Combine–Corrino War

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  This article deals with current events.
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Combine–Corrino War
Part of DYOS X, Part II
Date 10 August 2008 – present
Location Arrakis, outer space
Status Ongoing
Combine main symbol.svg Combine Empire CorrinoHeraldic.svg House Corrino
Commanders and leaders
CorrinoHeraldic.svg Frederick IV
a – Removed from command July 2009 following the end of the Combine–Coruscant War

The Combine–Corrino War is an ongoing struggle between the Combine Empire and House Corrino. Spawned as an outgrowth of the Combine–Coruscant War in DRAW Your Own Story 10, it was triggered by the Combine's invasion of Arrakeen in August 2008.[1] Whereas hostilities between the Combine and the Republic of Coruscant ceased in July 2009 with the conclusion of the Battle of Arrakis,[2] the Imperium was not party to the Treaty of Arrakis and opted to take the war to Combine-held space.

In DYOS 10.5 the Combine's struggle against the Imperium is implied to be the reason it has not formally joined the Third Nazi War. Emperor Frederick suggests he could have already destroyed the Universal Union, but that the Landsraad refuses to sanction the necessary invasion craft over fears a Corrino victory would upset the balance of power.[3]

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