Crinoor invasion and occupation of Avalon

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Crinoor Invasion and Occupation of Avalon
Part of the Crinoor incursions into the Milky Way
New Damascus being razed by a Crinoor cruiser
DateApprox. 10 years prior to DYOS XI
Result The Avalon system blockaded and occupied by the Crinoor fleet
Avalon occupied by the Crinoor
Crinoor Empire The Crinoor Empire No Central Authority Various human states of Avalon
Commanders and leaders
Crinoor Empire Admiral Kluth No unified command
Hundreds or thousands (true number unknown) 300,000,000 Avalonian humans (approx.)
Casualties and losses
Unknown, minimal Untold millions

The Crinoor Invasion and Occupation of the Planet of Avalon and its System was a brief military conflict (if indeed it deserves such a distinction) between the invading Crinoor of Admiral Kluth and the defenseless human kingdoms, republics, and city-states of Avalon. The campaign resulted in the utter collapse of all central human government on the planet, and the occupation of the system by Crinoor forces.


By the time of the invasion of Avalon, the Crinoor had already been terrorizing the Milky Way galaxy for over one-thousand years. The planet was much desired for its natural reserves of Ununpentium and diamonds, both greatly prized by space travelers for their special properties. The planet only went undetected for a bit over a century before the Crinoor were alerted to Avalon's mineral reserves, and descended upon the planet.

The Invasion

A casualty of the invasion.

There was no formal casus belli or declaration of war when the invasion began, only a concerted, decisive strike on the main population centers of the planet. The main laser cannons of the powerful Crinoor cruisers easily reduced the grand cities of Avalon into heaps of slag or hollow ruins. In minutes, millions were dead, and hundreds of thousands more perished over the following days as the remains were combed over by ground forces.


The surviving humans were forced to flee into Avalon's many volcanic tubes, forming camps such as Camp Hope, and eking a living out from what they could steal when the Crinoor weren't watching. The Crinoor maintained a blockade around the system, occasionally patrolling the planet to maintain order, but otherwise allowing the humans to starve on their own.

Avalon would not know freedom for another decade, when Gruekiller happened upon the planet, and drove the Crinoor away.