DRAW Your Own Story: At Plot's End

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DRAW Your Own Story:
At Plot's End
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Created by Thorvald of Lym
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Début July 2013
Preceded by DRAW Your Own Story 11
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DRAW Your Own Story: At Plot's End, also known as DRAW Your Own Story XII and DYOS 12, is the thirteenth thread and twelfth installment of DRAW Your Own Story, released 17 July 2013 on the tenth anniversary of DYOS 1. Inspired by the burgeoning debate over 'Net neutrality in the early 2010s, it is a loose sequel to The HAAAX, set shortly after the introduction of draconian regulatory legislation that has been used by various political groups to quash popular dissent and given rise to a number of totalitarian conspiracies.

At Plot's End is the first thread since DYOS 5 not to include a serial number in the official title, done largely at the suggestion of Kan' Sharuminar to move away from what some saw as an 'episodic' mentality. DYOS XI had been widely criticized for enthralling itself to a lacklustre main arc, and the new thread aims not to define itself by any one storyline. Though the start of the thread was met with criticism, largely towards CivGeneral.



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