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The history of DRAW Your Own Story is a jumbled mess at the best of times, and while some leeway is granted in this wiki to embellish articles for the sake of entertainment, too much "Word of God" unsourced data will only compound an already confusing lore. It is therefore strongly recommended that articles dealing with major characters, plot points, and story synopses be cited with the corresponding in-thread comic(s), and when necessary, consular posts.

Inline citations

In short articles requiring only a few citations, a direct link can be used by inserting the URL into brackets. It will automatically be shortened to a number corresponding to its order in the article. For example:


will display as


For longer articles using many citations, or for articles in which a source is cited multiple times, footnotes should be used instead. A footnote marker is created by inserting the full bibliographic citation between <ref> tags at the desired location within the text, like so:


Footnotes will then be listed where a <references/> tag is located, usually as a dedicated section near the bottom of the article. Alternatively, the template {{reflist}} can be used. The result is as follows:

Markup Renders as
This is page content.<ref>https://www.example.com/</ref>


This is page content.[1]


Citing a reference multiple times

A single source can be cited multiple times by using named footnotes. The syntax is as follows:

<ref name="name">content</ref>

Subsequent invocations simply need to call the name:

<ref name="name" />
Markup Renders as
This is page content.<ref name=namednote>https://www.example.com/</ref> This is more content.<ref name=namednote />

This is page content.[1] This is more content.[1]

For full instructions, including rules and limitations, see Help:Footnotes on Wikipedia.

Citation-related templates

Depending on the type of article, one or more of the following templates may be used in citation disputes:

{{citation needed}} General-purpose inline template, used for statements that present conjecture as fact, and/or as a maintenance tag when an editor knows a corroborating comic exists but does not have it on hand.
{{Ambiguous sources}} Notification template, placed at the head of an article or section when most of the content appears to be made up.
{{Links please}} Notification/maintenance template for articles or sections that can, but have not yet, been properly cited.
{{Wayback}} Notification template for articles or sections citing comics or thread histories retrieved through the Wayback Machine that cannot be cited with direct links.
{{dead image}} Inline notification template when a direct link leads to a lost or broken image.
{{Embellished}} Notification template, usually used to mark articles on characters that feature detailed background information that is neither corroborated in existing comics, nor will likely be relevant to any immediate DYOS storyline.

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