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Republic of Coruscant
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Flag Seal
Motto: コルサントの上院と人々。
korusanto no jouin to hitobito.
"The Senate and People of Coruscant."
Anthem: "Auferstanden aus Ruinen"
("Risen from Ruins")
Coruscanti borders as of DYOS XII. Diagonals denote territory occupied during the Third Nazi War.
Coruscanti borders as of DYOS XII. Diagonals denote territory occupied during the Third Nazi War.
CapitalNew Port City
Solitude, Terra Nova[2]
Largest city Solitude
Official languages English, Japanese, Russian, German[3]
Government Federal presidential constitutional republic
 -  Chancellor Kasumi
National hero(es) CivGeneral, Samus Aran, Jill Valentine
 -  Republic September 14, 1994 
 -  Hanna–Kusanagi Act 2011 
Currency Republic Dataries
Astrography Astrography of Coruscant
Member states United States, Japan
National animal Phoenix
Drives on the right (Left in Japan)

The Republic of Coruscant is a federal constitutional republic and the pet nation of CivGeneral. It has been DRAW Your Own Story's resident hyperpower since DYOS 1. It was known as the Empire of Coruscant until after DYOS 5, and since DYOS 10 its history has been retconned to downplay or remove previous imperial connotations. The name 'Coruscant' refers to the Star Wars planet of the same name, wherefrom its original citizens derive.[4]

Geography and political divisions

The heart of the Republic lies on the eponymous Republic Island, situated in Long Island Sound between Connecticut and Long Island, New York. The island is home to the five original city-states of the inaugural Republic: New Port City, Nar Shaddaa[5], Tarkingrad, Edgemond, & Vancouver[6]; as such, Republic Island is commonly referred to as the Capital Region.

Colonial expansion in the latter 1990s encompassed southeastern Connecticut, the northeastern seaboard, and by the start of DRAW Your Own Story it was in the process of annexing Japan. During the Third Nazi War, the Republic gained control of the United States, the Marshall Islands and Guam, and in the wake of Operation MacArthur eastern China, Korea, the Philippines, Indochina, Malaysia and Singapore.

In addition to its Earth-bound holdings, Coruscant exerts full control over numerous planets within and without the Solar System.

History (pre-DYOS)

Early years

See also: Trumbull Empire, Kingdom of Gregory

The Republic of Coruscant was founded in 1994 before the Barbanian War, which occurred a month later. Several settlers founded five distinct cities: Knucklelopolis, Swampton, Tarkingrad, Dullsville, & Vancouver. The five respective mayors came together to create a unified nation of five cities. The decision to name the new nation "Coruscant" came from one eccentric man who felt that it was the "right" name to use for their new nation; most say he got the name out of a book, although in his journals he wrote that he felt it was a grand name befitting a new nation.

Tri-City Naming Reform

Soon after the consolidation of the Five Cities in 1994, three mayors proposed the Tri-City Name Reform that renamed Knucklelopolis, Swampton, and Dullsville to New Port City, Nar Shaddaa, and Edgemond, respectively. The mayor of Dullsville wanted his city to sound less dull; the mayor of Swampton had made several improvements to lessen the flood risk and wished to reflect that the city was no longer a swamp; and both the mayor of Knucklelopolis and the Chancellor of the Republic wanted to reflect the "newness" of the capital city as well as link to New York City by name. Tarkingrad and Vancouver did not rebrand themselves.

Barbanian War

The unification process proved essential to drive off the Barbanian attackers from Long Island, seeking to impose tyranny and authoritarianism on the nation. The Barbanians briefly occupied Coruscant until the drop of an atomic bomb on Robotropolis routed the invaders, liberating Coruscant and its neighbouring allies of Alderan & Camolot. The Barbanian War ended the same day.

Barbanian War - Sept. 1st 1994 - Aug. 21st 1995

Colonial expansion and the First & Second Nazi Wars

See also: First Nazi War, Second Nazi War

The Coruscantis looked north to expand into the area known as New England. There were only minor settlements in the area during the Barbanian War, making the region a prime location for development. However, the Nazis from Little Fitchburg were eager to claim Coruscant and its colonies for themselves. The Nazis proved much fiercer than the Barbanians, but the Coruscantis had also found their footing. Eventually they defeated the Nazis and established a colony in southeastern Connecticut. Years later, the Republic would have to contend with Nazi insurgents dotting the landscape. During this time, the Republic of Coruscant emerged as a world power.

Following the War of '96, the Coruscantis assisted in the establishment of the German Republic from the remnants of the conquered Nazi cities into a protectorate state which assisted in the fight against the insurgents. Following the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, the German Republic moved toward annexation by the Coruscantis to better secure itself against foreign hostility.

Contemporary era

Coruscant has advanced its technological capability by the turn of the century, colonizing the moons of Saturn and improving its economy and territories on Earth.

The Republic of Coruscant has been very vocal against the War in Iraq and President George W. Bush's administration. Coruscant's concerns turned much more introspective, however, after it was invaded by the Combine Empire on August 10, 2008. After the success of Operation Poker Face, the Coruscantis managed to liberate their homeland and reclaim their territories. Currently, a cold war exists between the Combine and the Coruscantis.

In recent years, Coruscanti businessmen and politicians have been worrying about the global economic recession and the potential collapse of the Coruscanti economy.

Combine-Coruscant War

After the Battle of Arrakis and the fall of the Combine, the Republic of Coruscant was faced with an unknown force that destroyed much of the Earth. Fortunately the five cities of Coruscant escaped unharmed; its overseas territories did not share the same fortune.

With the threat of the Enclave and the resurgence of their old foes the Space Nazis, The Republic faces a new set of challenges that it will address within DYOS 10.5.

2009 economic crisis

See also: Late 2000s recession

The worst of Coruscant's nightmares came on December 23rd 2009 on the night of Festivus (known as the Festivus Panic or Black Wednesday), when the economy tanked and job losses started to mount. Threatened by the prospects of layoffs, the majority of the workforce quickly enlisted in the Coruscanti Armed Forces or sought employment by various military contractors within the Republic.

As the recession continues, the economy has shifted from a mixed marked into a barter system due to the lack of employment found in the mainland as well as a general slump in consumerism. While much of the economy is still in a recession, the Republic's engagement in the Third Nazi War has made military contractors largely recession-proof.

Third Nazi War

Main article: Third Nazi War

Haxor crisis

Main article: Hackergeddon

With the Third Nazi War and the Troubles almost, behind them. The Republic undertook an operation to neutralize the Hacker threat that's been creeping up. Two major battles that involved the Armed Forces of the Republic were the Battle of Nar Kreeta and the Battle of Wetickra. One was to secure the planet from the Hacker's faction while the latter was a joint FWA-Coruscanti operation to strike at the hacker.

Second Galactic Civil War

In the twilight of the Haxor Crisis, Mariko Antilles began her initial start of the civil war out of frustration that the Republic has turned away from it's Imperial roots and having to face Political Powerplays. After her coup, with the help of Edward Richtofen, she sought out reactionaries still lamenting over the events of The Troubles to join in her cause. Tym Nightshade, an old Imperial Inquisitor, was responsible for funneling in disgruntled reactionaries onto the majority of the Republic fleet that subsequently mutinied at the time of Mariko's Coup.

After the Battle of Wetickra, an expedition and settlement group was sent to Terra Nova under the command of Jill Valentine, commissioned by Hanna Antilles as a new establishment of the Republic. After Solitude became a thriving metropolis, the capital was moved to the city with New Port City becoming a systems capital[7] for the Governor of the Sol system.

The Second Galactic Civil War would linger on for years with both sides vying for control of each others planets in the name to eliminate the other side. Most notably are the battles of Hoth and Corellia. With the latter being the latest major victory for the Republic. After the humiliating defeat at Corellia, the Second Galactic Empire made a retaliatory strike towards the capital planet of Terra Nova.



The Republic followed a capitalist mixed economy similar to the United States for most of its existence[8]. After the stock market took a downfall on January 2nd, 2009, and unemployment increased steeply on December 23rd, 2009, many Coruscantis lost faith in the free market and advocated Keynesian reform. Some even sought for the government to adopt a command economy structure. Some Coruscanti economists have drawn inspiration from other nations that have weathered the economic downturn, such as the Eastern Union, to fix the Republic's economic woes.

In the wake of the Coruscanti Economic Crisis, the Republic quickly took control of all military production in the name of national security. Chancellor Franklin Roster had plans to implement Keynesian theory, but was assassinated before his plans came to fruition. It is currently unknown whether Acting Chancellor Motoko Kusanagi has an economic plan of her own, although analysts do not expect to see one in the near future given her direct involvement in the Third Nazi War.

Foreign relations and military

The Republic of Coruscant maintains friendly relations with its allies and other nations. Currently, Coruscant maintains a friendly alliance with the Eastern Union and Western Europe collectively known as the Triple Entente. The only nation the Republic of Coruscant is persistently wary of is some powergaming nation that changes from DYOS to DYOS.


The Republic has always tended to value diplomacy alongside a strong standing army due to its history of persecution and invasion by foreign powers; hence the Coruscantis place a high value on alliances. During the Pre-DYOS era, the Republic formed alliances with the Kingdom of Camelot[9] and the Republic of Alderaan early in the Republic's history; after the First Nazi War, the Republic helped form the German Republic and remained its ally from inception. As the Republic grew, so did the desire for the Kingdom of Camelot and the Republic of Alderaan to seek annexation into Coruscant itself, eventually uniting in 2000. The German Republic followed suit in the post 9/11 world. When the Coruscantis entered into the DYOS series, as a nation they remained initially non-committal and did not involve themselves much in the story politically until DYOS 5.

The Republic maintained an alliance with Kan' Sharuminar in the search for the Monkey Statue of Spamuzel until his posts became less and less frequent. The alliance prompted the intervention of the Coruscantis after the Battle of Aberdeen, intercepting the Kingdom of Lym's fleet in the Pripyat River. However, as the years passed and the attack on Kan gradually became a non-issue, the Coruscantis began to adopt friendlier relations with the kingdom's successor state, the Eastern Union.

Between the mid point of DYOS 5 until the Combine Insurgency, the Republic typically had an isolationist and unilateral foreign policy due to the powergaming atmosphere of the Post-DYOS 5 Era. The Republic was more concerned with protecting its holdings on Earth and expanding its spacefaring empire.

The Triple Alliance

The aftermath of the Combine Insurgency thrust the Republic into the political arena for the first time since DYOS 5. Years of isolationism had left Coruscant without an ally and many within the State Department felt inept in diplomatic relations. Before the forging of the Triple Entente, the Republic maintained an informal alliance each with the Free Western Army and the Eastern Union. It was not until the Anglo-Coruscant-Union Treaty that these informal alliances were forged into a formal one.

United Nations

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Despite officially being an observer in the United Nations, the Republic of Coruscant holds the United States' permanent seat in the Security Council. Before becoming the successor state of America, the Republic kept itself out of UN affairs. After Stylesrj took over the UN during DYOS 9, the Republic held unfavorable opinions toward the United Nations when Stylesrj manipulated it as a tool for unilateral brute force.

In recent years, moreso after inheriting the United States' Security Council position, the Republic has considered becoming a full member of the United Nations. CivGeneral himself wishes to see the legitimacy of the UN restored and not share the same fate as the League of Nations. Thorvald of Lym's dedication to reclaiming its legitimacy has encouraged to the Republic to join the United Nations.

Included in "Motoko's Proposal", the package of amendments made for the Anglo-Coruscant-Union Treaty, was a bill to begin the process of joining the United Nations. Many have said that the Republic might adopt the role of Asian counterpart to the Eastern Union after the Third Nazi War is over.

Toyoda Security

Main article: Hokkaidō Question

Although CivGeneral maintains an amicable relation with Mr. Toyoda, the government's attitude toward his security firm is divided, varying from cautious optimism to outright hostility. The Senate hawks have advocated military action to assert the Republic's authority, citing the Hokkaidō Uprising as proof of Toyoda's unreliability. The doves, by contrast, believe that Toyoda's firm and the Republic's armed forces can co-exist in Hokkaidō. Both radicals and moderates, however, believe Toyoda's firm should be evicted from all other territories.

Armed Forces

Main article: Armed Forces of the Republic of Coruscant
The Republic Naval Ensign flown on Coruscanti Ships

The Coruscanti Military fields the most advanced technological equipment available, from space behemoths like the Star Destroyers, to one-man tanks like the Power Armor. Coruscant does not technically have a marine corp, as the army fulfills that role. The military has a strong preference for and tradition of combined-arms operations.

Branches of the Coruscanti Military:

  • Army
  • Navy
  • Air force
  • Space ops (jointly operated by all three branches; Combined Arms operations)


The culture of Coruscant is a mix of Japanese, German, Russian, and American cultures. Popular headgear for the winter is the Russian Ushanka. It is perhaps the only nation to exhibit traits of an Atomic Age, Post Cyberpunk, and Space Age eras at the same time. Urban architecture in the Five Cities Region is a mixture of modern, Retro-futurism, Googie[10], Cyberpunk, Atompunk, and Dieselpunk.

Coruscantis are by and large a superstitious people and place a high emphasis on luck, due to a history of misfortune on both the individual and national level. Coruscantis are especially superstitious when it comes to relationships[11] and jobs. A history of war and persecution has led to the popular image of the Coruscanti as survivalist. This is evidenced by numerous fallout shelters built across the urbanized centers as well as outfitting many underground shopping centers and subway networks to function as fallout/bomb shelters.

The fallout from the Combine occupation has left many abandoned urban centers and subways infested with zombies from the Combine's use of viral biological agents and headcrabs to punish resisters. The aftermath has left many Coruscanti citizens on Earth much more hardened in their effort to quarantine the infected areas. The "little zombie apocalypse" has caused an increase in firearm ownership per capita.

Marriage traditions

It is as common for Coruscanti males to adopt the surnames of their wives as it is for Coruscanti females to adopt the surnames of their husbands, notably by CivGeneral after his marriage to Jill Valentine.


The top technology companies within the Republic of Coruscant are Megatech, Vault-Tec Industries and its subsidiaries, Kuat Heavy Industries, and Seburo Arms.

Technologies found in the Republic of Coruscant exceed much of the technological progress of any other nation on Earth, driven by a history of always wanting to be a step ahead of its enemies after being invaded so many times, as well as to better the lives of its citizens.

Even with advanced technologies granting the use of laser and plasma weaponry, regular firearms are still common in both the armed forces and private gun dealers. It is not uncommon to see World War I & II-era weapons. The MG-42 (and its modern variants), Bren Light Machine Gun, and the Boys Anti-Tank Rifle are the only World War II weapons that are still in service within the Republic Army.

Atomic-powered cars are a reality after the Republic witnessed an energy crisis during the 2000s, although petroleum-powered cars are still common. Coruscant gets the majority of its petroleum supply from Bryyo and exports any surplus petroleum to other nations in need.

Historical flags

Civil flags

Naval Ensign

Behind the scenes

Like Thorvald's Eastern Union, the Republic of Coruscant is CivGeneral's own micronation that he maintains as a hobby, and is a fictional country. It was created before DYOS, and long before CivGeneral joined CFC.

Originally, the micronation was named "Floating Island", an island nation situated on an island that floats in the air, inspired from the Sonic Video Game series. As CivGeneral got older, the idea of a floating island began to look silly and he settled on the idea of just having a normal island nation. The name "Floating Island" itself was never mentioned in DYOS, and the nation was not established until DYOSes later as the "Republic of Coruscant", as a normal island nation. This has led to some reader confusion as to Coruscant's origins. New Port City was originally named Knucklelopolis (after a Sonic character).

Sometimes CivGeneral refers to a particular city's old name instead of its current name. (eg: calling Nar Shaddaa "Swampton" or Edgemond "Dullsville"), largely due to the Istanbul/Constantinople Complex, even though the cities have gone by their current names by the time of DYOS.

The flag of Coruscant borrows the tri-colored flag of the German Empire, the five stars from Singapore, and a stylized starbird from the Galactic Republic of the Old Sith Wars era, replacing the sigil from the Galactic Republic during the clone wars era.

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