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DRAW Your Own Story X.ii
Theatrical poster for DYOS X.ii
Also known as
  • Plans Within Plans
  • Part II
Created byThorvald of Lym
Main storylines
DébutAugust 2009
Preceded byDRAW Your Own Story 10
Followed byDYOS 11, At Plot's End (concurrent)
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"Be prepared to appreciate what you meet."
Fremen proverb

DRAW Your Own Story X: Plans Within Plans, also known as DRAW Your Own Story 10.5, DYOS X.ii, and most commonly referred to as Part II, is the sequel to DYOS X: The Avatar Wars, and in conjunction with DYOS XI constitutes the eleventh and current installment of DRAW Your Own Story. Chronologically-speaking it is currently the longest-lived DYOS thread, having begun at the same time as The HAAAX, but as of March 2015 is only slightly larger post-wise than At Plot's End.

It deviates from the traditional genre of comic adventure, emphasizing internal and international diplomacy and examining darker themes that give it the trappings of a political thriller. The story begins where its precursor left off: the protagonists, having recovered the Gem, are returning to Earth to collect their reward, only to find the world ravaged by an unknown monster.

The Story Thus Far

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As the protagonists re-enter the Sol System, CivGeneral attempts to contact Mr. Toyoda with news of victory, but nobody's picking up. He tries again with his own men, and similarly, no response. Thorvald then phones the Kremlin, and is informed in a calm and clear manner that something bad has happened. Upon reaching the surface, they find everything in a state of nuclear apocalypse, sans the radiation, with Toyoda nowhere to be found. Compounding these problems, Dr. Breen returns as leader of the Enclave, the Combine Empire's Earth-bound presence while they're busy fighting the Imperium.

It's not too long before the Enclave and the Coruscantis begin butting heads. Breen unleashes evil clones of CG and Samus, creatively named CG-X and SA-X. In an unbelievably boneheaded move, the Enclave kidnaps CG and Friends and bunks them up at headquarters. They escape in about five seconds, and are (surprise surprise) confronted by Breen and the doubles at the exit. However, it turns out Breen isn't as senile as he looks: he wants to escape the zoo as much as they do, PLUS, he says he knows the deal with Toyoda. Of course, this information isn't going cheap, and pledging allegiance to the Big E is something CG just can't afford. Wally leaves CG to the mercy of the doppelgängers, and CG is beaten to a bloody pulp in the first time his main character might actually die since Kusanagi took a bullet to the head in DYOS V.

Fortunately, the disappearance of Coruscant's leetest general doesn't go unnoticed, and the army uses the excuse to annex the United States. Commandos arrive in time to take him to hospital, where Samus transfuses her Metroid-Chozo DNA to revoke his application to Badass Normal Academy. Just when it looks like the Enclave is finished and everybody can get back to the main story, the Space Nazis interrupt; foes of Coruscant so old, they existed before DYOS did. They immediately invade the wrong continent, just as Marshal Brusilov is set to begin the world's third-greatest manhunt.

While Europe re-enacts World War II, Coruscant resumes the fight against the Wal-Man, who has retreated into the South Pacific. Coruscant proves international law has nothing on it by dropping da bomb on an ambiguously-placed offshore platform. Rather than scare the enemy into surrender, however, Breen gets totally pumped and invades Japan. This makes up for Mannie's lacklustre campaign, which has already seen its D-Day (and they hadn't even reached Volgograd yet). Turns out, though, that the Enclave's run its course, and when the Coruscantis strike back, the Axis of Evil ain't gonna honour its commitments. Premier Brezhnev washes his hands of his predecessor with a curt "Good day, Janitor Breen."

Meanwhile, trouble brews from within. Hannibal Barca, acting under the influence of the Anti-Gem, returns to Dune to figure out just what Emperor Frederick is hiding. One uncomfortable revelation leads to another, and after an exhaustive troll through the records hall, he pieces together an alarming discovery that spurs a no-holds-barred push to New Port to destroy the Gem post-haste. However, the other generals of the Cosmonarmada aren't so eager to back the mission, and conspire to belay Hannibal's order by revoking his authority and cutting loose the Blue Fleet.

The Clone Guild is set to run into conflict with this rogue squadron as its insidious agents under the directive of Colonel Sykes hunt for the Chosen Ones. Rocket proves himself the traitorous bastard once again, betraying Taillesskangaru who, rescued but ravaged, now navigates a freakish dreamworld while his body lies in a coma. choxorn, meanwhile, is told he's a wanted man. The race is on to dodge the agents in orange as he searches for Toyoda, armed with personal insight from the sly Ms. Tojikawa and the sage Mr. Narakane.

But there's someone else who wants Toyoda, for far less amicable reasons. Just behind Coruscant's war-time banner of solidarity stands a nation divided. Enter Randy Johnson, CIA deputy director and self-appointed champion of the will of the Republic. Toyoda may have saved Thunderfall and CG may love him for it, but Johnson knows the only way to settle the Hokkaidō Question is through the Stalinist approach: No Man, No Problem. He's watched Coruscant fall from grace as it bends its will to the international community and prescribes a return to isolation as the antidote. There's just one setback: Kusanagi's in charge, and she's a World Citizen disciple. Add to that CivGeneral's private connections and control over the military and the scope for foreign policy revision is pretty small. But Randy's not a quitter, and will see all obstacles to the True Path removed... even if he has to pull the trigger himself.

In a related plot, Stylesrj has returned with the founding of Blood Gulch Mercenaries and his first contract of protecting The Gem from intruders. Due to impatience however, he has taken it upon himself to guard the Coruscant National History Museum instead. This miscommunication has also led to Rhiza Kalanin to think that The Gem is inside and is sent out to steal it for Talon Company.

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