Combine Insurgency

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Combine Insurgency
Part of the Avatar Wars
DateJuly 2008 - February 2009
LocationEastern Central Europe WESTERN ASIA
Republic of Coruscant
Eastern Union
Free Western Army
KoolAidMan.PNG New Avatar Order
Combine.png Combine Empire
22px Cosmonarmada Vostok
Cfcicon.png choxorn
Commanders and leaders
Alyx Vance
Thorvald of Lym
KoolAidMan.PNG kulade
Combine.png Wallace Breen
Combine.png General Grievous
22px Rocket
Cfcicon.png choxorn
For the formal declaration of war, see Combine-Coruscant War.

The period following the Second Napoleonic War from July 2008 to February 2009 is commonly referred to as the Combine Insurgency, resulting from a desperate play by kulade to save the New Avatar Order. Using Thorvald’s doppelgängers already in control of the Eastern Union, kulade helped establish a base of operations in the Moscow Oblast, erecting an unsightly citadel in the capital city itself.[1]

Fall of the New Avatar Order

Soon after learning of kulade’s treachery, CivGeneral began plans to liberate the Union and storm the citadel.[2] Looking to reduce collateral damage and deny kulade sizable military support, Thorvald of Lym tasked his advisor Bjørn, present at the government office, to encourage his doppelgängers to declare war on Canada.[3] This reduced Union troops present in the country to a sliver of their standing strength, leading the Combine to supplant their own men where local forces were inadequate. This stretched their manpower so thin that by the time kulade was defeated, no less than four divergent groups had penetrated Moscow.[4][5][6]


With the defeat of kulade and the loss of a chain of command, the Combine abandoned the region. Without a formal headquarters, their forces adopted guerrilla tactics, but began to wither when reinforcements could not arrive. Meanwhile, General Grievous was contracted to find "Thunderfall's cure”,[7] the method by which full functionality was restored to the sysadmin after he was rescued from kulade. This eventually turned into a race against CivGeneral to find Mr. Toyoda, the man who had provided Bjørn the remedy. In Berlin, Grievous kidnapped Toyoda[8] and retreated to interim headquarters at Fort Schmerzen where he attempted to debrief him,[9] provoking an all-out assault on the stronghold by both Coruscanti forces and the Free Western Army.

With Schmerzen fallen, the Combine lost their last viable outpost. The surviving general staff abandoned their commissions and attempted to escape via supply ships, but most were destroyed by the T.R.E.M.O.R. network before escaping orbit[citation needed]. Unable to retreat, their remaining forces were stranded on Earth and hunted to extinction.


As a result of the Combine’s activity, the central administration of the Eastern Union was left in shambles, and would not recover until the zombie menace was quelled later in the year. It also had the unwitting effect of bringing the normally reserved Mr. Toyoda into the foreground of the story.

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