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Hey, you've found something! Good for you!
"What is THIS!!?" - Barry Burton
Recent archeology excavation into the DYOS past has uncovered something interesting.

DRAW Your Own Story 9: The Search for the Scrolls of Cohesiveness (originally, "the Moderator's quest for the Artifact of power"), started by Mjwhear, was the ninth installment of DRAW Your Own Story, and featured the largest number of contributors since DYOS 5, including Tykinruoka and Rheinmetall. Almost certainly a tongue-in-cheek allusion, the focus of the story was to find the "Scrolls of Cohesiveness" to bring about a renaissance for DYOS. In a cruel irony, the thread died after a successful start due to recurring infighting and loss of plot lucidity. However, it left a lasting legacy by laying the foundation for the DYOS Consul.

Lost and (Partially) Found

Like all the DYOSses prior to the Consul Era, DYOS 9 was deleted. However, Perfection recently unearthed part of the thread through web.archive.org. Unfortunately, many comics were lost when the CFC upload system was hacked, or somehow deleted by various image hosting sites. Some of the surviving comics can be found here. Formerly, they could be downloaded, along with the partially recovered original thread, here, but MegaUpload has since been taken down.


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