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Orbital elements
Known satellites 4
Physical characteristics
Size12,240 km
Atmosphere Breathable
Story data
Universe Star Wars
Planet type Terrestrial
Notable features Sprawling ecumenopolis
Affiliation  Republic of Coruscant
 Second Galactic Empire (DYOS 1112)
This article is about the planet. For CivGeneral's empire, see Republic of Coruscant.

The Galactic Center of Coruscant was the political hub of the galaxy for millennia. At various times, it was the capital of the Galactic Republic, the Galactic Empire, the New Republic, briefly the Empire Reborn, the New Republic again, the Yuuzhan Vong Empire occupation, the Galactic Alliance, the Fel Empire and Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire. These governments, that all controlled Coruscant, controlled the galaxy in the process.

In DRAW Your Own Story canon, the Republic of Coruscant was founded by refugees fleeing the Galactic Empire. A return expedition launched in 2002 found the Empire defeated, and its remaining holdings promptly submitted themselves to the Republic. Coruscant is one of the most valuable planets under the Republic's control, a major hub for trade and interstellar travel that serves as the "second capital".[1]

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  1. The Republic of Coruscant's capital New Port City was originally assumed to be a district within Coruscant proper; it was only identified on Earth following DRAW Your Own Story 10.