DRAW Your Own Story: At Plot's End

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DRAW Your Own Story:
At Plot's End
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Created by Thorvald of Lym
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Début July 2013
Preceded by DRAW Your Own Story 11
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DRAW Your Own Story: At Plot's End, also known as DRAW Your Own Story XII and DYOS 12, is the thirteenth thread and twelfth installment of DRAW Your Own Story, debuting on 17 July 2013, the tenth anniversary of DYOS 1. Inspired by the burgeoning debate over net neutrality in the 2010s, it is a loose sequel to The HAAAX, set shortly after the introduction of draconian regulatory legislation that has been used by various political groups to quash popular dissent and given rise to a number of totalitarian conspiracies.

At Plot's End is the first thread since DYOS 5 not to include a serial number in the official title, done largely at the suggestion of Kan' Sharuminar to move away from what some saw as an 'episodic' mentality. DYOS XI had been widely criticized for enthralling itself to a lacklustre main arc, and the new thread aims not to define itself by any one storyline. Though the start of the thread was met with criticism, largely towards CivGeneral.



The trouble begins, as it usually seems to do. With the Hacker killed and no enemy to unite against, the world turns to anti-net neutrality legislation in the form of POPA-SIPPA, hoping to prevent future web-based threats like the late Pul Wat Aa from cropping up again. In practice, it begins to see normal people who've done no wrong scooped up by goosestepping web authorities, and the CFCers are forced to unite against it. While this threat builds up in the background, the more immediate one of Mariko's Coup is vanquished at last on Coruscant. CivGeneral engages in a lightsaber duel with his cloned "sister" Mariko, while his daughter Nozomi Valentine leads a squad outside to vanquish remaining Imperial forces. Nozomi is forced to save her father when the duel turns around, and in turn Tym Nightshade soon arrives to cover Mariko's escape. The Coup is over, but the Imperial leadership gets away.

Two months later, in a timeframe concurrent with the rise of POPA-SIPPA, CivGeneral learns of its effects from Hanna Antilles and despairs over his place in the world, wondering if the Hacker was really right after all. He soon travels to Kuat, where the Death Star is destroyed by Nozomi and Motoko Kusanagi, and Edward Richtofen is captured. CivGeneral learns that Mariko has abandoned her empire, and accepts the surrender of Grand Moff Ron Lee, the leader of the remnant, finally ending the conflict between the Republic of Coruscant and the Empire. After the treaty is signed, CivGeneral and Ayane are confronted by POPA-SIPPA bureaucrat Walter Barrezz, who accuses Senator Hanna Antilles of data smuggling. CivGeneral tells him to push off, to much fist shaking.

While considering becoming a mercenary in the interest of tracking down Mariko, CivGeneral is confronted in his office by Barrezz, who orders his modems shut down for POPA-SIPPA violations. He also reveals that CivGeneral's flagship, the Nana, has been impounded. Once the official has gone, he learns that his mother has gotten into a fix in New Port City and leaves to help her. Once he arrives, he discovers his mother speaking with Galney. Incensed by Galney's role in creating Mariko, CivGeneral nevertheless listens to what he has to say. He pleads with CivGeneral to take a stand against POPA-SIPPA, and he agrees. Together with his comrades, he takes off in his new vessel, the Hajin Mon, leaving his son Richard Valentine behind to keep an eye on things while he heads for Geneva III.

On Geneva III, Civ, Ayane, and Hanna meet up with their contact, who slips them a briefcase full of intel on the true intentions of POPA-SIPPA. They're ambushed by a Deathclaw and dispatch it after a brief firefight. Meanwhile, on Dromund Kaas, Mariko (newly rechristened "Darth Hakai") instructs Darth Grievous to track down and subdue CivGeneral for capture. Unaware of this, CivGeneral guides the Hajin Mon toward Egypt II in search of more information. Meanwhile, the Blood Gulch Mercenaries enjoy booming business, but seem to attract just as much trouble as ever. Delia Steel is gunned down by Keto at New Corteza Spaceport, but soon recovers. She meets Enoraduo Eyila and they hit it off. After a walk together (during which Delia suspects they're being followed), they meet up with Delia's brother, Gregory Hall, and plan to depart for Egypt II, unaware that they will be converging upon CivGeneral's crew there.

Before Delia and Enoraduo depart for Egypt II, Perfection breaks in a new adventure with a questionable beverage, before going shopping. After spotting a newspaper discussing the wacky goings-on in space, he takes a Launch Arcology past the atmosphere to seek out new places to find some thrills. His path takes him inexorably toward New Corteza. The sad tale of Dave the Toothbrush is told in a dark alley somewhere. As part of the continuing crackdowns on Internet freedom, Margaret Thatcher introduces the National Loyalty Act in Great Britain.

Meanwhile, far from Earth and its burgeoning web troubles, the adventurer Gruekiller, killed in the previous installment by his diabolical former mentor, Bowie, awakens from a brief coma a different man. After getting slugged in the face by his friend Valerie, he speaks with the doctor watching after him and follows. On a balcony overlooking New Damascus, the capital of Avalon, he talks with her.



  • "At Plot's End" is a possible reference to the subtitle of the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie, At World's End.

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