Derek Grim

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"Obstructing CID in the course of their investigations, Raymond? That's a very serious offence, I've half a mind to charge you!"
"You have half a mind,
full stop."
― Derek Grim and Raymond Fowler
Derek Grim
"Decent crime is all I'm asking for! We used to get 'em every day. This neighbourhood's really gone downhill."
"You nick 'em, you lock 'em up and you throw away the door!"
First appearance DRAW Your Own Story 6
Species Human
Gender Male
Date of birth ???
Age Middle-ish
Address Gasforth, England
Occupation Detective Inspector
Spouse(s) Tina
Children Darren
Religion CID
Nationality British

Detective Inspector Derek Grim is a character from the television series The Thin Blue Line. He is the local head of the Criminal Investigation Department in the fictional town of Gasforth, England. Arrogant and egotistical, he holds an unapologetic contempt for the uniformed officers and frequently butts heads with Inspector Fowler as a result. Grim has an obvious desire for promotion away from 'boring' Gasforth, and consequently has a propensity to inflate his importance despite being far more ignorant than he is willing to admit. Grim was aided by Detective Constables Robert Kray (season 1) and Gary Boyle (season 2). He has a love-hate relationship with his wife Tina (never shown), and in one episode his son Darren was arrested by Officer Goody. Despite his many faults, he is at heart a good man, and was greatly conflicted over Boyle's plan to plant evidence on the drug dealer Harry the Spike.

Grim served primarily as comic foil and chief antagonist to Fowler, and frequently butchered English phraseology to hilarious effect:


Grim arrested Richtofen in DRAW Your Own Story 6 over a misunderstanding; a subsequent comic by Stylesrj featured Montezilla disguised as the DI. Grim appeared as a plot exposition guy toward the end of the thread in the midst of the Brazilian Campaign to skip through Thorvald's assault on the Flying Circus.

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