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Civilization V is the fifth game in the Civilization franchise, released in North America on 21 September 2010. As with previous games in the series, its release marked a massive lag spike on CivFanatics when everybody and their grandmother logged on to talk about its release. The lag spike on Civilization V's release date was a monumental event, at one point seeing OVER THREE THOUSAAAAND!!! users online on the forums, the highest number in the site's history (as far as we can tell, since its new engine is uncooperative in telling such things). For the duration of the day, the number of people online was consistently several hundred higher than the previous record of about 1600.

Civ V has not yet made any appearances in DRAW Your Own Story, making it and Civilization VI the only two Civilization games not to appear at least once. This was partly due to dismay among DYOS contributors, as with some segments of the entire fanbase, who disagreed with some changes in the game engine and model. For example, Taillesskangaru decided to boycott it in protest against 2K and Firaxis for "mocking the customer" by splintering game content into DLCs, among other things. The debate as to whether Civ V is a worthy sequel was violently polarizing. One camp delighted in the one-unit-per-tile model, heralding it as the greatest change in the franchise's history, while the other faction would say that it upended the entire game and marked the point where 2K sold out to casual gamers. What everyone can agree on, though, is that multiplayer is a total flop.

One expansion, Gods and Kings, was released in June 2012, with another, Brave New World, released in July 2013. The expansions are generally viewed as better than the base game, but Civ V remains polarizing.

Meanwhile, London's culture has been expanded to look like a penis. Hur hur hur!