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DRAW Your Own Story V
Sergeant Stafu, unofficial mascot of DYOS 5
Created byCivCube
Main storylines
Original runJuly 2006 – September 2006
Preceded bySuperCiv!
Followed byQuest for the Mods' Fridge

DRAW Your Own Story 5 (commonly abbreviated DYOS 5) was the fifth installment of the DRAW Your Own Story series. At 92 pages, it was the longest DYOS thread until DYOS 11. It told, or supposed to have told, the story of the quest for the Monkey Statue of Spamuzel, a urban-mythical idol fabled to grant its owner the ability to win any argument. Such a legendary object was much-sought-after by the flame warriors of CFC Off-Topic, and a chaotic hunt for the Statue ensued. Things quickly got out of hand as several posters began marshalling massive armies to throw against each other.

DYOS 5 featured many returning characters such as CivCube, CivGeneral and later CurtSibling, and introduced new players including taillesskangaru and the Styles brothers.

Until its relocation to Forum Games, DYOS 5 was the longest thread in the Off-Topic forum. Around the thread's 20th page, the number of active contributors began to wane while the story itself took on a more militaristic, confrontational approach that led to personality conflicts between its participants. The disputes that arose would have significant effects on future threads, and lingering animosity between some of the forumers.

An archive of the beginning of the original thread can be found here.

DYOS 5: a history

Hero beggining

DYOS 5 began optimistically, attracting (briefly) numerous contributors including such Off-Topic regulars as Cheezy the Wiz. While the story was mostly touch-and-go, there was little that suggested it would become such a hideous monster.

Page 20

Gradually and inexplicably, the plot began to bounce back and forth between a handful of contributors, mainly Stylesrj and CivGeneral. As other contributors became alienated from the story, it began to take on a purely militaristic tone, devolving into power plays between the Coruscantis and Stylesrj's space-borne forces. Power plays became powergaming, and it was not uncommon to find many short arguments following actual cartoons. It was at some point around now that the world was divided into various factions.

Bacon of Hope

In 1942 the Soviets were reeling, and Stalin demanded the Allies open a second front. In response, CurtSibling began amphibious landings in Italy. Curt's Daleks overwhelmed Rome and captured the Vatican, and Curt declared himself Anti-Pope in short order.

The public reaction was immediate. The arrival of hand-drawn, coloured cartoons took everyone by surprise while Curt took the stage. For a moment, it appeared he had slapped some sense back into the quarreling masses. Alas, Curt failed to follow up on his offensive; although his control of the Vatican went more or less unchallenged and he remained a focal character for the rest of the story, the thread descended back into anarchy.

The state of affairs became so disparaging that God Himself entered the fray. Again, for a brief moment clarity suggested itself, until the acrid smoke of the firefights obscured all once more.

At the End of All Things

Not too long after Curt's brief interlude, flaming in the thread became significantly worse, with entire pages consisting of back-and-forth arguments as the remaining contributors were divided into 'pro-Styles' and 'anti-Styles' camps. Brave attempts at mediation achieved nothing. The original quest was all but forgotten. Unable to reboot the story, the contributors agreed to put the thread out of its misery, and Perfection concluded the 92 pages by destroying the universe.

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