaker, employing mercenary troops from the Combine Empire.[2] The protagonists soon fled back to Earth, where CivGeneral learned that Bjørn had Thunderfall's soul and made a dash for Moscow.

By the time of their arrival, the Supreme Avatar Commander and the Combine had already secured themselves in Moscow with the Moscow Citadel smashed right on top of a palace.[3] With no clear path to the enemy, CivGeneral, Alyx, and Thorvald had to traverse through a series of sewer networks to get close to the Moscow Citadel, eventually being airlifted straight to the citadel itself after exiting the sewers.

Inside, they met with kulade, who by an unknown means[4] recaptured Thunderfall; Thorvald's Avatars; Bjørn; and an unnamed Combine Advisor. Thorvald defeated both his avatars and the Advisor while CivGeneral defeated the Supreme Avatar Commander, kicking him into a portal that the SAC had created into the Dimension of Hiatus, thus ending the Avatar Wars.

The actions of CivGeneral during the Avatar Wars attracted the attention of another bounty hunter, Samus Aran.

Combine Insurgency

The aftermath of the fall of the Supreme Avatar Commander left one unanswered question: "How did Bjorn get Thunderfall's soul?" However, CivGeneral first had to face the mess kulade left behind: the Combine. CivGeneral was hired by Thorvald to locate Mr. Toyoda; the Combine soon sought Mr. Toyoda's whereabouts as well, seeking to capture him and disclose by any means necessary the knowledge of how he put Thunderfall's soul in a box.

Main article: Hokkaidō Uprising

Decades-old intelligence led CivGeneral look for Mr Toyoda on the island of Hokkaidō, north of the Coruscanti colony of Japan. To CivGeneral's horror, he found Hokkaidō gripped by a police state and quickly decided to "deal with" whomever was in charge. CivGeneral eventually confronted Captain Tōjō, learning the whereabouts of Mr. Toyoda in the process.

Main article: Battle of Fort Schmerzen

CivGeneral eventually met Mr. Toyoda in Germany. However, the meeting was cut short as General Grievous and his men had been stalking the protagonists ever since they left Moscow. Grievous kidnapped Mr. Toyoda, and in a vain attempt tried to make him crack and reveal his secrets. Mr. Toyoda was freed by CivGeneral and his friends shortly after Toyoda himself defeated General Grievous.

Combine-Coruscant War

Includes the latter half of the Combine Insurgency event

In between the Hokkaido Uprising and the Battle of Ft. Schmerzen, CivGeneral was shocked to learn that his homeland was invaded and captured by the Combine Empire. Although distraught, he resolved to complete his mission to rescue Mr. Toyoda. Afterward, CivGeneral was commissioned by Mr. Toyoda to find the Gem, but CivGeneral was faced with a dilemma: how to get to Arrakis while the Combine held his country hostage? CivGeneral headed back to the Coruscanti mainland after the Republic liberated Norwich, New London, and Groton from the Combine, and led a blitzkrieg assault from the beaches of Tarkingrad to the eventual infiltration of New Port City Spaceport while the rest of the Coruscanti Army liberated the city proper.

From New Port City, he headed straight to Arrakis with the Combine in hot pursuit. After a stop at an unnamed space station, they were ambushed by a Combine squad led by Motoko Kusanagi. Kusanagi revealed herself a double agent, and led CivGeneral back to his ship, joining his escape from the Combine, unaware of the tracking device she was carrying.

See also: Battle of Arrakis

Upon his arrival at Arrakis, CivGeneral discovered that the Combine were in the middle of invading the planet. He was aided by a local miner who took him to the Gem Cave. There he encountered Mara Jade within the caves; as he fought Mara, Dr. Breen captured his friends.

During the "constant interruption phase", Samus Aran arrived through the portal between Nar Kreeta and Arrakis. Eventually she was captured but freed herself, making a rendez-vouz with CivGeneral locked in a Lightsaber/Katana duel. CivGeneral saved her life after Mara Jade force-pushed her over a ledge. Eventually, Mara Jade came to her end by a simple backstab, and fell into the depths of the caves.

DYOS 10.5

Inter-War II: Attack of the Period

See also: The Troubles

After returning to Earth, CivGeneral and his companions discovered that many cities and towns had been destroyed by a mysterious monster. In search of Mr. Toyoda, CivGeneral and Co. traveled from Philadelphia to Syracuse, NY, finding one of Mr. Toyoda's PMC outposts there. CivGeneral's meeting with Colonel Sadao was interrupted by a raider attack, which the protagonists successfully repelled. After the attack, the group headed out to find Mr. Toyoda.[5]

Third Nazi War

Peace would not last very long as the Space Nazis made a surprise attack on the Coruscanti forces at Elysia. CivGeneral became very concerned that the Nazi aggression would only further complicate the situation on Earth. However, he remains obstinate to anything the Space Nazis would throw in his path.

Encounter with the Parasite X

CivGeneral was captured by the Enclave along with his friends on a cross country road trip to find Mr. Toyoda. After a successful break out of their cell, they encountered Dr. Breen, along with SA-X and CG-X. After refusing Dr. Breen's request to join the Enclave, the X-es attacked him and left him in a bloody mess. Shortly before the Storm Commandos arrived, SA-X gave CivGeneral the Kiss of Death, infecting him with the Parasite X.

Fortunately, Samus Aran, who had undergone a similar crisis, boldly demanded the doctors transfuse her blood into him, despite their concerns over the complications of introducing two DNA strands into CivGeneral. The Metroid DNA immunized him against the X Parasite. After the vaccination was delivered, he made a speedy recovery and was fit for fight in the Battle of Los Angeles.


The Phantom of the Hacker and the Space Pirate Menace

After crawling out of the vault with Samus Aran in the aftermath of the One Hour War, CivGeneral was given a quest by Major Kusanagi herself to track down and bring the Hacker to justice. Along their way they came across Lucifer after Ellis almost ran him over. Currently they are en route to New Port City, to Black Mesa to get more details about the Hacker.

After arriving to Back Mesa, they were met with Dr. Adolf Zimmer whom informed both CivGeneral and Samus Aran about Mother Brain 2.0 whom Dr. Zimmer pleaded with the two to take the supercomputer offline before the hacker gets to it as well as severing the connection between the hacker and the Combine teleportation research center on Nar Kreeta.

Before heading to Zebes, they were met with Zheng He who made an agreement to work along side with CivGeneral to defeat the hacker.

Kaiser CivGeneral?

Even though CivGeneral is neither a statesmen nor holds any noble heritage, many senators, government officials, and military brass speculate that CivGeneral is the de facto head of state during the course of the DYOS series, and should be granted status that recognizes him as superior to Chancellor of the Republic.[6] "Kaiser" (German: Emperor) is akin to the title of Caesar, a title of imperial character during Ancient Roman times.

Personality and Traits

CivGeneral's personality is very much a Janus-faced one. On one side, CivGeneral appears very self-confident. On the other, he is very self-conscious and often doubts himself. He is an independent and free-thinking person, while at the same time has his primary concern is always the safety and well-being of those he cares for. An ever-present factor appears to be fear—fear of dying, fear of doing the wrong thing.

Most, if not all of his personality and traits are carried over from the poster himself, since CivGeneral the contributor places himself in his character's shoes.

Like Major Kusanagi, he is prone to go into Unstoppable Rage mode. His anger management problems has been considered by some a personal flaw as well as a reason why he outcasted himself from CFC.

Powers and Abilities

"Remember: abilities are not inherently good or evil, it's how you use them."
― Kyle Katarn
"Even without his Power Armor, all that training he did with the Imperial Academy and the Chozo DNA infused in him has made. I don't think the greenest of a green soldier could ever keep up. Just look at him!"
— First Lieutenant Marsha Conrad

CivGeneral is adept at using a variety of weapons. His training at the Imperial Academy as well as services during the First and Second Nazi Wars gave him great skills in using any kind of weapon he comes across. His preferred weapon is his trusty Mauser C96 pistol that he got as a war prize after his mission in Bluff Point. CivGeneral has shown that he is capable of combat and command skills, as well as advanced medic skills[7]. Twice he healed Spongebob over the course of DYOS.

CivGenera's infusion with Chozo DNA has made him more of a super soldier. He can run faster[8], jump higher, and survive falls that would otherwise cripple or kill ordinary humans. Like Samus, CivGeneral is able to adapt to foreign environments that normal baseline humans would not survive. However, he still prefers to have a a supply of fresh filtered air whenever venturing into a highly radioactive zone. Just to be on the safe side.

The reasoning behind the cocktail concoction of infusions is due to the last ditch attempt to save CivGeneral from the X Parasite infection he encountered after fighting CG-X and SA-X. Since no amount of stimpacks would get rid of the parasite, Samus Aran was a willing donor of Metroid DNA samples used for the X Parasite cure. Side effects of the DNA makes CivGeneral more susceptible to the cold[9].

CivGeneral received impromptu power armor training from Samus Aran[10] after breaking out of the Enclave holding cell and knocking out two soldiers. At the time, the Republic military had only begun to incorporate power armor into combat strategy, and few soldiers had been trained in its use.

Coat of Arms

CivGeneral's current Coat of Arms. Also serves as the Brotherhood of Steel's emblem
File:CG Coat of Arms.png
CivGeneral's Coat of Arms 2008-2010


The model (mainly the face) used to portray CivGeneral is male_07 in Garry's Mod. The same model used for Joe, Sandy, and other citizens in Half Life 2 [1]. The Male_07 face has been replicated in Fallout 3 as close as possible. CivGeneral's BDU comes in forest, desert, winterized, and medic flavors.

There is an idea in the works to have CivGeneral wearing the Combat Armor from Fallout 3 to better match the armor that is currently issued to Coruscanti Forces. Though it will involve heavy modeling skills and headhacking.

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  6. It is currently unknown if and when the Kaisership will be offered to CivGeneral. More than likely this will take place during DYOS 11.
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