Comet Observatory

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Rosalina's Comet Observatory
Designer Rosalina Sunburst
Class Capital Ship
Cost Free
Technical specifications
Mass Variable
Maximum acceleration 30 000 000 000 metres per second
Maneuverability rating High
Engine unit(s) Comet Drive
Hyperdrive rating Inertialess Drive
Hyperdrive system Customised HyperFTL Beacon
Power output Massive
Shielding Thought-activated Protective Shell. Standard Oxygen Membrane
Armament Pull Star Arrays (tractor beams)
Complement Vulture VTOL (1)
Docking bays One
Escape craft None
Crew 100 (most of them are Lumas)
Minimum crew Rosalina
Passengers 5 (currently)
Other systems Interior Holodeck
Role(s) Base
Era(s) DYOS XI
Affiliation Stylesrj's Space Mercenaries

Owned and operated by Rosalina, the Comet Observatory acts as a temporary home base for Stylesrj's Space Mercenaries when away from Adonis IV.

With an intertialess drive, the Observatory is one of the fastest vessels in DYOS, next to Georgie Kalanin's Diplomatic Boots of Speed and Ross Ray's flagship, but is almost completely unarmed and highly fragile. A protective barrier can be formed to offset this vulnerability, but can reduce acceleration significantly.

Early History

The observatory was first formed when Rosalina was a young child. She landed on a comet that wasn't going anywhere in particular and built a house on it as it somehow had building supplies within it. Over time it expanded and soon became a very fast spaceship. However, its drive system was very faulty and caused time dilation effects, which took a few hundred years out of Rosalina's life.

The drive was later improved and for the last few hundred years, Rosalina has enjoyed her immortality and galactic explorations without worrying about the universe ending if she goes too fast.

It was not involved when Rosalina joined X-COM, but several upgrades have been made to make it less vulnerable.

DYOS History

The Observatory first appeared in DYOS XI when Stylesrj needed legal representation. The observatory went from Earth to Chiron in mere seconds.

It has also been involved during the Battle of Nar Kreeta (DYOS 11) and the Battle for Project Titan. It also had a supporting role during Operation Toppling Goddesses.