Cruiser Galactica

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Heavy Cruiser Galactica
Production information
Manufacturer Taidann Manufactorium
Model Qwaar-Jet Heavy Cruiser
Class Heavy Cruiser
Cost 3000 Resource Units
Modified by Doctor Rodney McKay
Technical specifications
Modified systems Energy shields
Shielding Enhanced Photonic Resonance Barrier
Hull Nanohardened Titanium Alloy
Main computer Electronic Video Agent (EVA)
Countermeasures Antiparticle point defence turrets
Armament Four Turreted Ion Cannons
Role(s) Heavy firepower
Era(s) DYOS XI
Commissioned Blood Gulch Mercenaries
Earliest sighting DYOS XI, Second Battle of Chiron
Present for battles/events Second Battle of Chiron
Affiliation Blood Gulch Mercenaries
Fleet Blood Gulch Starfleet
Known owner(s) Blood Gulch Mercenaries
Commander(s) Rodney McKay, Commander Perkins

A Qwaar-Jet Heavy Cruiser used in the Blood Gulch Starfleet

Formerly lead by Rodney McKay and now under the command of Commander Perkins.

It had been quickly pressed into service to deliver heavy firepower to the enemy's defences in the Second Battle of Chiron in order to allow several stranded Ion Frigates to pull back.


It was not mentioned again until later in DYOS XI where it arrived with the rest of the fleet at the Comet Observatory's new location. It was affected by The Hacker's Weaponised Carp attack and was cleared out, with some problems involving friendly fire, until time travel retconned that attack being effective and instead made it a curb-stomp battle in the Blood Gulch Mercenaries' favour.


The Galactica is much like any other Heavy Cruiser, except that Rodney found a way to add energy shields to the prow. However, this requires the diverting of the power from the main ion cannons, leaving only point defenses available.

Behind the scenes

  • The name comes from the ship in the sci-fi series Battlestar Galactica because Stylesrj thought it looked somewhat like a Battlestar at the time he named it.
  • Although Homeworld only shows two ion cannons firing, it apparently has four arrays

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File:Cruiser Action.PNG
Galactica in action