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Recent archeology excavation into the DYOS past has uncovered something interesting.

DRAW Your Own Story VII was the seventh installment of DRAW Your Own Story. The story focused on the Satanic conundrum: your soul for anything you want.

Originally started by taillesskangaru, the thread was soon abandoned due to excessive spam and flaming. By time, it was the shortest DYOS thread, failing to last even a month before it was locked. It was short enough to prevent Thorvald of Lym's participation in the thread, as a result of his ongoing computer problems.

Although the thread was locked early, it saw the emergence of such contributors as kulade, Splime, and mythmonster2.

A post by Mathilda towards the beginning of the thread suggests that it was originally in Off-Topic, then moved to Forum Games, although the move to Forum Games took place at the end of DYOS 6.

Shortly after the start of the thread, Stylesrj and Stylesjl's comics were moved to a seperate thread, called DRAW Your Own Story Styles. They remained there for a few days, before returning, and a massive flame war ensued as a result, ultimately killing the thread.

An archive of the original thread can be found here.


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