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DRAW Your Own Story XI: THE HAAAAX!, also known as DRAW Your Own Story 11 and abbreviated DYOS XI or DYOS 11, is an indirect sequel to DRAW Your Own Story 10 and, in conjunction with DYOS 10.5, constitutes the eleventh installment of DRAW Your Own Story. The premise focuses around a series of hacker strikes and other Internet-based obstacles that occurred within 2008-09, culminating in the (fictitious) closure of the Off-Topic forum. The thread welcomed a number of new contributors to DYOS, including DaemonDD, Huayna Capac357, Taniciusfox, Zack, Gruekiller, and NedimNapoleon.

The story premise of DYOS 11 was originally floated by e350tb as "DYOS XI: The Googlebot Incident".

Somewhere in March 2011, at 93 pages, it surpassed DYOS 5's previously held record for the longest DYOS thread, eventually capping off at a mammoth 167 pages.


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DYOS 11 and DYOS 10.5 are considered two separate threads with different themes running concurrently. The events of the two threads are generally not linked. However, for some canon purposes the events of DYOS 10.5 are treated as preceding the events of DYOS 11, mainly for CivGeneral's plotline. It's as of yet unclear exactly how much time passed between the events of Plans Within Plans and DYOS 11, but it can be assumed to be on the order of a few years or so.

The Story Thus Far

The HAAAX Crisis & Pirate Resurgence
DateAugust 07 2009 - June 16 2013
LocationTeh Galaxy (see more specific locations in the article body)

The Civver Alliance Cfcicon.png CivFanatics
Template:Country data Blood Gulch Blood Gulch Mercenaries
Cfcicon.png Sidewinder Casino
Republic of Coruscant

Eastern Union
Free Western Army
Ming Dynasty

choxorn's Zombies

Other Factions: Enemies of the Internet
Jolly Roger.png The Hacker
Blazing Claw 1.png Space Pirates
Umbrel10.png Umbrella Corporation

Renegade Factions
Unaffiliatedbanner.png Stylesrj Avatar Army
22px Lucifer's Demon Clan
Jolly Roger.png Software Pirates
Canadian Insurgency
Second Galactic Empire

The Mobians
22px Eggman Empire

22px Mobius
Commanders and leaders

Motoko Kusanagi CivGeneral
Samus Aran7px
Jill Valentine
Octavia Deaconescu
Rudolph Krieger
Spongebob Squarepants
Patrick Star
Sandy Cheeks
Cfcicon.png Thunderfall
Template:Country data Blood Gulch Stylesrj
Template:Country data Blood Gulch Rhiza Kalanin
Cfcicon.png Stylesjl
Cfcicon.png Whomp
Cfcicon.png Rik Meleet
Cfcicon.png Abaddon
Scotland Flag.png Kan' Sharuminar
Zheng He

Unaffiliatedbanner.png Gruekiller

Jolly Roger.png The HackerBlazing Claw 1.png Mother Brain 2.0
Umbrel10.png Albert Wesker
Blazing Claw 1.png / Umbrel10.png / Dr. Edward Richtofen
Umbrel10.png Bernard Maxium
Mariko Antilles
Phillip Grimsby
Unaffiliatedbanner.png Laes Dragonhelper
22px Lucifer
22px Ivo Robotnik

22px Taniciusfox
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On August 7, 2009, the Unthinkable happened - CFC Off-Topic was closed. This is certainly the work of the infamous Hacker, the mysterious individual who has already been implicated in at least three other cyber-attacks. The regulars, lurkers, flamers, trolls and spammers of OT did not take the news well, but were soon distracted. The good people of OT had to improvise or vent their frustration elsewhere. Some tried to tag Forum Games instead but found that feature disabled, too. The following morning, every shop on a street was spray-painted with "USA #1".

In the middle of this chaos, Darth Cheney made a stereotypical supervillainous appearance. Stylesjl of Sidewinder Casino confronted this new threat, with rather liberal use of nuclear weapons. At the same time an inopportune row broke out between President Obama (in a suit of armor Metal Wolf Chaos style) and Joe Biden (possessed by Cthulhu), who tried to enslave America by turning the Casino into a particle cannon. Both were soon hacked out of existence.

Yes, I know it doesn't make much sense. This is DYOS, bear with me.

Ahem... meanwhile, Lucifer thought it would be a good idea to pay a visit. He had heard about the Avatar Wars and it sounded fun. Traveling across the universe with nothing but a surfboard, however, proved to be a bad idea. Lucifer was knocked off the surfboard by a SW Casino attack fighter, and spent a while floating in intergalactic void until he was rescued by a priest, a rabbi and an imam in a canoe, who brought him up to date on the situation.

As our heroes were busy fighting each other/lost in space/on hiatus, the Hacker made his next move, hacking into other forums and websites, and hacking through Pathspace (above hyperspace, allowing the Hacker to attack ships in hyperspace at will). The crashing of the Galava Forums hit Stylesrj particularly hard. Determined that such a calamity should never happen again, he began to fight against the hacker, initially aided by the "Great Hacker" Aa.

The best defense against the HAAAAX is what is called the "Great Ghost" in Hackspace (one above Pathspace). Dr. Thrax, working for Darth Cheney (in turn working for the Hacker), was sent to investigate. Aa, however, now showed his true colors, and began moving on CivFanatics. Brother Hackvh arrived from Hyperspace to do the dirty work. At this stage Galava Forums was revived, and Stylesrj rushed back to defend Galava, abandoning CivFanatics to its fate.

On the other side of the planet, CivGeneral, Samus Aran, and Motoko Kusanagi locked themselves in a Coruscanti vault to protect themselves from Mahmoud Iwannajihad as he lobbed missiles in a vain attempt to satisfy his Off-Topic fix. Months afterward, Our Heroes emerged to deliver the Hacker unto justice. They picked up Lucifer on the way to New Port City, although they were side tracked by deathclaws that were teleported in hours earlier. During the ensuing fight, Lucifer hijacked Ellis's car and drove off into the countryside. A little side skirmish at Manzen brought more attention to the Space Pirates and their affiliation with the Hacker. Back home, Kusanagi was investigating when Lucifer broke into a Coruscanti NASA center and hijacked a laser satellite to kill the duck that "stole" his hat.

Zebes, Nar Kreeta, and Chiron

In the search for Project Titan, Stylesrj and Rhiza Kalanin headed off to the planet of Chiron in search for more data from the Enclave remnants. Samus and CG went to Zebes to destroy Mother Brain 2.0 and sever the connections between the Combine Portal on Nar Kreeta, "accidentally" knocking out the Space Pirate Mothership and picking up a slave named Roxane Rose in the process. Stylesrj, meanwhile, knocked out his own command ship, tossing Stargate Command into a star and squatting in the Comet Observatory from then on.

Samus and CG arrived on Nar Kreeta to shut down the portals for good, just in time to be attacked. The Hacker hacked Samus out of existence, or so everyone thought, when in reality the G-man abducted her to add to his collection of helpless females. Not to worry, though: about five seconds later, CG rescued Jill Valentine and slipped her into Samus' spot in the BoS. After evacuating from the planet, Coruscant teamed up with Stylesrj to take on a joint fleet commanded by the Space Pirates and Commander Laes, Stylesrj's vengefully smarmy avatar ringleader. Stylesrj killed Laes in short order and destroyed his dreadnought Sajuuk, demonstrating no recurring villain would be a match for explosive visuals.

In amongst such pivotal engagements, Lucifer rallied his core team and reflected on his much humbler goal of RESETTING THE UNIVERSE!!!1one. Elsewhere, Merc and Faarlander returned to the Pirate nerve centre, mucking about with panels and unleashing lord_joakim from his Part II prison.

By then, CG was heading home, wedding Jill en route. Their honeymoon didn't last long, though, as some guy called Dr. Ed had infiltrated the Citadel to steal the hidden Iraqi WMD. Trailing him to the roof, CG and Co. confronted the Hacker, who, dissatisfied with how soon Samus was forgotten, challenged Jill to a spar for status as wife.

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