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Hey, you've found something! Good for you!
"What is THIS!!?" - Barry Burton
Recent archeology excavation into the DYOS past has uncovered something interesting.

In the beginning of the thread, a new forum user, "TrYn(random numbers)", registered on CivFanatics only to spam about a new game, SuperCiv, supposedly a turn-based strategy game better than Civilization. Some CivFanatics users go to the SuperCiv forums, while the bad guy behind the plot is busy... um... plotting:

"Soon I shall steal the Civ source code and use it in SuperCiv! With all the Civilization fans imprisoned by me, everyone will play SuperCiv... not knowing about a little surprise put there... hahaha!"

"Then some other DYOSer revealed that SuperCiv was a cover used to spammer attack on the CFC. Cue the tons of panels with nothing but ships, lasers, good guys, bad guys and explosions as far as the eye can see." (Judge_Deadd)

Judging from the archive of DYOS 4, hardly anybody in the thread followed the plotline to begin with, instead turning to spam as they had the past few threads. It also appears there was a general lack of interest in the thread, as it has the fewest participants of all of the DYOS threads, and suffered from a couple of long breaks between activity. The ultimate derailing Judge Deadd refers to appears to be the fault of BasketCase, after which point there were a few more comics exactly as he described, and the thread died quickly.

Participants: Judge Deadd, Perfection, CivGeneral, CurtSibling, BasketCase, snipelfritz

This thread was the shortest of the DYOS threads by number of posts, having only reached the second page before being locked, although DYOS VII is the shortest by time from the first post to the lock.

Archived thread can be viewed here, courtesy of Perfection. Recoverable comics are reuploaded here.

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