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The DYOS Consul (also referred to as the DYOS Council and more commonly the Consulate) was created after the implosion of DYOS 9 in an attempt to retain plot cohesion and curb flaming and powergaming in future threads. Originally, its chief proponent was kulade, but real-life commitments left its implementation to Thorvald of Lym alongside DYOS 10. Its official mission statement is "To oversee the DRAW Your Own Story thread, to make recommendations pertaining to the thread, and to uphold the quality of DYOS overall."

The DYOS Consul serves to settle disputes within DYOS. Any rectification action is put to a democratic vote. It also provides a forum for general discussion regarding DYOS, and as of 2014, WYOS.

Rules of DYOS

  • Allow for at least one comic by a different poster between contributions when the thread is strongly active.
  • No grievous harm or radical plot change involving another poster's character without said poster's consent.
  • Limit main character roster to as small a group as feasible. Minor characters unlimited.
  • No flaming, period. Report infractions to a moderator.
  • Keep plot devices reasonable. Avoid 'wonder weapons' and fantastic twists if they serve no greater purpose.
  • NO time travel, and NO parallel universes.
  • Nothing forbidden by the CFC rules.

Renegotiation of the original ruleset that accompanied DYOS 10 began in July 2010 in response to common consensus that the gaming-style of narrative was no longer a problem. Previous hard limits on posting and characters were lifted, and the ban on 'magic' was abolished. A revised ruleset was voted on in June 2013 and formally adopted with the launch of At Plot's End in July.


All contributing forumers are automatically entered into the consulate. Active members are able to vote on issues pertaining to the thread, with a 66% majority required to pass a motion. Inactive members are suspended until they post a new cartoon in order to provide a more accurate voting ratio. Members who flaunt the rules are voted to be placed on probation, meaning they are forbidden from posting comics for a defined interval until the probation is lifted.

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