Doctor Aran

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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Samus Aran?
Doctor Samus Aran
It's only a coincidence they're similar.
First appearance DYOS XI
Nickname(s) "Deadeye" (what she likes to call herself in the military)
Species Human
Gender Female
Date of birth N/A
Age N/A
Address Adonis IV


  • Biowarfare Specialist
  • Medicinal Doctor
  • Marksperson
Religion Protestant
Nationality Switzerplanet System

Doctor Samus Aran is a supporting character who works for the Blood Gulch Mercenaries as the Council Medical Officer and Council Bioweapons Scientist.
Because she shares the same name with the bounty hunter/mercenary, she is constantly asked about her relations to her, to which it's really just a sheer coincidence.

And don't ask her to change her name or even undo her ponytail...

Recent Activity

After contacting Rosalina about the changes of leadership in the Blood Gulch Mercenaries, she resumed her usual work in making weapons of mass destruction, with some subtle sabotage efforts throughout her laboratories.

During development of the Nebula 7 Nerve Agent (to replace the old stockpile of Nova 6) she secretly developed the Nebula 8 strain which acted quickly upon the inoculations against Nebula 7 (and caused slow painful death to those who were not inoculated) and released it throughout the bio-labs once the time was ripe for revolution.

Before the labs were completely sealed off and purged by fire, Samus escaped in a nearby lifepod and headed for Wetickra to join in the final confrontation. Only time will tell what might happen if she were to meet the bounty hunter to whom has caused her so much grief...