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Recent archeology excavation into the DYOS past has uncovered something interesting.

DRAW Your Own Story 1 was the first DYOS thread, created by CivCube. It is the best known thread of the Pre-DYOS 5 Era, mainly because the second thread was deleted and the third and fourth are the shortest two DYOS threads. It is considered to have been the best by many.


CivCube started the first DYOS thread on July 17, 2003. However, the idea certainly isn't new. There are other "comics jams" available elsewhere on the Internet, notably "Global Comics Jam", which features professional art. CivCube did not see these sites until later; he first participated in an earlier story thread on CFC, "Write-your-own-story". This thread shared DYOS's proud tradition of chaotic, incoherent storytelling and personal attacks.

After the third Write-your-own-story within a week, CivCube realized the missing ingredient: pictures. A webcomics fan, CivCube had to do something about that. He rushed the first post with a hastily-constructed Paint cut-and-paste:


"In the land of Fanatics..."

Despite the creator's attempt to include rules in the original post, contributors were more interested in "anything goes" spontaneity, which was for the most part not a huge problem. The thread was mostly a way for Off-Topic members to goof off. Members who wanted a more cohesive storyline would have to wait until DYOS 10. In the meantime, there were rather confusing choices in storyline, including clones, time travel, and alternate universes. The thread eventually became an argument between Perfection and CivGeneral. When it stopped being fun, CivCube ended the story with a concluding comic. This resulted in the absolute bans on Parallel Universes and Time Travel from DYOS 2 onward, which were obviously ignored by Stylesrj a few times in DYOS 5-9.

Notable contributors: CurtSibling, china444, CivGeneral, Mojotronica, puglover, Elden, Perfection, CivCube, SoCalian,


CurtSibling kicked things off with an invasion of "the fiefdom of Off-Topic". The regular OT posters responded with chest-beating and counter-invading each other. Chaos ensued. Rays that made users obese, frequent teleportation, fictional bans, and Tupperware soul containers were all used in the claims for Off-Topic. CivGeneral made his first appearance, adventuring with Mara Jade on many missions.

The first "legendary item" in DYOS was Britain's tea. Why exactly everyone wanted this tea is a mystery to everyone involved...but it was wanted, and it actually provided some cohesiveness to the story for a while. Things got stranger when Perfection began operating almost exclusively from his Perfectiverse. With alternate dimensions and time travel now a possibility, Elden organized his alternate selves into his own army. Meanwhile, CurtSibling created a Terminator-like robot, the Dubinater.


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