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The original idea came from the game Starsiege which had two cloaking devices- Chameleon Cloak and Cuttlefish Cloak. The Cuttlefish was the most advanced, but used more power and was heavier.
Both cloaking devices use the principle of Thermoptic Camouflage to blend an object with its surroundings.

It was used by Prince Kassad and Stylesrj in early DYOS V.


In an attempt to interact with the plot (other than annoying CivGeneral by blowing up his fleets), Stylesrj attempted to fly his ships towards the planet where he and Major Kusanagi were at.

In order to catch them by surprise and seize the Monkey Statue of Spamuzel, he consulted with Kassad on the latest in cloaking. He procured and installed Cuttlefish Cloaking XI on the fleet which mostly worked, except for cloaking the Red Baron.

Almost immediately in CivGeneral's next comic, the Hutts had detected his cloaked ships easily and seized them, taking Stylesrj prisoner.

File:Cuttlefish Failure.JPG
It goes to show what an extra dollar could have done

Cuttlefish Cloak XII

According to Stylesrj, this cloak was said to be more advanced than the XI, able to avoid the scans used by the Hutts and only cost an extra dollar on Amazon.

Stealth Suits

File:Spy Rhiza.PNG
Female Variant

Using the smaller, lighter and more energy-efficient Cuttlefish Cloak XV, the Stealth Suit can render a person invisible to all but specialised sensors.
They share a similar resemblance to the Republic Stealth Armour except that the design was derived from Ghost SEAL who used a more powerful cloaking device that even the naked eye could not see [1]

Stylesrj and his wife used them at the Battle of Chiron to sneak into an Enclave research base.


  1. Or at least makes it impossible for a unit in Starcraft to see unless you've got a Detector in place... despite the fact the commander can see the flicker or discharge of weaponry...