Commander Laes

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Commander Laes Dragonhelper
Commander Laes wearing his standard uniform
First appearance The Avatar Wars
No. appearances Several times
Aliases SEAL SEAL, SEAL Commander, Original SEAL
Species Human
Gender Male
Date of birth Unknown
Age Young
Address Sajuuk

Commander of the Avatar Army

  • Heavy weapons specialist
  • Anti Tank Sniper
  • Evil Villain
Spouse(s) Rhiza Kalanin
Children Parts of his army
Relatives Stylesjl (brother), Stylesrj (clone)
Starsign Taurus
Religion Atheist
Nationality Australian

Commander Laes is the DYOS XI alias of SEAL SEAL. Having survived the Avatar Wars, Laes retreated into obscurity where he amassed an armada of starships in preparation for a re-emergence against Stylesrj at the Battle of Nar Kreeta. With Stylesrj having died so many times throughout the series, his "original" identity was deemed lost within generations of clones, and Laes in particular developed a nasty inferiority complex.

Conversation in DYOS 10.5 suggests Laes' psyche may have been influenced by prolonged exposure to the Luxury Diamond.[1][2] Laes revealed his ultimate goal is to kill Stylesrj to become the "dominant" avatar, consequently establishing himself as Stylesrj's arch-nemesis. Laes held the strings to most, if not all of the antagonists Stylesrj had yet faced in DYOS XI.



When not on a mission, Laes normally wears a light brown longcoat and a grey coloured bandanna. This is because he claims the longcoat "makes me look more badass"
Underneath the coat though is a bulletproof vest, because he also added "But the vest makes sure that I am actually protected"


File:Laes Space Marine.png
Loaded up for a ground operation

When Laes is on missions, he normally wears Power Armour to help augment his strength, speed and endurance.

His current armour, as seen on DYOS XI is a suit of Space Marine Power armour in the design of the Imperial Fists. This suit is designed with many protective layers of armour, yet still allows him to be as mobile as Samus in her Zero Suit [1]


File:Laes Flamethrower.png
Armed for a good torching
File:Laes Sniper.png
Hitting from afar.

His primary weapon is a dual-function flamethrower, unlike Stylesrj's single torcher. The flamethrower (or Incinerator) can be fired in projectile format over a long distance, or it can be used in close range as a regular flamethrower with the flick of a dial.

If the Incinerator starts having problems, or he needs to do extreme long range work, he has a Gauss Rifle for such purposes. This weapon can penetrate even the toughest of tank armour by sheer kinetic force alone. It has a short firing time, much like a regular sniper rifle, unlike the Fallout 3 version which requires replacement of the fuel cell every time it fires.


Unfortunately Commander Laes was killed during the Battle of Nar Kreeta and his body cast into a pit of lava. All except for his right arm...

When Dostya came around looking for a new arm, she unknowingly (or perhaps knowingly) grafted his right arm onto her stump. This allowed Laes to somehow possess Dostya from time to time, thus creating Dostya SEAL.


  1. As Dostya jokingly tells him