Clone Guild

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Clone Guild
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Flag Emblem
Largest city Choose one
Official languages Business
Government Militaristic
National hero(es) Felix8
Currency Whatever you have
Major exports clonesclonesclonesclonesclones

The Clone Guild is a shadowy military organization based on the planet Wetickra, led by one General Valorum, in the events of Plans Within Plans.[1] The Guild controlled the largest cloning facilities in the universe, which they used to clone a giant Spongebob Squarepants for the purpose of invading Earth.[2]


The exact origin of the Clone Guild is unknown; it rose to prominence after the Republic of Coruscant absorbed the former Galactic Empire and effectively ended cloning operations on Kamino. Using Kaminoan techniques, the Guild secured a monopoly on the cloning market outside Coruscanti borders, using its incredible wealth to fund and equip its own military.[3]

Plans Within Plans

The Clone Guild first appears in DRAW Your Own Story 10.5, having amalgamated the remains of the LH Coalition and continuing its standing vendetta against the Free Western Army. To this end, the Clone Guild assists the Greater German Space Reich in its invasion of Earth.[3][4] The politics of the guild itself, however, remain ambiguous. Despite its sympathies, it is not believed to be a member of the Combine Bloc.

Seeking to harness the power of the Gem, the Guild provoked a separate war with the Cosmonarmada Vostok after special projects director Mark Sykes kidnapped Taillesskangaru to forcibly extract his Chosen One powers.[5] At Sykes' persuasion, the Guild launched a full-scale expedition to Earth in a bid to capture choxorn;[6] an altercation with the Cosmonarmada Blue Fleet devastated both task forces, stranding Valorum's command unit on the planet.[7]


The Guild appears in a somewhat weakened state in DRAW Your Own Story 11 in loose co-operation with Pul Wat Aa. Growing dissatisfaction with both the Hacker and Albert Wesker leads its liaisons to abandon him in favour of Spongebob's posse late in the story.[8]

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