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"In Soviet Russia, article writes YOU!"

Communism is a cool ideology.

Oh? Oh, you're looking for facts? May I suggest you try this Other Wiki?

So, as I said, Communism is a cool ideology. For a start, it's a nice idea. Everyone is equal! Everything is shared! Wouldn't that be great?

Think the world sucks? Communism's gonna change all that. Wouldn't it be fun to shout Viva la Revolution in the streets? It'll be like one big party. We all know someone we don't like. Maybe it's that jerk who stole your girlfriend, or the bully who stole your lunch money, or your boss who pays you slave wages. Well, they're bourgoisie pigs, "enemies of the people" and communism gives you the green light to bash them up. Then, you're the boss.

Wanna be a communist? Great! You get to call everyone "comrade". Pretty neat eh? You guys get your own flag, the Hammer and Sickle, and it's a pretty kickass flag, I'll tell you that. You wear a little cool fur Ushunka hat (or if you are spreading the revolution in a tropical area, a nice cap, which comes with cigars and beard). You'll get a coat to go with that, and it looks badass. Everything will be provided for by everyone for everyone. You are friends with all your fellow comrades, having fun and drinking lots of vodka. You'll spend your days working for them but it'll be great to work with such a great bunch of people anyway and, hey, they all work for you too. You'll all be working for the greater good except the enemies of the people of course - they'll be in the Gulag (even their prisons have a cool name!) splitting rocks and awaiting their daily wedgies.

Of course, there'll be many people in the world who aren't communists but you bet they would like to be. You gotta spread the message. This one's for the creative minded (and you're one, obviously, why else are you reading this wiki, comrade?). You'll be writing and drawing colorful propaganda for the masses. And have you seen the propaganda posters? I'd hit the blonde peasant chick in that Collectivization poster, definitely. She's probably an airforce pilot, too.

There are also plenty of enemies of the people out there, too. That's where the Red Army comes in. Pretty cool marching songs they have. You know how the Red Army deals with the capitalist parasites? With parachuting bears! And giant airships! and LIGHTNING!!! Communists defeat the vultures with SCIENCE! And with SCIENCE, we'll spread communism around the world, and out of this world, into the great beyond of space!

--RedStar17 08:02, 1 June 2010 (UTC)

Alright, who wrote this crap?

--Tkangaru 09:02, 1 June 2010 (UTC)