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Cut-and-paste or copy-pasta is the simplest method of comic creation, and prior to DRAW Your Own Story 11 was the most prolific medium throughout DYOS. C+P cartoons consist of images imported from a pre-existing source and arranged to create a scene, with text overlay providing dialogue and narration. C+P, while simple, varies widely in terms of quality depending on the amount of effort spent 'polishing' it.

In addition to basic collages, with the rise in popularity of machinomics some comics are built by literally cutting out figures from one image and pasting them into the main scene. This produces a more aesthetically pleasing final result, and allows for crossovers between characters and settings from otherwise incompatible media.


Green-screening example: the top image consists of foreground characters and objects against a uniform backdrop whose colour is not used in the foreground. Using an advanced image editor, the backdrop hue is extracted, leaving a transparent background. The image is then pasted overtop a new background (bottom image) with lighting adjustment as necessary.

Elements of cut-and-paste are used in green-screening, a technique to transpose sections of one image into another. In film and machinima, the foreground is shot against a uniform background colour which is then removed through editing; the resulting footage is placed on top of a new background.

Common cut-and-paste sources

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