Combine–Coruscant War

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Combine–Coruscant War
Part of the Combine Insurgency
DateAugust 10, 2008 – July 22, 2009
LocationEarth, Arrakis
 Republic of Coruscant Combine main symbol.svg Combine Empire
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The Combine–Coruscant War was an outgrowth of the Combine Insurgency in DYOS 10, fought between the Combine Empire and Republic of Coruscant. While a peace treaty was signed July 22, 2009, a cold war persists between the belligerents that serves as the backdrop to the former half of Plans Within Plans.


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In a desperate play to save the New Avatar Order, kulade made an alliance of opportunity with the Combine.[1] This led to frequent skirmishes between the Eastern Union, Free Western Army, and later, Mr. Toyoda's forces. CivGeneral, in charge of a Coruscanti unit on Earth, came into direct conflict with a mercenary General Grievous hired to uncover "Thunderfall's cure".[2] Despite the legal pretexts, war was not officially declared until the Combine launched a mass assault against the Republic of Coruscant itself,[3] possibly in order to divert attention from a flagging campaign in Europe.


The course of the war can be divided into two phases: the Earth campaign, focusing on the resistance and liberation of Republic Island, and the Space campaign, which followed almost immediately afterward and deals almost exclusively with the Battle of Arrakis.


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As on the European front, the Combine achieved initial success, bringing most of the Republic under their control, but were dogged by resistance across the region.[4] In February for reasons unknown, Stylesrj launched a counterattack against the invaders.[5] Further pressure was added after the Battle of Fort Schmerzen rendered the Combine presence in Europe a non-issue.

Combine resistance on the American mainland was relatively light in comparison to the tightly-controlled and heavily-defended Republic Island. The Coruscanti military still maintained a stable presence within southeastern Connecticut and successfully drove out the Combine occupiers. When CivGeneral returned from Germany, he quickly rallied his remaining forces to retake the Capital Region.[6]


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Immediately following the liberation of Coruscant, CivGeneral and Co. set course for Arrakis to begin the search for the Gem. Headed by Dr. Breen, who had evaded capture, the Combine tracked CivGeneral's party and cornered them at an orbital space station. They ultimately escaped, but the Combine captured a smuggler to gain the coordinates of Dune.[7]

Not long after CivGeneral's company arrived, the Combine made planetfall and began an all-out assault on the planet.[8] This quickly gained the attention of the Padishah Emperor, who began mobilizing the Sardaukar in response.[9] In another alliance of opportunity, the Emperor permitted Coruscanti forces to land in force to repel their mutual enemy.[10]

The war reached a pivotal moment when small strike forces from both sides confronted each other in the Gem chamber, bringing Dr. Breen and CivGeneral face-to-face. Breen's private guard was eradicated while the invasion force was crushed after the Sardaukar arrived. With the campaign a humiliating defeat and its forces reeling, the Combine was forced to sign a peace treaty.[11]


Dr. Breen was dismissed from his position as leader of the Combine and replaced by Nikita Brezhnev. Military aggression vis-à-vis the Republic of Coruscant was suspended; however, the Combine silently continues its campaign against Coruscant by proxy via the Greater German Space Reich.[12]

House Corrino, seeking to punish the Combine for the assault on Arrakeen, abstained from peace talks and a state of war persists between the Combine and the Imperium.

Fun facts

The war was the first reference to Republic Island in DYOS. As CivGeneral had only ever based out of Japan in previous stories, contributors thought New Port City was located on the planet Coruscant, and thus, that the war was larger in scope than it really was. New Port's location on the US eastern seaboard was finally established in the successor threads.

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