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CivGeneral DYOS 11.jpg
CivGeneral in his STARS field uniform midway through DRAW Your Own Story 11
First appearanceDRAW Your Own Story 1
No. appearancesAll canon threads, plus spin-off projects
Portrayed by
Nickname(s)CivG, CG
Date of birthApril 28th, 1983
AddressNew Port City, Republic of Coruscant
Significant other(s)Alyx Vance (DYOS X)
ChildrenNozomi, Richard (with Ayane)
RelativesMariko Antilles
ReligionRoman Catholic
NationalityCoruscanti, American
Blood typeO+[1]
CyberneticsVATS targeting device
CODEC neural implant
Emperor of Coruscant
Reignca. DYOS VI
Military career
Allegiance Republic of Coruscant (to 2011)
CG BoS logo.svg Brotherhood of Steel (2011 – )
Service/branchSpecial Tactics And Rescue Service
Years of service1996 – present
UnitSTARS Alpha Team
AwardsImperial Medal of Honor
Republic Medal of Honor
Medal for Victory in the Combine–Coruscant War

CivGeneral is a veteran CivFanatic and the longest-serving contributor to DRAW Your Own Story, having featured in its first installment and appearing in all subsequent threads. Like most of the early contributors, he was known for rapid-fire cut-and-paste comics; from DYOS X onward he switched almost-exclusively to Source Engine machinomics, first through Garry's Mod, and as of DYOS XII, Source Filmmaker.

A Japanophile and Star Wars fan, CivGeneral has regularly employed both in his setting and plots, and in later threads incorporated elements and characters from the Half-Life and Fallout series, to the point they are all practically synonymous with his interstellar empire, the Republic of Coruscant. CivGeneral has traditionally served as the lead protagonist in every major storyline, an adventurous knight-errant and presumptive moral authority. Prior to DRAW Your Own Story 5 he functioned as a bounty hunter action-hero tasked by either the Coruscanti government or fellow author-avatars, defending CivFanatica from the ritual scheming of CurtSibling. In later threads, and especially since DRAW Your Own Story 10.5, the role of Coruscant and CivGeneral's relationship to his country have morphed, with the empire operating as a geopolitical juggernaut and himself de facto head of state. Consequently, CivGeneral wields inescapable influence over the world’s events, and the DYOS tradition overall.

Character history

Prior to DYOS X.ii, CivGeneral's private life was never detailed beyond his immediate girlfriends, and no pre-DYOS history is referenced in earlier threads. The introduction of Marsha Conrad led to widespread revision of his backstory and the invention of several new characters between X.ii and XI. As such, information in the following sections is based on retcons from 2009 onwards.

CivGeneral was born Mitchell Antilles[c] on April 28, 1983, to exiled Coruscanti senator Hanna Antilles, and an unnamed American father, in the precursor state to the Republic of Coruscant. During that decade the family was targeted for politically-motivated assassination under cover of a larger violence epidemic;[2] CivGeneral's father was killed and his mother went into hiding,[3] and he was raised by his uncle Frank Conrad, growing up as adoptive brother to his cousin Marsha.

When CivGeneral came of age, he was gifted Frank's Lewis gun and his father's pistol. He enrolled in the Imperial Military Academy, graduating as an Army officer around the start of the First Nazi War.

Service in the Nazi Wars

CivGeneral's first combat action was a sabotage mission to destroy a Nazi radar anti-air emplacement in Groton, Connecticut to clear an air corridor for Coruscanti bombers. His performance earned a promotion to First Lieutenant and command of his own platoon.

He was part of the landing force in the Battle of Bluff Point in 1997. When the landing became pinned by artillery, he proposed using a small flanking detachment to neutralize the guns while the main army maintained pressure on the front line. His commanding officer approved, and CivGeneral personally assembled and led the squad to success.[4]

CivGeneral leading a fireteam in the Battle of Bluff Point, 1997.

With Bluff Point secured, the Coruscantis pushed on to the Nazi capital Little Fitchburg, which fell some months later. CivGeneral was part of the vanguard that entered the city; he encountered Nazi colonel Manfred Hickten who, disguised as a civilian, managed to avoid capture. Hickten would go on to become leader of the Space Nazis, leading a revenge campaign in DYOS 10.5.[5]

Remnant Nazi forces staged an insurrection to retake Connecticut in 1999. Now a Lieutenant General, CivGeneral led the counteroffensive, reclaiming the state and forcing the Nazis to flee the planet.

Inter-war period

CivGeneral went on to command Coruscanti forces in the Wustman-Post War and Second Barbanian War, achieving the highest Army rank of Surface Marshal. Despite his rank he continued to pursue active fieldwork, overseeing Saturnine colonization efforts enabled by rapid advances in Coruscant's space technology.

Early DYOS

When CurtSibling invaded CivFanatica, CivGeneral rallied in defence of the Top 10 Posters[d] in what would become a permanent rivalry that established him as a leading hero character in DYOS. In DYOS 3, however, he sided with the Spammer Alliance against the Moderators after they threatened to reduce post count. He typically conducted missions by himself, with his first wife Mara Jade, and/or the Jade Commandos.

In DYOS 4, CivGeneral was caught in a spam blast and his physical body was destroyed. His consciousness survived and piggybacked off Major Kusanagi for the rest of the thread; this led several forumers to refer to CivGeneral and Kusanagi interchangeably, and may have prompted his later trend of representing himself in-story with his forum avatar.

Some time during DYOS 4 he separated from Mara; surviving comics suggest she may have become jealous of Kusanagi.


CivGeneral/Kusanagi were tasked by Palpatine and Coruscant's religious authorities to find and contain the Monkey Statue of Spamuzel, deeming it a dangerous heresy. Unbeknownst to either, Palpatine was secretly conspiring to claim the relic for his own ends; when the Imperial Catholic Church decided the Statue was not heretical but too dangerous to possess, he dispatched Lara Croft to seize it and "take care" of CG/Kusanagi, leading to several skirmishes for control of the Statue.

The emergence of the Styles Brothers led to Lara's sidelining as Stylesrj's attacks on Coruscant became the primary focus of CG's story. The situation soon devolved into a giant cosmopolitical power play, culminating in the Partition of Earth between Coruscant, Pontbridge, Taillenia, and a handful of dwindling independent states as the superpowers jousted for power and prestige. As a result of near-permanent war, CivGeneral came to view Stylesrj as his new archenemy in place of CurtSibling.


"If worse comes to worse... ...we convert to Eastern Orthodoxy"
— CivGeneral, DYOS 6

By DYOS 6, CivGeneral had become the Emperor of Coruscant and begun his affiliation with the OS-tan, with 95-tan his Empress and presumed wife. In a break from tradition, he let subordinates hunt for the Fridge of the Mods while he handled administrative duties and ongoing friction with Stylesrj and Taillenia. After Thorvald of Lym raided Kan' Sharuminar, CivGeneral denounced him as a barbarian and ordered Admiral Piett to intercept the Golden Fleet and "turn [it] into kindling", however Piett withheld fire in favour of parley, and following a joint defence in the Pripyat Skirmish Thorvald was allowed to sail on.

When Stylesrj conquered Heaven and declared himself Demiurge, CivGeneral abandoned so-called Shinto-Catholicism, mandating Shintoism as the state religion. Following Stylesrj's ousting, CG reversed course, and in a sequence of events now lost, began a slide into Catholic theocracy, embarking on military conquest of outlying star systems. Military leaders opposed to the police state, including Kusanagi, rallied under Admiral Harkov as the Party to Restore the Republic of Coruscant; they did not seek to overthrow the Empire, believing instead that High Senator Fuu could convince CivGeneral to restore democracy peacefully. The exact events are unclear but the ultimate outcome was a re(?)instatement of constitutional monarchy.

Religious conflict resurfaced when George W. Bush attempted to make Georgy Kalanin the Pope, with CivGeneral contemplating conversion to Eastern Orthodoxy.

When Thorvald, now leading the Eastern Union, began direct aid to the Pirate Coalition in its war with the Flying Circus, CivGeneral decided to make common cause, negotiating Coruscanti assistance in what laid the foundation for cooperation between the two empires in later years.

DYOS 7–9

"What would CurtSibling do?"
— CivGeneral, DYOS 9

When Satan posted his deal to CFC, CivGeneral briefly considered selling his soul to be rid of Stylesrj, but ultimately recanted. When the forces of Hell began invading the surface, he joined kulade in rallying Christian soldiers for a counteroffensive.

When CivGeneral began investigating the exploding computer phenomenon, his fleet was attacked by Jillian Michaels. Soon after Thorvald contacted Admiral Piett with a clue, CivGeneral travelled to Oslo in person to propose joining forces. After Thorvald and Bjørn uncovered the Superbot Facility in the devastated NES Forum, CivGeneral arrived with a Coruscanti contingent and was briefed on what they had recovered; while the culprit was identified in-universe, the thread died before it was revealed to the audience.

In DYOS 9 for reasons now forgotten, CivGeneral started emulating CurtSibling's tactics, leading a military detachment to claim Japan as a permanent base of operations. He allied himself with like-minded forumers to combat Stylesrj, Saddam Hussein and their puppet United Nations in the search for the Scrolls of Cohesiveness, personally aiding in the storming of Saddam's headquarters in the Battle of Babylon.


CivGeneral was overthrown by Mara Jade but was rescued by a loyalist underground.[6] He quickly teamed up with surviving CFCers and their allies, besting his avatars and decisively defeating the Avatar forces in a space battle over Earth.[7] After rescuing Thunderfall from a hidden base on Nar Kreeta,[8] he returned to Earth and vanquished the Avatar Supreme Commander in the Battle of Moscow.[9]

CivGeneral in Half-Life 2 resistance dress with Alyx Vance, DRAW Your Own Story 10.

Picking up the pieces from the Avatars' defeat, CG encountered and briefly battled General Grievous, hired by kulade's eleventh-hour Combine allies.[10] On a return to Moscow for medical treatment, Thorvald hired CG to apprehend their mysterious benefactor Mr. Toyoda before the Combine could find him.[11][12] Travelling to Kitami, Hokkaidō, they discovered the city under martial law by Toyoda's security company in response to choxorn's zombie terror in Japan;[13][14] With the help of dissident officers, CG and Co. infiltrated the headquarters before triggering a bloody firefight that ended in the storming of the acting commander's office and prompting his surrender.[15][16] Following leads to Germany, CG and Co. found Toyoda, only for Grievous to kidnap him soon after.[17] Battling through Combine forces, the heroes tracked him down to Fort Schmerzen, freeing Toyoda, who bested Grievous in a lightsaber duel.[18]

Toyoda subsequently hired CivGeneral to pick up lord_joakim's mission for kulade to recover the Gem.[19] With the Combine having launched a full-scale invasion of Coruscant, CG joined the liberation of New Port before embarking for Arrakis.[20] Shortly after meeting J.C. Reitan,[21] the expedition came under attack as the Combine invaded.[22] CivGeneral, his entourage, and pretty much everyone else convened in the Gem Chamber,[23][24][25][26][27][28][29][30] and after a re-encounter with Mara Jade,[31] CG confronted Combine leader Wallace Breen, whose attempt to claim the Gem ended up annihilating most of his men;[31] CG promptly arrested Breen, ending the war.[32]

DYOS 10.5

Cardiogram line.gif
  This section deals with current events.
The accuracy of information herein is subject to change as new information becomes available, and should not be regarded as a finalized account.

CivGeneral returned to Earth to find Toyoda missing and the world in disarray.[33] Pursuing leads from Toyoda's men,[34] CG and Co. travelled across the United States, and were abducted by Enclave operatives outside Las Vegas.[35] Dr. Breen attempted to sway CG to his side by pledging the Enclave's support in a war with the Combine Bloc but was rejected; infected by the ensuing fight with the X Parasite clones, CG was saved by a blood transfusion from Samus Aran.[36]

As the Enclave retreated to the South Pacific, CivGeneral rebased to Britain to aid in repelling the Space Nazi invasion of Europe.[37] Thwarting an assassination attempt by SA-X,[38] he appointed Kusanagi acting Chancellor of Coruscant following Franklin Roster's murder and formalized an alliance with the Eastern Union and Free Western Army.[39] He led the initial landing in occupied France[40] and a raid on Harburg, Bavaria, where he learned dissident elements within Coruscant were plotting his overthrow.[41]


Travelling through the spam-ridden remains of the One Hour War,[42] CivGeneral and Samus worked their way back to New Port City, where they were tasked with destroying a sentient supercomputer suspected of acting as a catalyst for Pul Wat Aa's hackings.[43] Battling the Space Pirates and Nazi zombies, they destroyed the supercomputer on Zebes.[44] He then joined his cousin to oversee the final stages of decommissioning the Nar Kreeta portal device.[45] Soon afterward they were attacked by the Pirate armada; CG briefly confronted Aa, who apparently hacked Samus out of existence.[46] Evacuating the planet, the Coruscantis joined the Comet Observatory in finishing off the Pirate fleet[47][48] before confronting Commander Laes' armada.[49] CG wedded Jill Valentine, rescued from Nar Kreeta, after the battle.[50]

Recalled to New Port following a break-in at the Citadel, CG accosted but failed to stop Edward Richtofen from stealing bioweapon stockpiles. Re-encountering the Hacker during Richtofen's escape, he learned Samus had survived;[51] In a public spectacle organized by Pul Wat Aa, Jill fought Samus to win legal title as CivGeneral's spouse.[52] Following the fight, CG and Co. pursued Richtofen through zombie-infested sewers, where they were ambushed by Albert Wesker and the assassin Sylux; during the altercation, Faye Valentine was freed from the OS-tan, but Wesker nullified CG's superpowers.[53][54] As Wesker's Umbrella Corporation began displacing the Space Pirates, CG mobilized the Brotherhood of Steel and led an expedition to Hyrule, destroying a research base overseen by Bernard Maxium.[55]

Returning to Earth, CivGeneral joined the battle for London,[56] during which time he was given a preview account of DYOS 10.5 that led to a convoluted time-travel adventure,[57] the foreshadowing of his daughter,[58] and Jill divorcing him to make way for Ayane.[59][60] Following the New British Empire's capitulation, CG and Co. confronted Wesker aboard his flagship, critically weakening him before blowing it up.[61][62] During the siege of Brotherhood headquarters by the Gnoman Empire, he was reunited with his mother, long believed dead.[63]

He returned to New Port in the midst of an Umbrella attack, fatally wounding Wesker[64] and meeting Mariko Antilles, but was unable to stop her escape with several Star Destroyers.[65] Pursuing her fleet to Wetickra, the Coruscantis began the final campaign against Pul Wat Aa; he fought Mariko in an inconclusive lightsaber duel,[66] and pursued Hacker Prime to Xen where, following an elaborate cat-and-mouse game, he ultimately slew him.[67] He married Ayane some time afterward.[68]

At Plot's End

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  This section deals with current events.
The accuracy of information herein is subject to change as new information becomes available, and should not be regarded as a finalized account.
CivGeneral in Republic Rangers combat dress. The older face model was used from the epilogue of DYOS XI to his Connie Marshall avatar in At Plot's End.

CivGeneral resisted becoming involved in the POPA–SIPPA controversy in favour of hunting for Mariko after her escape from Coruscant at the end of the Civil War.[69] Only when authorities began squeezing him did he (grudgingly) concede to join his mother in the resistance.[70] He briefly assisted Delia Steel and Prince Kassad in their struggle with the Overlord Cult on Egypt II[71] before travelling to Bespin, where he was taken captive by the Obsidian Eclipse and fought Mariko's protégé Darth Grievous.[72] Following in Hanna's footsteps, CG became a data runner,[73] leading him to the New Moon and a re-encounter with Delia & Co. in the first confrontation with the Faceless Man.[74]

During transit to Nova Terra, CG's ship was ambushed by Mariko, and in an abortive duel he was goaded into using Dark Force powers.[75] Although his avatar switch failed to fool Mariko, Kusanagi proposed using it as a means of sidestepping state surveillance as they investigated POPA–SIPPA.[76] Partnering with Morrigan Aensland, he returned to New Port and teamed up with Stylesjl, Haruhi Suzumiya, and later Delia & Co., journeying to the Andromeda Galaxy to stop the Faceless Man's second ritual.[77] Initial recon uncovered a secret Coruscanti vault and a mysterious, coded book.[78] After regrouping and battling the Faceless Man,[79] he and Morrigan left for Nova Terra to decipher the book.[80]

Outside DYOS

CivGeneral is a supporting character in For the Republic, where his daughter holds a major role.[81] He is also a main character in Thorvald of Lym's Alternate 2011 serial, inspired by the eponymous time travel plot in DYOS XI.

Personal life

CivGeneral's in-story personality strongly parallels his creator. Traditionally depicted as a selfless hero committed to freedom and fair play, he is immensely protective of his colleagues and routinely demonstrates a near-suicidal bravado. However, his impulse to prove himself has led some colleagues to regard him as a glory hound,[82] and he has expressed jealousy when denied "his" kill.[83] Strong-willed to the point of obstinacy, he is quick to take offence and easily frustrated when he doesn't get his way; his rivalry with Stylesrj is legendary, the grudge only finally ending in DYOS 11.[48] His short temper, though occasionally a strength in combat, frequently leads to friction with his peers.[84]

Following the real CivGeneral's spiral into depression in 2010, the character's self-confidence plummeted dramatically. Unable to revive Samus during operations in France, he abandoned medical service wholesale, sinking into a long period of self-doubt.[85][86][87] Whereas in DYOS 10 he rebuffed temptations of power without a second thought,[88] villains throughout DYOS 11 routinely preyed on his fears in a bid to break his moral code.[46][89][90][91][92] In At Plot's End he has become bitter and reclusive, purposely avoiding his former friends and only joining the fight against POPA–SIPPA after incessant lobbying by his family.[69][70][93]


To date, CivGeneral has been wedded at least five times and divorced four, in addition to two known girlfriends that did not lead to serious commitments. His early relationships permanently scarred his perspective on romance, leading him to be wary of long-term commitments.[83][94] As such, he has never been seen taking the lead in forming or advancing the relationship—the woman has always proposed to him—nor has he expressed regret in any of his breakups or divorces.

Prior to DYOS, he eloped with Mara Jade, who was his second-in-command throughout the Pre-DYOS 5 Era; they eventually separated circa DRAW Your Own Story 4. This was followed by an ill-defined relationship with the OS-tan, 95-tan serving as Empress during his imperial rule in DYOS 6. In the latter half of DYOS 10 he began dating Alyx Vance and even named her successor in all his offices,[10] however their relationship was abruptly ended when she was abducted by the G-man at the end of the thread.[32] In DRAW Your Own Story 10.5, he wedded Samus Aran;[95] when she was believed killed in DYOS 11, he began dating, and ultimately married, Jill Valentine, who was retconned as a previous high school crush and whose surname he adopted.[46][96][50] This led to legal complications when Samus was discovered to still be alive, and in a public spectacle orchestrated by Pul Wat Aa, Samus was forced to forfeit her marriage.[52] Jill's acceptance of an open relationship enabled Ayane to aggressively court CivGeneral during the 2011 time travel arc;[90] carelessness on their part during the 2003 sojourn resulted in Jill divorcing him upon their return,[59] and Ayane married him at the end of the thread.[68] Together they have two children, Nozomi and Richard.

CivGeneral's family life, originally left unexplored, was subject to several retcons in DYOS X.ii and XI with the introduction of his cousin/surrogate sister Marsha Conrad,[97] and later, the emergence of his mother Hanna Antilles from hiding.[98] Both have made regular appearances as squadmates in the Brotherhood of Steel, his private mercenary outfit. He describes Rebecca Chambers, the STARS medic and his personal doctor, his "adopted sister".[86]

Powers and abilities

CivGeneral's exact powers and proficiencies have fluctuated over the course of DYOS. A graduate of the Imperial Military Academy and a veteran of numerous wars, he is a lauded field commander and adept in a wide variety of ranged and mêlée weapons, conventional and improvised. Even before the events of DYOS X.ii, he demonstrated superior physical fortitude, and has recovered from serious injuries with no visible lasting damage. He was one of the first members of the Coruscanti military to wield power armour after being trained by Samus Aran.[99]

CivGeneral is iconic for his lightsaber duels with the major villain at the plot's climax. In early DYOS, he was portrayed as an adept Force user, however this was steadily retconned in later threads. In DYOS X, he was intended to meet with Yoda to rekindle neglected powers,[100] whereas in his battle with Mariko Antilles late in DYOS XI, she says he is "not a Jedi",[101] and Dr. Galney's scenes in At Plot's End appear to be training him from the ground up.[102][103] This was partly supplemented by martial arts training from Ayane,[e] which included an energy-based attack he dubbed "Panzerfaust".[87]

After exposure to the X Parasite in DYOS X.ii, CivGeneral received a blood transfusion from Samus that transferred Metroid and Chozo DNA, increasing his strength and stamina to superhuman levels.[36] These powers were eradicated by Albert Wesker in DYOS XI as part of a poison attempt[53] that was likewise thwarted by an antidote developed from Jill Valentine's blood, immunizing him against the T-virus.[86]

Fallout game stats

  • SPECIAL: 5ST, 6PE, 5EN, 6CH, 6IN, 7AG, 5LK
  • Fallout: New Vegas: 8ST, 6PE, 5EN, 5CH, 6IN, 5AG, 5LK
  • Karma: Good – Very Good
  • Model: Male_07

G.O.A.T. Results & Tagged Skills

  • Shift Supervisor
  • Energy Weapons
  • Big Guns
  • Repair (With the Tag! perk)
  • Sneak

Coat of arms

Behind the scenes

His Garry's Mod appearance from latter DYOS X to the end of XI revolved around the male_07 facemap from Half-Life 2. In addition to the resistance character model, he also used custom reskins of third-party add-ons, and later headhacked his own models.

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  1. Despite using female avatars in several threads, CivGeneral is always referred to as 'he'.
  2. CG's comics presume a ~20-year timeskip following Hackergeddon, putting him at mid-50s as of At Plot's End.
  3. A reference in the spin-off comic For the Republic indicates his first name is Mitch; 'Antilles' is inferred from his mother, and its adoption by Mariko. His full name has never been referenced in DYOS.
  4. He would eventually become one himself.
  5. CivGeneral practiced karate in real life prior to 2010.


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