Death and Eastern Union-sponsored funeral of Captain2

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The death and unofficial state funeral of Captain2 took place in February 2010. Captain2 died in Moscow, Russia while operating in resistance to the occupation of Canada on February 5. By order of Supreme Prime Minister for Life of the Eastern Union Thorvald of Lym, he was given a state funeral three days later.


"But Captain! You cannot possibly survive!"
"I need to distract the EU even if it kills me..."

Gilles Duceppe and Captain2

Captain2 had organized numerous campaigns of unrest against the occupying Union army. Dissatisfied with slow progress on the home front, he led a salient into Poland in an effort to distract the enemy. The invasion force was thrown into disarray after the crash-landing of an Air Eastern Europe passenger jet, and Captain2 set course for Red Square, where he proposed a one-on-one battle to decide the fate of Canada. The Union dispatched Ivan Drago, who crippled him in a single blow. Captain2 died of his injuries soon afterward.


Captain2 lying in open casket

Unexpectedly, a state funeral was arranged in Moscow by direct order of Thorvald of Lym. The ceremony featured a military procession through Red Square ending with Captain2 brought out in an open casket to a 19-gun salute. The Alexandrov Ensemble performed "O Canada". Flags across the Union were flown at half-mast, emulated by the Canadians once word reached home of Captain2's death. Statespeople and civilians alike took turns paying respects before the assembled audience. Afterwards, the square remained open for personal tributes well into the night.

The funeral service was conducted around midnight in St. Basil's Cathedral. Following the invocation and delivery of eulogies from friends and foes alike, the casket was closed and taken under ceremonial guard to Domodedovo International Airport to be flown back to Canada.

Reaction to funeral

It was like yesterday where I fought with him side by side battling against zombie infected and seeing him bumping into Witches, he was undestructable despite being taken down by her. It was only a matter of time where death would creap up on him in the form of a Falcon Punch
-CivGeneral on Capt2's Death

Captain2's fame was made apparent by the funeral's attendance, consisting of millions of people from across the Union and Europe, and hastily-arranged flights from Canada. It was regarded as a major contribution to the mitigation of tensions between Canada and the Eastern Union.

Outside Europe

Many people within the Republic of Coruscant were sadden by the news of the passing of Captain2

Fun Facts

  • The footage used in the cartoon is predominantly of Russian military processions in Red Square; however, three images are of Ukrainian personnel.
  • Captain2 is depicted lying in rest with his monocle repaired and his right eye closed. As he is a skeleton, the physical feasibility of closing his eyes is dubious.
  • Captain2 wasn't dead.

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