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The DYOS Wiki was previously hosted at Wikkii from 2009–2014 after a short term at editthis.info. Following extended server downtime and suspicions that the site may have folded completely, it was reuploaded to ShoutWiki in March 2015 from a June 2013 dump file. While most of the main pages and templates are intact, all images, talk pages, user pages, project pages, and their accompanying histories have been lost.

Here is a general overview of articles needing repair:

Important to note is that ShoutWiki provides a number of features superior to Wikkii:

  • Scalable vector graphics (.svg) can be uploaded as images; use these in place of .jpg and .png where appropriate.
  • Graphics interchange format (.gif) images will now scale without incurring pixelated aliasing, so there is no need to convert a .gif to a .jpg or .png of larger file size.
    • Animated .gif will now play when scaled, and can be uploaded at full resolution; adjust templates accordingly.
  • Subpages are available to all namespaces, not only user pages.

In the event the Wikkii server resurfaces, a second dump will be conducted to recover edits after the 2013 backup. Affected articles may still be edited, but preface them with {{Post-June}} so as to notify fellow editors to double-check the page's revision history.