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A typical day's work.

Cosmo Cosma and Wanda Venus Fairywinkle Cosma are the married pair of fairy godparents that accompany Timmy Turner. The extent of their magic powers is unknown, although they cannot cheat contests or fake love. Cosmo is the second-youngest fairy in existence, after their son Poof (I'm not bothering to explain the rules of that show, they make no sense) and exhibits an immaturity and general incompetence that manifests in bad advice that Timmy typically follows. Wanda, by contrast, is much more sensible, which is an extremely rare trait, in both Fairly Odd Parents and DYOS.

During DRAW Your Own Story 10, Cosmo and Wanda would drift in and out of contact with other characters on a fairly regular basis, Wanda having been captured alongside choxorn, prompting a rescue attempt by Cosmo. Some time later, Cosmo was mind-controlled and attempted to kill Timmy before being jettisoned from his ship. Cosmo later recovered, and husband and wife were re-united during the rise of the Free Western Army. Later, when Timmy and company crash-landed in the Kremlin, both fairies were mind-controlled by Denzel Crocker. Cosmo assumedly escaped, but Wanda was taken to FDR's secret headquarters and "interrogated".

Neither Cosmo nor Wanda have yet appeared in Part II. Following FDR's death at the end of the Battle of Arrakis, Wanda is assumed to be in the custody of the Clone Guild.

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