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DRAW Your Own Story II: Revenge of the Smilies was started by Elden as the second installation of DRAW Your Own Story. It had the distinction of being the only thread the moderators deleted outright.


The smileys of the CFC forums rebelled against the forumers under leadership of the King smiley.

Then a lot of stuff happened that I don't remember. Smileys eventually spilled out into the real world en masse and were everywhere, in your soup, in your pockets, etc.

Eventually, a friendly hacker hacked into the King's home base systems, releasing a poison gas that killed the entire smiley army.

Time was high for rejoicing and it would be a good time to end the thread gracefully, but unfortunately a new villain then popped up out of nowhere: the Colonhyphenclosingbracket smileys :-) who decided to rebel against having fallen into disuse. This new plot point went nowhere and so the thread never received a proper ending.

MORAL: Don't try to artificially lenghten a story into infinity.

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