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Hey, you've found something! Good for you!
"What is THIS!!?" - Barry Burton
Recent archeology excavation into the DYOS past has uncovered something interesting.

DYOS 3: Moderators and Madmen, originally begun by CivCube, started as yet another CurtSibling threat to dominate the world with spam. The CFC mods in the storyline formed a "Mod Squad" to find the "Spamlord Sibling". The thread itself became overrun by spam, and it was brief. After a week, in which 3 pages of spam comics were posted, it went 6 months with no posts at all before being briefly revived. The reason for this has been lost to history, although it can be guessed that the thread might have been locked during that time period.

In March 2011, an archived copy of the thread was rediscovered by Perfection along with the other old DYOS threads. Unfortunately some of the links to the comics could not be recovered as they were posted as attachments. The archived thread can be read here and the recoverable comics have been collected here.

Participants: CivCube, Ramius75, MarineCorps, Perfection, kulade, Manverulin, SeleucusNicator, Garbarsardar.jr. puglover, CivGeneral, Gogf, nonconformist, Bootstoots, Immortal, Al Zan, Johann MacLeod, Zarn, hbdragon88, tossi, kittenOFchaos, Plexus

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