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CurtSibling from his own comic in DYOS 5.
First appearanceDRAW Your Own Story 1
Last appearanceDRAW Your Own Story 5 (as contributor)
SpeciesAnimated Skeleton
Date of birth5 June 1974
OccupationArchenemy of CivFanatica

ENEMY ACE™. CFC Old Guard legend and member of the Apolyton Scenario League, he is the author of a number of historical, fantasy, and science-fiction scenarios for Civ2 MGE & ToT. One of the most active contributors of DYOS 1, he became renowned for his excellent Photoshop skills. Curt in real life is a professional artist with a background in indie comics. By the way, he's a militant atheist. Declare your love for God, and he'll declare war on you!

Curt has traditionally appeared as the thread's main villain, conspiring against the Moderators to take over CivFanatica and/or the world with his trademark weaponized spam and Wehrmacht arsenal. During the Classical Era he was the archenemy to CivGeneral and a regular rival to George W. Bush, and jousted with Perfection over the title of Supreme Spam God.

Curt's last contribution was midway through DRAW Your Own Story 5, when he invaded the Vatican with full-colour original illustrations. While he teased a return several times,[1][2][3] he has yet to make any public acknowledgment of DYOS. He has, however, continued to appear as a character in several posters' stories.

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