Crimson Binome

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Gavin Capacitor
The Crimson Binome.jpg
First appearance DRAW Your Own Story 11
Created by Mainframe Entertainment
Portrayed by Long John Baldry
Aliases The Crimson Binome
Species Binome
Gender Male
Date of birth ???
Age ???
Occupation Software pirate
Nationality Unknown

Captain Gavin Capacitor, better known as the Crimson Binome, is a character from the Canadian television series ReBoot, a notorious software pirate and captain of the Saucy Mare. He debuted in the eponymous episode, The Crimson Binome, raiding Mainframe for software. When one of the crew members stole Bob's keytool, Bob boarded the ship, only to be captured, prompting a rescue by Dot Matrix. After Dot elaborated how honest commerce was more profitable, Capacitor entered into a business partnership.

The Crimson Binome returned in Season 3; after Mainframe was sealed off from the Net and the Mare tried to establish trade with other systems, the Guardian Collective issued a bounty on the captain. The ship was impounded at the Desert Port System and most of the crew arrested; Capacitor and first mate Mr. Christopher evaded capture, re-encountering Matrix and AndrAIa. They broke out the crew, and after a skirmish with the port authorities, escaped the system. The ship entered the Web with the help of Ray Tracer, and after a harrowing adventure, the party reunited with Bob and returned to Mainframe.

Capacitor assisted in the liberation of Mainframe from Megabyte, turning the Mare into a fire ship to destroy the remaining ABC fleet. The crew helped evacuate citizens to the Principal Office during the system crash, and aided in the resistance against the supervirus Daemon in Season 4.


The Crimson Binome is one of, and the inspiration for, the software pirates in DRAW Your Own Story 11. His introductory comic is a near shot-for-shot reenactment of the breakout from the Desert Port System.[1]