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DYOS (Civ) III is a scenario for Civilization III under development by Thorvald of Lym.

In the beginning

Thorvald commenced the project unaware of an earlier attempt. The initial design features most of the participants from DRAW Your Own Story 6 onward, with current nations acting as power buffers and lesser opponents. The scenario itself is set on El Mencey's 362x326 world map, some time before the Second Napoleonic War in DRAW Your Own Story 10.

World map as of recent update, featuring 509 cities.

Play-testing revealed a number of issues with the design. Aside from logistical and sheer power balancing troubles, one of the foremost errors concerned an attempt to better the survival chance of the minor powers through locked alliances. A player could, through the correct diplomatic manoeuvres, start a chain reaction that would lead all the civilizations party to a locked alliance to declare war on each other. The greatest inhibitor, however, turned out to be the map itself: at the latest trial run, over 460 cities were pre-placed while Africa and South America were grossly underdeveloped. While a handful of alternative maps were analyzed and a method of city substitution considered, Thorvald, ever the perfectionist, decided he would rather a completely new scenario than attempt to simplify the existing blueprint.

With the encouragement of his peers, he will attempt to complete the current map before reworking the scenario as a general mod.

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