Defender of the Universe

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The Defender of the Universe is the title bestowed to two people who are destined to defend against any evil that threatens universal harmony. The Defender of the Universe is also tasked with protecting the Chosen Ones and preventing the Gem from falling into the wrong hands.

Characteristics of the Defender of the Universe:

  • Good to Very Good Karma (e.g. not an evil villain or some neutral Average Joe)
  • Still alive


Unlike the selection for the Chosen Ones, the Defender of the Universe was determined by the Chozo sages centuries ago (other people say some Vault-Tech computers, some say by who or whatever created the Gem). Some Fremen can sense that a person is a "great warrior", as with the miner who helped CivGeneral and Co. to the Gem Chamber.

Current Defenders


His destiny was revealed to him in a vision by a spirit of the Chozo. It is unknown at this point if he accepts his fate.

Samus Aran

Currently one of the Defenders of the Universe and has knowledge that CivGeneral is the second Defender of the Universe.

Speculated Defenders

Jill Valentine

It is speculated that she would be the substitute or replacement for Samus as the Defender of the Universe. Though it's unknown at this time.