Death Fuji

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Death Fuji.png
Owner: Captain2
Operator: Captain2
Gilles Duceppe
Maiden voyage: ca. DYOS IX
In service: 2007 – 2011
Fate: Destroyed over Ottawa, 8 May 2011
General characteristics
Class and type:Fujifilm FinePix S304/3800
Modified systems:Size, propulsion, armour, armament, amenities, &c.

The Death Fuji is the flag-camera-ship of Captain2. It was seen over Japan in DRAW Your Own Story 9, when Gilles Duceppe informed Captain2 that he had been appointed acting Supremor of Canada while Stephen Harper went underground to wait out the impending invasion by the Eastern Union.

It was seen obliterating Gdansk during DRAW Your Own Story 11.[1] Captain2 also deployed it over Caen in DYOS X.ii,[2] but opted not to use it in the Battle of Britain, stating: "Never take something you can't stand to see explode to an epic confrontation of good and evil."[3]

Following Captain2's temporary death the Death Fuji became the property of Gilles Duceppe as he was usually the one driving it whenever Captain was completing a task on foot.

Following Captain's reawakening he took control back and used it to save Kan' Sharuminar from falling to his death.[4] The Fuji was severely damaged during a space battle with Rake and crash landed in a swamp where it took on water.[5] Finally managing to get the Fuji back in working condition after the conflict with Rake, Captain was able to use the ship to its full capabilities again.

The Fuji's final flight occured during The Gnoman Empire adventure when it was shot down above the parliament buildings and utterly destroyed.[6]


The Death Fuji is armed with a 65X optical zoom and 600X infrared targeting laser. It features a top-mounted flash that is effective up to two kilometres away when at maximum power. In addition to full NBC shielding, it has 200GB built-in memory. A propaganda display screen is mounted at the back, ready to display its 20 megapixel resolution. The entire craft is joystick-navigable, and features a state-of-the-art minibar and exercise room. Unfortunately, the batteries are only good for about 1400 pictures.

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